Grabdriver service


Koh Boon Siong, SJQ8930E
I would be complaining about this driver, from grab company. I am also here because I wasn't given a satisfied answer from grab service. He was arguing with me because I wasn't at my pick up location when he was there. He was really rude and he told me "what do you mean I'm not here when I was here just now but you weren't here" I was merely late for a minute. That answer came because I replied the message on grab app "I don't see you?" I mean what kind of service is this and when I tried explaining that I went down immediately after I saw the message that he is here. He told me that there is no point arguing and he doesn't want to argue with me. When I told him that "it's not that I want to argue with you, but it's like it's unfair to me" then he kept on saying what no point arguing etc. Grab is unable to give me a satisfactory answer; I hope you all can as it is really an unpleasant incident and I am very upset with the service I have received from them. I want a satisfactory answer, not an answer saying "we will educate the driver, we will send him a warning". This doesn't concern me? Who is going to care about my feelings? Who is going to be responsible for whatever I went through?


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