GoodLife Fitnesssam and a manager (female)

C Jul 23, 2019

I was using a machine this afternoon, and I was here for only five minutes. An unknown man ask me if he can use the machine when I am resting, but I don't need rest at that time and I am so annoyed someone disturb me when I am working on a machine. And this man stayed around me for several minutes (maybe he want to make me uncomfortable so I can leave. I do feel uncomfortable but I didn't leave) and then he told this to an associate "Sam", Sam came to me and ask me to leave, and he said if I don't leave, he will kick me out with a very bad tone and attitude. That's not the way who speak to a customer and especially he request me to leave the machine that I am currently working on. Then he report to the manager and the manager told me this is a policy to share machine. But I could never accept the attitude that Sam did to me. And the manager didn't believe my word and said "Sam is very polite person". When I asked to talk directly to Sam in front of the manager, he refused me with the unreasonable reason "you are not allowed to talk to him". I am so confused about everything happened in Goodlife today and I don't know some of the Goodlife staffs are racist. I think this experience will make me feel afraid of being there again, so I decide to cancel the membership. But the manager there asked me to pay $100 dollars to cancel, that's what I could not accept. This unpleasant experience is totally not my fault, and it's not my personal reason to cancel the membership, it's because of the bad experience your staff brought to me. So I want to cancel my membership without cancellation fee.

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