Georgia Department Of Laborunpaid wages

This Compliant is against Cable Technology Communications, LLC
(above address)
Registered in GA - control # [protected] (date of formation: 9/26/17)
Thanh Nguyen

I started working for this company in March 2019. This company has not paid me for the jobs I've worked since 8/31/19. I left the company as of 9/26/19 because I can not live without an income. I have a children to provide for.

I've contacted the employer and they are not answering. When I finally spoke to the owner he became aggressive and told me he would not pay me. I sent an email to the business today requesting they pay me my wages.

Please contact me, Antonio Jackson, at [protected]. I am in process of losing my apartment and car because I can not pay my bills.

Oct 11, 2019

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