Georgia Department Of Labor Customer Service

148 Andrew Young International Blvd., NE
United States - 30303-1751

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1855 436 7365(Employer Hotline) 2 1
+1 877 709 8185(Unemployment Insurance Customer Service) 6 0
+1 404 232 3515(Employment Programs / Services) 1 0
+1 404 232 3990(Career Center Regional Operations) 1 0
+1 404 232 3180(Unemployment Insurance) 1 0
+1 404 232 3875(Labor Market Information) 1 0
+1 404 232 3685(Office of Communications) 1 0
+1 404 232 7325(GDOL Employer Committees) 1 0
+1 678 237 0521(Atlanta Wage & Hour Office) 1 1
+1 404 962 4005(Georgia Department of Economic Developmen) 1 0
+1 404 562 2300(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 1 0
+1 912 652 4221(Savannah Wage & Hour Office) 1 0
+1 404 656 3127(Regional VETS Staff) 1 0
+1 404 232 3500(Agricultural Job Postings) 1 0
+1 404 232 3260(Child Labor Laws and Regulations) 1 0
+1 404 232 3543(Federal Bonding Assistance) 1 0
+1 404 232 3520(Jobs for Georgia Graduates) 1 0
+1 404 232 3505(Trade Act Program) 1 0
+1 404 232 3527(Veteran Services) 1 0
+1 404 232 3260(Youth Work Permits) 1 0
+1 404 232 3320(Tax Administration) 1 0
+1 404 232 3090(Interstate Claims) 1 0
+1 404 232 3265(Electronic Wage Reporting) 1 0
+1 404 232 3301(Employer Tax Liability) 1 0

Georgia Department Of Labor Complaints & Reviews

Georgia Department Of Labor — customer service

I went to the office to apply for unemployment on Thursday, October 17. It was approximately 3:30 and the office closes at 4:30. As I was completing my application online, one of the women employees asked a male employee to ask if I needed help. After he asked me, I said no and at that...

Government & Police  · Oct 18, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — unpaid wages

This Compliant is against Cable Technology Communications, LLC (above address) Registered in GA - control # [protected] (date of formation: 9/26/17) Thanh Nguyen I started working for this company in March 2019. This company has not paid me for the jobs I've worked since 8/31/19. I left the...

Government & Police  · Oct 11, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — caucasian female manager cursing and rude with employees for no reason /discriminating

I am a customer and I have been to this establishment numerous times. I have friends kids who have worked here in past, which QUIT because what is still going on. A female Caucasian manager with tattoos consistently cursing at employees, and threatening employees. I dont understand how...

Government & Police  · Sep 01, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — insurance fraud on employees and patients

The Ear Nose and Throat Institute is balance billing patients that have Georgia State Medicaid even though they are getting reimbursed from Medicaid. EXAMPLE: patient comes in for a hearing test that has Georgia Medicaid Insurance and the ENT Institute is charging the patient up front for...

Government & Police  · Jul 23, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — late payment not received

I was terminated from the Home Depot in Groton CT. #6215. I relocated to Massachusetts so I had corporate do a stop on the check because I hadn't received it at my new address. I have been waiting since June and haven't received my last paycheck yet. I am requesting that they pay...

Government & Police  · Jul 13, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — I was an employee

I was hired as a dishwasher for a salary of 500 a week. My schedule was Tuesday-Saturday 10am-close with a 2 hour break from 2pm-4pm. I would clock myself in everyday and also out for breaks. However... the general manager Adrienne would clock me out every night. And most nights this wa...

Government & Police  · May 22, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — employment and pay rate issue.

I worked for this company 13+ years. I ended up quitting due to a dispute with the manager. that week I had worked 26 hours, and had 58$ in commission. my check I received was for only 69.11. I was apparently fined for not returning my key 162$ (even though I returned every key I had) and...

Government & Police  · May 09, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — they will not pay payroll

I worked for this company from Feb 7 2019 to April 16 2019 as a journeyman mason/supervisor. The company address is South Carolina but I worked and supervised a job for them in Hartwell Georgia at the Nestle Purina dog food plant. This company owes me $8983.00 in unpaid wages and expense...

Government & Police  · May 06, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — t & brothers construction

Georgia Department Of LaborI am Kerry Lewis who worked for Thomas D slagle Since October 20, 2018. Thomas provided his workers with a credit card for supplies when needed. I was the live in shop manager. As April 2018 Thomas has removed me without notice and has not paid me money owed for services. Thomas has made...

Government & Police  · Apr 20, 2019

Georgia Department Of Labor — u.s. medics ems inc macon georgia

I was employed by us medic for the last year and watched the local operations manager behavior become progressively vial tool towards myself and other employees. Promoting a hostile work environment calling employees derogatory names. Local operations manager also approved and hired non-...

Macon Employers  · Dec 12, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — employer

I worked at Healthline Management from March 2016 to October 2018. I have been unable to get my last check. I am attempted several times to get my last check on several different occasions without success. I will call the Office Manager, Angela Spencer and the owner, Tisha Brewer I feel I...

Americus Employers  · Dec 02, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — janet hutchenson claim #4862331 weekly certification #9979193.

Hello, I recently filed an appeal on an outstanding claim which ended up as dockett #23717. The decision was given in my favor. I recieved back payment immediately for 2 weeks and then on checking into the system found that my claim was still active. Then I recieved a letter from the ga...

Government & Police  · Nov 26, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — fierro design and promotions

Georgia Department Of LaborThis company is operating in georgia with out gl insurance, workers compensation and any type of lisence. (installing heavy business signs, decals, etc). They don't want to provide me with a tax id number so I can report all the payments made to them (over 10k). Fierro design and promotion...

Contractors  · Oct 18, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — unpaid pto time

On august 29th my company counseling solutions treatment center - chatsworth was acquired by baymark health services... At the close of business we (all staff) were told we would receive any pto that was due. For me that is 88 hours. The managing partners of the business are in...

Chatsworth Bad Business Partners  · Sep 13, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — payment not received / wrongful termination

Georgia Department Of LaborGood afternoon, My name is james getts, former medical practice manager for todd d. Cable, md, llc, d/b/a independent pain management. I was summarily terminated by my employer on august 27, 2018 at 11:50 a.M. For what I believe to be wrongful cause and discrimination. Summary of events: I wa...

Georgia Department Of Labor — prejudism/false and, or unfair judgement

Friend was fired due to prejudism at walmart (ex military, we all know how liberals hate the military..) he worked the hardest there, everyone else sat arpund and did nothing yet he was fired unfairly, all the things I heard and saw there makes me sick!! He put in a claim to the athen...

Athens Government Grants  · May 10, 2018

Georgia Department Of Labor — unemployment

The atlanta office is full of rude people. No one can give you a straight answer or they lie to you about whats going on. They take there time doing paperwork and making decisions on files. They dont care about the people that file. I hope that one of them has to file for unemployment at...

Atlanta Government & Police  · Jan 22, 2016

Georgia Department Of Labor — decision

I am a taxpayer that has unemployment coming out of every check I get paid, and I get fired from a job because of an emergency situation with my daughter. They denied me unemployment benefits because of this. So, what is ga. Dept. Of labor saying to the parents that work, the single...

Georgia Department Of Labor — gdol - defrauding claimants

On 8-27-10 I went and filed for ui. On 8-30-10 a determination for benefits was made and mailed out to me. After receiving my benefit determination letter dol-411 I realized that it was not correct. Wages from my last place of employment equaling two quarters for the 2010 calender year had...

Georgia Department Of Labor — filling my infomation incorrectly

They handled my claim incorrectly and filed against the wrong employer. The GA Department of Labor has no way to file a claim and correctly list a employer with PRN employees. They have filed the claim against the wrong company and I have never gotten my payment from my ex employer and...