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Employment Development Department reviews & complaints

Employment Development Department complaints 120

Employment Development Department - Customer service

My UI profile showed that I all of a sudden got denied because they didn't have my ID.me verified. LIES and I have transcript wit ID.me stating they have already verified. I waited for a CSR for over an hour and this thug mf was soooo unhelpful and rude, locked my account, and hung up. I was SO NICE and just needed help understanding and he was a straight jerk! So sad that people who need help are experiencing this horrible process, unreliable csr's, no help from mngt, and a website for Edd and UI that makes it almost impossible for people to get help. CA EDD is SUCH a mess! That's why there are SO many hopeless homeless!

Desired outcome: Fix your system and monitor fraud by EDD!!

Employment Development Department - payment not received

I applied for unemployment on 7/11/21 and received one letter of confirmation. Shortly after that someone changed my password and picture caption. I reported fraud several times. I have not heard from them since the confirmation letter on 7/20/21. I've called many times with no answer. I've contacted them through email which tells me to login. I cant login because someone changed password. Please help me!

Desired outcome: To receive unemployment and back unemployment.

Employment Development Department - On hold 3 hours to be hung up on 2 times with their 2

The last 3 their 2 reps I've talked to after waiting for 2-3 hours each. They were so rude told me I just have to wait while screwing up my claim more one opened up weeks ive I'll ready been paid on still getting me no where I wan to file formal complaint on last 3 their 2 reps I've talked to! I want a supervisor to call me so we can get my claim taking care of !

Desired outcome: Formal complaint against them


Employment Development Department - Sdi

I have called 10 separate times regarding what to do about my calculated amount of pay being incorrect. I can NEVER GET A PERSON ON The phone. I have sent several claim update requests with no response. My daily calculated pay is incorrect. They based it soley off of my current employers reported wages. However, from March of 2020 until December of 2020 I was being paid temporary disability via a workers comp case from my prior employer for a knee injury and surgery unrelated to my current disability claim.

Desired outcome: A call to help me get my wages corrected and back paid

Employment Development Department - Payment not received

On June 11, 2021; $308.00 was paid into my unemployment account. confirmation [protected]. Again on June 11, 2021; another payment of$383.00 was deposited into my unemployment account. Confirmation [protected].
the total amount of $691.00 was then available on the debit card I held at the time. None of it was spent.
My wallet was stolen and I was forced to request a new card. The new card arrived on November 3, 2021. Number [protected]. I checked the balance expecting it to be the same as it was on my old card but found that it was a zero balance. The funds available on my old card were obviously not transferred to the new card.
I filed a contact notice with the EDD informing them of the situation but the funds have not been restored. Confirmation #C157226586

Desired outcome: My funds be restored to the new card.


Employment Development Department - person was very unprofessional ,Disrespectful and Rude

Hello there.. My name is JORGE SANCHEZ and l used to take care of a nice man named John Krueger for many yrs, l love my job, proud of what I do and the rest of our team IHSS, Adult Mental Services, APS and other agencies .We work hard and not easy..I was Working FROM 7am to 7pm every day except Sundays. on Aug 11 John K Had an accident at his home, l found him on the floor and immediately took him to ER Hospital..after a few days in Hospital, l was told that John K was going to be relocated in Riverside for Rehab/Recovery.l knew then l have lost my income or job and a great friend..so l apply for unemployment on Aug 19 2021 and l talked to a nice person which help me to finished all Documents and requirements needed by the book ...but l notice that l haven't heard anything from my unemployment insurance and was wondering if everything is ok or if anything .. Today around 8:am a nice man called me back from [protected] which transfer me to this number [protected]. a lady from Edd answered, she did't said her name, she ask me a couple simple questions and then she sounded very unprofessional she said " what's wrong with you people" "you all don't listen" and other stuff. after a minute I couldn't heard her anymore, l tough she hung up on me for a second but she was still there just ignoring me not talking .l was shocked and very confused at this point.. l put my phone on speaker and for more than an 1 Hr me and someone else were listening to her on background laughing and talking to another people...it hurts and it's very disrespectful ...

Desired outcome: just need to know what's next,its been almost 2 months


Employment Development Department - Nunca me pagaron, y no me assistieron para resolver mi problema

02/13/2020 yo me submiti para agarrar beneficios de desempleo in febrero de 2020. el departamento de desmpleo me mandaban mensajes que mi informacion no era la misma que ellos tenian en sus archivo...

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Employment Development Department - CA EDD Customer service

It is inhumane how EDD employees speak to people. I have been so polite and patient because I know that I waited on hold for 6-8 hours, and it's like walking on egg shells. You don't want them to...

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Employment Development Department - Yes I reopened

Yes I reopened my claim on Aug. 27.2021 My last day worked was Aug. 23 2021 . My certificate was Sept. 5 2021 I sent in my certification thru ui online on Sept 5 2021 and to this date Sept. 24 2021 I still have not received my payment and no contact from edd., No conditional payment, nothing. When I go to my claim online it just states payment pending . I have sent 2 mess. to edd with no response. I have also tried calling several times and it just tells me they have more phone calls then they can handle and hangs up. And this is over several days and always the same message.

Desired outcome: Find out why my payment hasn't been issued fix it and get my payment or a conditional payment issued.

Sep 16, 2021

Employment Development Department - Iam complaining about not getting through to talk to somone to help me get certif.y

I have tried n the phone no response. can't so through tele cert. And cant long into my account. computer lock me out after first try. And I have password I want to keep. This is so unfair to the people who need there money . Like me. So can you please help me. You can summit a complaint through the mail. and contact your local senator . to make a complaint to .

Desired outcome: would like my clain filed . So I can start getting my money. To pay ny rent and bills.


Employment Development Department - Customer service

My claim expired on Sept 4 2021 and was required to file a new claim. September 14 Started the process online and was required to verify with ID.me. Every time I tried to complete the process it kicked me out with email or phone number don't match. On Sept 15 I call EDD and she gave me a number to call and every time I call it says EDD has ramped up to help the increased to take better service then says to many calls and can't help you. So tell me what am I supposed to do ?
William F Cook

Desired outcome: I would like access to ID.me so I can complete my claim process

Employment Development Department - Edd system

Started my claim 6-11-21 and still no payment issued. I've verified my identity 3 times and they still say i have no wages in the state. My w-2 clearly says I do and ive mailed it and emailed it. Good luck reaching someone on the phone, it's never going to happen. I can't believe this is legal. When is someone going to start fighting for the people?!

Desired outcome: Do what’s right


Well you had a chance to recall Newsom and everyone voted to keep him. So this is what you get

Sep 03, 2021

Employment Development Department - Have gotten disconnected twice after waiting one hour, another time two hours

After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to reach a human being at EDD, I called about a claim that is now, on August 3, 2021, about five months old. On 8/19/21, I finally (after 2 hours on hold...

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Employment Development Department - Reopen/new claim

I received unemployment benefits for 2020, and was completely eligible for PUA and was not given the proper filling for PUA and so I waited to refile when that claim ended and I was eligible to refile this Aug 2021. How can I recieve PUA? I have spent months and hours waiting for the ability to refile or open a new claim, and trying to direct where my call needs to heard through the edd office and I am tired of being put on hold of transferred.

Desired outcome: PUA ASAP


Employment Development Department - Unemployment payment

I am not getting paid, I cannot certify for the last two weeks by phone and EDD UI will not let me login, I get an error message.
I have not heard from anyone regarding my case.
I call the [protected], if i get in I sit in que for 3 hours and they hang up. I have lost all avenues and have several bills behind now.

Please see attachments.

Kenneth J La Motte

Employment Development Department - Unemployment Benefits

It's has been since December 2020 that I've been contacting EDD to remove the payment stop from my claim. All tier 2 representatives/claims representatives (after speaking to the first representative we must go through) cannot resolve my matter and they have escalated this to management and I'm told I'll receive a call back (which I have not). I've sent several complaints and e-mails with no outcome. Next week will be 9 months of me trying to fix this. I need urgent help.

Desired outcome: Resolve my matter so I can get paid

Employment Development Department - UI complain - to reopen claim - J Christensen

I filed for UI for loss of job on 3/22/2021. Although I have certified online every pay period; my UI payments stopped in end of May. I have tried for 2 months to reach a 'human' at EDD. ALL PH...

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Employment Development Department - Edd representative

Hello, I just received a call back from one of edd representatives and let me tell you he was EXTREMELY rude. The call goes as follows
Me: hello?
Rep: hello?
Me: is this unemployment?
Rep: do u not know who you called?
Me: you actually called me that's why I'm asking what's your name?
Rep: Steven what can I do for u?
Me: don't you have questions to ask me? You don't sound too professional and I don't want to give my information to the wrong person.
Rep: you're welcome to call back
Me: wow, or you're welcome to be a lot more professional is this call recorded?
Rep: *hangs up*
And back to the back of the line I go. This is very very VERY frustrating and it happens ALOT. The other phone calls I've received from Edd they state their opening sentence and ask my name and a few more identity verification questions. This man did not. Therefore I did not want to give my social if asked. Please do something about this. It's getting out of hand.

Desired outcome: I don’t believe he needs to be working for customer service anywhere

It seems that the philosophy of EDD is that 'A breathing body; is better than no body." Sorely disappointing and impacting our livelihoods. NO ONE chooses to be unemployed. Never have i been in 40 yrs or working.

Thank you for conveying what many of us are experiencing.

Employment Development Department - Pandemic unemployment

In December of 2020 I applied for unemployment benefits which I was denied for due to the reason of my termination and I already knew that I would be. I believe it was in January that I had received a letter from EDD stating that I was eligible for Pandemic benefits and that I did not need to do anything further it's automatic. So I waited and nothing so I contacted them again in March of 2021 by sending a message through my online account and received a response back on 03/03/21 stating that my claim had been processed and that I was already paid. I don't know who they paid because It was not me. So I sent them another message regarding the payment that they claimed that was sent to me back in March and no response period. I just recently sent them another message regarding the pandemic unemployment benefits on 07/29/21 and if I am eligible for it if I will be getting back pay and still no response. I have been unable to reach them by phone so filing a complaint is my last resort.

Desired outcome: If eligible as stated I would like my benefits along with back pay

Employment Development Department - Edd none payment for two months, not responding to phone or email.

EDD none payment for two months, not responding to phone or email. Second time around. Happened in May. The taxes we pay should support phone persons. My mother in-law does not speak English and has to go to work so I do the computer stuff. In the past when I got through it was painless and the people were nice and reassuring. I have been on the phone daily for months with no response. Sent email, with no response.

I am having the same experience and have no issues with communicating with anyone. Been employed over 40 yrs serving this country and now when I need their help the most; no response via phone, email or otherwise. It's unconscionable. Disappointed in BIDEN and the congress and senators. They ALL need to PAY ATTENTION to CITIZENS of this country. Gavin?

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