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The Dufferin Club (Toronto) of GoodLife Fitness falsely advertises yoga classes. The classes are just strething and have nothing to do with yoga. The "yoga instructor" believes she is an expert because she has "taught yoga" for years and years and supposedly knows everything. GoodLife is falsely claiming that they offer yoga at Dufferin club.


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    Teddy Addelson Apr 17, 2013

    They also falsly advertize that their Personal Trainers are certified. Fitness Managers are encouraged to hire uncertified people as trainers that are passionate about fitness so they can put them through their own three day cert process at a cost of $500. Even if someone comes with a kin degree or already certified they must go through the process (albit at a reduced rate of $200). This is because David Patchell-Evans is also the owner of Can Fit Pro the governing body for fitness professionals in Canada and getting people certifed is a revenue stream he does not want to loose. each club is given a PT hiering quota every month with the idea of hiering 3 to keep 1 and to get their $500 asap before they decide if they truly like what they are doing. As well, new hires are expected to work 20 - 30 hours a week UNPAID and UNTRAINED and are even given write ups if they do not comply.

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    Anna A Jun 05, 2013

    Old Gym, old equipment, Old General Manager who is always looking at young girls.

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    Tasha123 Nov 13, 2013

    Male personal trainers are always pushing women off machines. It is like public transportation - men just use their brute force to intimidate women.

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    Tasha123 Feb 12, 2014

    Women not permitted to use equipment if men want to use the equipment. Also, sexist rock videos playing (including Robin Thicke's rape songs). Rodeos which abuse animals are shown on television, despite the relationship between violence towards animals and violence towards women. I was kicked in the face by a man in a yoga class - no apology was issued and nothing was done about this issue of overcrowding and just the general attitude that the gym exists for men. Yet, when I accidentally dropped a free weight (because two men at the club were intimidating me), I was disciplined like a child and the club claimed I may have damaged equipment. In summary, this gym is male-dominated and male-oriented. I am a grown woman and resent the "general manager" disciplining me like a child.

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