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I joined tis gym mainly for the free day care and they claimed they would freeze my membership fees while I was deployed. First mistake is they lied about the savings and they are just like a car dealer ship when it comes to gouging peoples pocket. Second they only froze the member ship for a year which, in a perfect world would have been fine but its not perfect and I am in the Army and as my orders stated when I got the account frozen 12- 15 months or completion of mission. So when i got the word i would be extended i called them up. They told me they needed proof that I would be gone longer um ok, there is this small thing called OPSEC and unfortunately I cant get the dates because of it and they already had proof called deployment orders. The biggest thing I don't understand is while the account is frozen I couldn't use any facilities anyways so its not like i would be able to lie and then get free months and when it is unfrozen i have the remainder of my contract so when They said they wouldn't well the lost my business and more.
If you want to get your moneys worth out of a gym don't let the big name fool you they only want your money and half there trainers are fat idiots anyways

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Sep 12, 2017 1:07 am

My experience with Gold's gym in Dagenham isn't by far better than the lots I have been reading from.
I joined Gold's gym Dagenham(Mistake) in September 2015 for one year, in January 2017, I decided I had enough, bad service, breaking down facilities, failing equipment and, when I complained, I FELT LUCKY TO GET REPLY AFTER A WHILE, all it had is some apology and bla bla bla.
when I decided to leave then they had to remind me of their t's and c's which are [censored] as far as I as concerned. for Gold's gym, t's and c's only apply to customers, not to them providing a service and charging substantial amount of money for it. I also got letter from CRS, but to hell, when it goes to court then and only then we can talk. Thank God I have a good solicitor.
[email protected]

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Jan 13, 2010 1:07 am

This is perhaps the most ridiculous gym ever. They dont put soap in the bathrooms, they say it is because "the health department forbids it." The gym is filthy, the staff is rude, and the manager, Mark Seagreaves, is an idiot. I dont know how he keeps his job. Clearly the owners do not care. The water fountain, they have only one, has been broken for 4 years, which, coincidently is how long they have been open. "The parts are on backorder" is the standard line. My advice is to avoid this place, if you do have any complaints, dont bother telling the manager, because he does not give a damn, and he will let you know that rather bluntly.

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Jan 05, 2010 1:07 am



SUB: Compliant regarding the trainers of GOLD GYM in Surat.INDIA


I, Sharukh.. have joined GOLD GYM since [protected].. in Surat. I am sorry to inform you that I am not at all satisfied with it. I want to register a complaint regarding your trainers. They do not pay any attention and keep on advising to go for personal traing consultants. They sometimes make fun of us, which is really not acceptable. I should have gone to other normal gyms because I think their services would have been much better than yours.

I therefore request you to please talk to your branch head in Surat and take some actions about this and redress my problem as soon as possible. Also please ensure that such problems never occur with any of your clients as it results in a poor image of your gym in the city..
road side gym are better then this GOLD's gym

and one more thing the gym has Closed frm last 40 days...
trainer doing workout and all..wen membr cme ther do do..
dey dont treat them nice..

Hoping for an early response.

Yours faithfully,


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Mar 06, 2009 1:07 am

argh.. i well wish id read this... i just signed up to a 18 month contract with them a week ago! bum. :(

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Jul 20, 2008 1:07 am

Golds Gym are quite frankly the most disgraceful example of how to run a buisiness. I was a member for 6 months and was promised two free months in the joining package. When my six months were up no free months big surprise so I asked them what happened. They said you have to write a letter so I wrote a letter. Next month no free months big surprise. They said you have to write a letter one month in advance. So by this time ive paid for two extra months

Anyway I start my free months and hand in my letter saying i wish to leave the gym. I then moved away from the area for a new job. One year later CRS contact me saying I owe £450 in gym fees.
I disputed this over and over and as it turned out the actual fee was £45 and CRS decided they could justify a 1000% increase.
I negotiated it down because i couldnt risk a court appearance.

What pisses me off is that at any point I was a phone call away .
Golds gym had my number but knew they would make more by not telling me and letting the debt roll on.

Heres my favorite bit. After threatening be with debt collection and a court summons Golds Gym continue to phone me onece every two weeks to offer me exiting new membership packages. Luckly it lets me indulge my love of using the C word on the phone.

Golds Gym is a minefield of hidden charges Avoid.

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Jan 30, 2008 1:07 am

look im 12 years of age and im a big girl and dont want to get any bigger and i was wondering if kids could join and how much it would be kk thanks can u reply

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Jan 14, 2008 1:07 am

BAd customer service, beware easier to buy a car from a sly sales man than understand what takes place in golds promotions and sales department.

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Dec 21, 2007 1:07 am

I had that exact same experence with Gold's Gym Dagenham. They never contacted me about any outstanding amount from the cancellation and passed it on to CRS debt collectors who I now have to pay an additional £50 fee! How can Ibe made to pay for an outstanding amount that I was never told about?

Disgusting customer service from Gold's Gym- will never recommend them.

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Nov 28, 2007 1:07 am

I agree with you dont let the big name full you, Golds Gym are only after your money they will do whatever they can to get you tied up to a contract, once youre tied up theres no getting out. As i have experienced with Golds Gym in Dagenham, Essex. I signed up to a 6 months contract, used 3 months and then froze the membership for further 3 months - as cause of exam revisions. Just before the 6 moths was over i gave them i call to give them notice to cancel, they said no problem and as far as i was concerned my account was cancelled, no contact thereafter. Now this is where it gets interesting, they get in touch with me 6 moths later after my cancellation request, and guess who the letter came from CRS>some debt collectors £102 (£52 golds gym - £50 CRS's charge) £52 FINE for not complying with there membership cancellation procedure, wait a minute where you (Gold Gym) not suppose to tell me if there was anyting that i had to pay or any form that i had to complete prior to my notice. I recieved absouloutly no phone call or letter from GOLDS GYM to tell me that i owed them some money, what they decided to do is send it to a third party debt collection people (CRS) to retrive the money they slammed on their fees £50. Shouldent they have called me to let me know of the situation rather than get in touch with a third party 6 months later with added fees. CRAZY- and guss what the fees dont even make sence, as far as iam concerned i own them zilch. i dont want to go on any more you get the concept, they are conning us out of our pockets, they think people are fools when they are the ones who really are the ###s, they dont know who to dial numbers or type up letters, they send to third party- maybe they think we can make some money and you (CRS) can also, so lets work together and rip people off. I would reccomend people to get the cancellation procedure cleared out well before they sign the dotted lines. WOULDENT RECOMMEND GOLDS GYM TO ANYONE, SERVICE IS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!

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