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driving reckless

On 26th July 2017 at about 6h29 in Bofors Circle Epping towards Goodwood opposite Viking Park the bus driver...

query feedback

Good day, I wrote to Golden Arrow Information with a query, almost two weeks ago. I am very disheartened...

state of buses

Good Day, Trust that you are well. I have been taking the 7:05 bus from Mfuleni to Cape Town for over a...

fraud and dishonest

Good day i want to report that on 18/05/2017 i was taking a golden arrow bus no 4867 and registration...

reckless driving

Good day,

I am not a bus commuter but would like to report on the bad driving of a male driver. On Wed 17 May between 7:10 ad 7:45, Driver of bus SG4874 | CA 117 965 continuously drove up against my vehicle from behind nearly knocking my vehicle and also cut into lanes. We were on Frans Conradie drive between Monte Viste Blvd and the N7. Even with daily peak time traffic general road rules still apply, this driver clearly did not know the meaning of a "safe following distance". He got delayed at a bus stop but I managed to pass me again while on the N7.
Do they first need to cause an accident to learn?

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ride driver

Bus driver of 4201 in town centre leaving for cape town at 12:00 on the 22 April 2017. He has no respect for...

Cape Town Other

unethical crazy bus driver

Golden arrow abusive & crazy bus driver report Bus number: 1908 Route: from wynberg to mitchell's plain via...

arrogant driver

Bus 4511 @ 15:40 ftom Killarney via Montague drive to delft drives past passengers and the bus in not full...

bus always arrives late, total inconvenience!

The bus from Panorama to Harare Via N1 City is always late. it is supposed to arrive in N1 city at 19:30 but...

Cape Town Taxis

bus is always late

The bus from Panorama via N1 city to Harare is always late, instead of arriving at 19:30pm the bus gets TO N1...

Cape Town Taxis

bus inspector at century city

I have rushed to take a Philippi Bus from Century City got my bus ticket clipped and made my way to my seat...

I am complaining about late bus services

Golden Arrow should be ashamed of the service they provide to people not only are the busses late every single day without fail, when calling in to complain the response is to take an earlier bus where as. That early bus is always late aswell. The justification for the late busses are due to the fact that they broke down. How can a transportation services operation with busses that breaks down every single day. It is appalling to say the least. No resolution is offered, no compensation and the problem still persists. The city of Cape town and golden Arrow have seriously failed in delivering on there promise!

charging extra for an item?

Today at about 12:45 a Bus driver at Mitchell's Plain Town Centre, claimed that myself and my mother had to...

Cape Town Other


As I live in Mitchell's plain in a quite dangerous area close to kapteinsklip station, I know in the morning...

1 comment Cape Town Employees

driver had an unacceptable attitude

The bus driver of the bus with a number plate of CA-472-202. He drove the 16:00 City via Rocklands route. I...

they just stop when they feel like it, drop off passengers anywhere, on corners, on the descent of a bridge

I to have now had enough of Golden Arrow bus drivers... they have become worse than the taxi drivers as they feel safe in a bus and protected by the cage they sit in... On way to many occasions now I have witnessed poor driving by Golden Arrow bus drivers, and it needs to be seriously addressed by the authorities. It seems to me that nobody is doing anything about this and they are free to do as they please... They just stop when they feel like it, drop off passengers anywhere, on corners, on the descent of a bridge, cut through residential areas to take short cuts, weave in and out of traffic, go through stop streets, red robots... etc, etc... the list goes on and on... I almost went under the back of a bus one morning as I came over the bridge by Wetton station. The bus driver just decided to stop on the down side of the bridge to let off passengers.

Also one morning on Lansdowne road a bus just came through the stop street right in front of me although he saw me coming... If my car did not have ABS I would have gone into the side of him. I am going to start filming them and hand the footage over to the Traffic department...!!!

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Resolved terrible experience

Got a letter in the mail stating that, spending time on the Internet or answering surveys pays off, and that I'm the lucky winner of prize money in the amount of $58, 680 USD. To cover the clearing fees a check in the amount of $2, 740.00 USD, which is deducted from my winnings. And that i needed to contact my claims agent Nancy Smith at [protected] to register my claim by the dead line; I even got my own reference number which must be kept confidential.

We were where so excited $55, 940, WOW, that's a lot money. Since my husband just lost his job, and my job only covers the rent and some of the bills. We DO watch the news, but the check looked was so real, not like the other scams that i heard about. But as my Daddy always says 'noting is free' and if sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

So i decided to do some investigating on my own, since the check was from Wachovia bank, i called them and they told me that the account is real. The check was so real, that when I went to the bank the teller told me that it's real and do I want to deposit it or cash it. I decided to wait.

Wow cool a real check, so i thought... but i don't remember answering any surveys lately, so I went home goggled the company name on the check, and sure enough it's a real company, and the address matches, but It's a construction equipment rental company, so I emailed them. Asking why they are sending me money, they replied that it is a fraudulent check and that the scam is being investigated.

What the @..., I got this excited for nothing, I was so pissed, goggled the reverse address on the envelop, it's a web design company in Canada, emailed them, they know nothing about it.

  • Updated by johann punt · Feb 06, 2019

    this was on the morning of 6 february 2019

  • Ab
    Abdutagmaan Sep 01, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CA 534- 213 is the registration number of the bus. It was a black male. In his early 50's.
    I would like feedback to what disciplinary action was taken towards this individual. I'm sure he does it often.


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  • Ll
    Lleyton Sep 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took the bus from Montague Gardens to Epping and was charged from Montague Gardens to Lost City, I said when i got in the bus Fire Station Epping, when I asked for my money back the driver was extremely rude and disrespectful.
    This was not the first time I was over charged.
    bus # 2614

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  • Me
    Melinda Phumie Nov 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The bus 4525 panorama clinic from Philippi east SAP. The bus driver does not stop at the bus stop he always stops a street away and when I asked him about it he told me that he doesn't care about me because I am not going to panorama. At times he even closes the door while you are still in the first step and that could injure the passenger.

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  • Jo
    johann punt Feb 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bus driving at 06h10 on strandfontein road in the direction of jan smuts/cape town, bus no 1902. had enough time to stop at the red traffic signal and omitted to do so.

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