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J Jul 09, 2019

My wife hired a car from Goldcar at Murcia International Airport on 29th May 2019.On collection the existing damage sheet showed a total of 18 areas on the car that had damage.The areas were all over the car.
My wife checked the areas as best as she could before driving off - she is 69 years old.There were no problems during the hire and she duly returned the vehicle 1 week later with a full tank of fuel.When she returned the car she tried to attract the Goldcar rep in the car park to check the car but she was waved away as the lady was smoking and talking to a colleague.
On returning home we noticed that 630 Euros had been taken from our account by Goldcar. We tried to contact them by phone and customer services.Eventually we were told there was additional minor damage on 3 different areas of the car.My wife did not cause this damage and we asked for a refund. Goldcar refused and said my wife has had 3 separate accidents and caused the damage totalling 620 Euros plus transaction costs.We have nowhere else to go with this - they have refused to give me details of their legal department so that I can get my solicitors involved.I have done some research on line and it appears that Goldcar carry out this scam on a regular basis.Their methods are verging on criminal in their intent.
As I cannot get a refund from them my only recourse is to cause them as much reputational damage as I can.I have therefore emabarked on an on line campaign designed to put as many people off using them as possible.I am involved now in several forums and blogs with communities in Southern Spain who use this airport on a regular basis.I myself use the airport regularly.I am prepared to give two hours of my time on each visit to speak to customers outside Goldcar's office to tell them about my experiences and urge them never to use Goldcar again.I believe if I do this on 5 occasions per year for the next 10 years together with frequent posts online on various pages I can affect their turnover by many tens of thousand per year.At the same time I will save many people from falling into this trap.
I am next in Spain in August then November and December - I look forward to seeing you.At the end of the day it is not about the money - I am a wealthy man - but it's time to make a stand against scam organisations like Goldcar and it's parent Company - They will be next by the way.
Happy Holidays xx
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