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After Glocell bought over my Cell C contract from altech autopage, it has been hell. Firstly they took all my night data of 800mb and normal data 264mb, on top of that billed me R 260.00 just over a period of 1 night . the phone was not used . When i queried it their response was " it is data charges and that my phone was updating automatically, " . They said my phone was updating automatically but I have the settings on manual update. It seems that we have no rights when it comes to data usage . we just have to pay what we billed for ...even if its incorrect. I also had a limit of R50.00 when the contract was on Altech autopage..When I queried that, they said that Altech autopage did not forward them that information..How does it become the customers problem .


  • GloCell Jul 13, 2016

    Dear Jennifer/Mikhal Raessa

    We are really sorry that you were not assisted with your query before. We have received and acknowledged your query on our Hello Peter platform yesterday. We have notified our support team of your matter and we assure you that they will help you to get to the bottom of the matter. Your reference number for your query is 6646930. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused you. We assure you that we will help you resolve this.

    Warm Regards,


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  • Ri
    riaan0910 Jul 21, 2016

    hi. I was moved from auto page to glocell. since then every thing was a mess I received bills of R10000 that is impossible that I will not pay and now my phone is blocked. please contact me as asap or I wil cancel the contract and wont pay any ting from now on. 0845069184 or 0845068667

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  • Je
    Jessbris Jul 21, 2016

    Apalled at the service from Glocell! Incorrect billing, USELESS call centre, calling and data barred even though i had it 'rectified' the problems persisted for over a week where i had no contact!!

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  • Co
    Complainant23912 Oct 10, 2016

    I have same incorrect DATA Usage problem. E.g. apparently downloaded more than 5GB at one time. However, no space on my phone to even download a fraction of that? Also, contract should have been limited to only R50 extra data usage, but received bills for R11000 and R1800 for 2nd and 3rd months? Still awaiting copy of contract (never received), even after requesting it several times soon after signing contract and long before receiving device nearly 2 months later. I have tried numerous times and several contact numbers for Glocell, but am yet to speak to anyone. Signed debit order, but fortunately no deductions made as yet. Will not be paying anything until this is rectified. In meantime, will also be seeking legal advice. (Account number 72-0129461)

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  • Fr
    Franciska May 25, 2017

    @Complainant23912 Hey!!! I have the exact same problem -with the exact same data amounts!! (They also said 5GB downloaded at one time -plus the two i had left yesterday morning) but I have a crappy little smartphone that just has 130mb free of 2gb total!! Plus I have my enitre internet history for the day in question and no way it would even amount to 1GB in data!)
    My Theory...Glocell has been infiltrated by a criminal syndicate that's stealing customers data (and other things im sure)

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  • Ad
    Adriaan Bekker May 09, 2017

    As per the previous customers complaints I am also sitting with the same problem. Since Glocell has taken my account over from Autopage I have send in so many complaints. I was put on the wrong package. I asked for the Pinnicle R999 and was put on the straight up 400. This is now more than a year and I am still not sorted out. Now my service was suspended and I dont know why. Can you please sort this account out immediatly as I am fed up with your poor service Adriaan Bekker 0845164705 email [email protected] I was also promised a cruise that never happened.
    All I can say is very very poor service very unhappy client but from my side never missed 1 payment even if my account was so ridiculously high over R4000.00 which I doubt was the correct amount from your side.
    Adriaan Bekker

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  • Wi
    Wind T Nov 20, 2017

    @Adriaan Bekker I truly believe we should seek legal advise. Alternatively see if Carte Blanche is aware of this?

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