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This booking agency is a huge scam. I booked a room in Cancun, Mexico thinking I was getting an amazing deal through When I called the hotel to review my reservation they had no reservation and advised I call expedia who told me to call getaroom back. I was on the phone with a terribly horrible women who did not help me in anyway and told me I would not be refunded. Obviously I am furious at this point. I called and they told me they would give me a call back. In the meantime I am going to call the Texas Attorney General (since this company is based out of Texas) and file a consumer complaint in hopes that a civil lawsuit can be filed against them in time. I have lost almost 2, 000 dollars and still have no reservation. Do not let this happen to you and if it already has, then call the Texas Attorney General at [protected] and file a formal complaint so an investigation can be launched against this company. I do not want this to continue happening to others! I now have no room to stay at on my vacation and no money to buy one since they already charged my card and refuse to refund. Terrible people.


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    Most-est Unhappy Jul 03, 2015

    DO NOT USE THEM. Their website's testimonials laud their excellent service. NOT SO!!!

    On July 2, 2015 I made a reservation for two rooms for the weekend of the 4th. was immediately paid. On Friday, July 3, 2015 (prior to our arrival), when I called the hotel to confirm, THE HOTEL COULD NOT FIND MY RESERVATION. Getaroom's email confirmation had no valid hotel confirmation number. Upon speaking the 3rd or 4th GAR rep, the hotel confirmation can take 3 days for them to receive...(Getaroom: DO NOT take a booking one day in advance). Please know that Getaroom was the default ?vendor when I booked online.

    Needless to say, after speaking with several representatives at Getaroom, Expedia (they were not the vendor as stated), and the hotel - all to no avail - I was livid. One Getaroom representative EVEN GAVE ME A BOGUS HOTEL CONFIRMATION NUMBER. For over an hour, what I thought was a routine call turned into a clustermess. It's been over an hour and I have yet to receive an email confirmation from Getaroom with the confirmation number the hotel recognizes.

    Fortunately, I was able to confirm the rooms with the hotel. NEVER USE GETAROOM!!! Your vacation/holiday/respite may turn into a major nightmare! DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE!!!

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    gotogod Aug 27, 2018

    We made reservations for a stay in Seattle, WA, for a June trip. Upon checkout, the Desk Clerk advised us that we do not get a bill from them. We get one from I thought that was unusual, but accepted that as we were in a hurry to leave that morning. However, the receipt I was, subsequently, emailed by getaroom did not include a breakdown of my hotel rate per day or any applicable charges. I only received a breakdown of the total rate and tax due, without any info as to what getaroom charged me for the booking. I, subsequently, contacted getaroom at their 800# and was informed by both the initial person who answered, and a Supervisor, that I cannot get a further breakdown on the charges. The bill I did get appeared to me to be a lot more than the rate they quoted me for my stay, when I made the reservation, so I was curious to see what additional fees I paid them. They insisted they could not do that. Well, that makes me even more suspect as to what the actual room rate was, as opposed to their included charges! I will never again do business with an agency that refuses to give me an honest breakdown of my bill. I will never book with again. I believe in complete transparency. Obviously, they do not.

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  • Di
    [email protected] Jan 09, 2019

    CCI/Get a Room fraudulently charged me for 3 rooms, 3 nights. When I asked to have the charges taken off my credit card and the rooms cancelled, these thieves charged my credit card 5 months before the hotel stay and then cancelled the rooms without informing me, leaving me paying for something they took away. My credit card company is currently investigating. If anyone knows where their headquarters is located, please let me know. I would like to contact the local police in that city, as they have brazenly moved beyond fraud to theft.

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  • Ri
    Rick Decard Apr 19, 2019

    Do not use even for small trips... I went to Las Vegas and endeed up paying 250 usd per nigth from Monday to Thursday at the Ballys in October 2018, when regular price was 100 usd per night, I have been dealing with them about a refund since then but they just ignore me. hope they get a class action lawsuit soon . NEVER USE GETAROOM.COM, NEVER USE GETAROOM.COM, NEVER USE GETAROOM.COM, NEVER USE GETAROOM.COM...Get it ?
    never use, be safe never, never use, understand ? never use

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    Avella May 15, 2019

    WORST service I have ever received. NEVER USE THEM. Representatives are rude; phone was disconnect 3 times; they lied telling me my reservation with the Hyatt was cancelled and I would expect a refund in 3-5 days. No cancellation was made and have been yelled about their lack of follow through. Hyatt should not use them. No one should use the service and the 2 Founders, David Litman and Bob Diener should be held accountable for their horrific customer service. I know that the Boardroom Elite magazine named them the Best Hotel Booking reservation site in 2017 but in 2019 they should be named the WORST Booking site!

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  • Pa
    Pa36 Jul 16, 2019, Sucks ! They ripped me off for $27 bucks, I called 3 different phone # got the same recording each time !! never got to talk to a person ! So what the 27 bucks was for I do not know !!!

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