GoodLife Fitnessthe maintenance group and the overnight old man reception

W Jul 21, 2019

On July 21, 2019 at around 10:45pm when I finish gym and finish showering but I was putting my clothes back on there's the maintenance cleaning guy have rush in to the lady change room without and locking door or sensing that there is woman still inside the change room; is not once that the cleaning guys have doing this, is every night they have rush in the lady change room with any locking or sensing that there's still woman in the change room. Now I got very scare and threaten that there's will be a group of cleaning guys rushing in when I showering and changing in the change room. Very scare and threaten now that I cannot trust GoodLife and join GoodLife no more. I know my complaint will never will be notice or it just will be ignore . I still need to complaint the maintenance cleaning guys and also the Old man receptionist that do overnight shift; I told him what happen and he have no apologize at all and his act and attitude is helping the cleaning guys that he do the right thing by rushing into the lady change room and like he's very rude and mean to me and blame me that I come to gym that late and have bore him and the cleaning guy working and that the cleaning guy is rushing go home that why they rush into the lady change room, he said they're right rushing in. And if they really rushing in the lady change room again I will call the police and I have a witness of the other girl see this too; Her name is Amy. She said will be my witness. and there two more womans in the showering too. and lot of woman into the change room that see this happen. I am not sure why Goodlife Fitness hired this kind of really bad attitude and no sense at all of the cleaning guys and the old man overnight employees. That really took down Goodlife image. I really scare someday I went to the shower naked or go to the sauna the cleaning guys rush in . I can't imagine that. they almost saw every woman changing their clothes when the cleaning guy rush in today. I will stop joining good life now. I have been scare and threaten now. Hope Goodlife have really concern about this issues and the employees they have hired.

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