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Employment Development DepartmentPending claim

My claim has been pending since November of last year and I have spoken to a edd specialist and techs everyday for a whole month of January to hear that they can't help me .It is the most difficult and challenging experience I have ever been through in my life, and I have been to prison, I am currently homeless and hungry so that is alot to say.I am considering stealing food in order to eat because I can't get the money from my claim that has 6 weeks already certified, and I have honestly worked for this insurance and now I am unable to get a valid reason why I I'm pending

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    • Updated by Chadhinton · Jan 25, 2021

      Chad Hinton is going to starve to death because edd are evil

    EDD Unemployment


    I have attempted numerous times to get through the re-certification process for EDD with the id.me portal without success.

    Twice I have actually waited long hours to have a face to face meeting only for that meeting to be aborted at the last minute due to one of my documents being deemed unacceptable.

    I have submitted:

    California State Drivers License (front and back)
    Social Security Card
    Birth Certificate issued by San Francisco
    Official mailing from the Social Security Administration

    I have no other way to prove my identity. I do not get bank statements, utility bills, etc. via paper mail. Everything is done online now. The only mail piece I have with my name and address on it is from a Federal Agency and yet that is deemed unacceptable

    I have been unable to speak with anyone or show my documents to a human being.

    What can I do? Please help!!

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      • Updated by kdloven · Jan 22, 2021


      Jan 15, 2021

      Employment Development Department — Unemployment

      I filed for unemployment in October 2020, went thru the online verification and was told everything was good...

      Employment Development DepartmentClaims halted by suspicion of fraud

      Please respond as to why legitimate claim recipients have abruptly stopped receiving payments with no prior notification or a means to verify identity! I continue to call and email and your office refuses to acknowledge communication. There are hundreds of thousands of legitimate non-fraudulent claimants not being paid creating unimaginable financial distress!!
      Please address this travesty immediately!!!
      We are suffering!!! We can't feed our families!! We can't keep a roof over our heads!!
      This is a very serious situation!!!

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        • Th
          TheMechanic Jan 12, 2021

          That's is darwinism. Things like unemployment, food stamps, welfare, etc. should all be terminated. Really the only one I'd allow to stay is social security since that is only awarded after a lifetime of thriving . Most of these government programs just keep people alive who are too incompetent or lazy to thrive and weakens the human genetics.

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        Employment Development DepartmentElimination of my benefits

        EDD has withheld my $300 federal unemployment checks for four weeks in 2020. Now they claim there is fraud on my account so have shut me down with no further payments of state UI (California). I had to register with ID.me. I did that and tried to upload my driver's license. They wouldn't accept the driver's license and insisted I send a selfie! I can't send a selfie. I have no smart phone. Just a cell phone from 2004 that does not take pictures. I will now be eliminated from their system for not being able to provide a picture within 10 days. No one ever answers my queries online nor by mail. Never available by phone. They want to find ways to eliminate people and find loopholes and squirrel holes to get people to fall off into so they can then eliminate them from their rolls.

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          • Th
            TheMechanic Jan 10, 2021

            You don't have a smart phone shouldn't be an issue. Do you at least own a camera or know someone who has a camera.

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          Employment Development DepartmentAccounting / identity integrity department

          I live in California and filed under the PUA program (as I am self-employed) back on March 18 of 2020. As my 2019 taxes were not due yet, I was instructed to upload tax documents from my 2018 return. I was awarded a claim and started receiving benefits. In early December I was sent an email and links to update my records for the 2019 tax year.

          I clicked the link and uploaded the documents. Two weeks later benefits stopped without notice. Spent many hours getting through to customer service person 1, they said I would be sent a letter indicating what I had to.

          They instructed me to call back if after several days I had not received anything. After several days, called back and after hours of trying to get through got customer service person 2 Person 2 said...I know just want needs to be done and an upload link will be sent along with what documents need to be sent. This time the issue was they wanted ID info and proof of residency etc. I understand completely and upload the necessary documents.

          Several days go by and I see that the status of my claim is still in pending status. After hours of time to get through I speak with customer service person #3. I ask why everything is still on hold... She is able to see all the files I have uploaded and says everything checks out and I am in good shape pending the review of someone in the Accounting/identity integrity department. She gives me two phone numbers to use and indicates the accounting department has not viewed the material yet.

          My beef is this...I am not the only one this has happened to, there are at least a million more like me (as stated in the news). If you are going to make additional labor for yourselves, you hire more people to do the job and you CERTAINLY don't shut down your phone system after only 4 hours of operation!!!

          Rather than me trying to dial in a hundred or more times a day...how about auto-attendant takes your name and number in the order received and calls you back. Even if that means your call back time will be 3 days and 18 hours. Each of my attempts at dealing with EDD it has taken between one and three minutes of going through a labyrinth of button pushing, only to be told that the system can not process the call due to high call volumes.

          I am now at 4 weeks of nothing. This is not the way to run a show. Unless it's a S Show!

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            Employment Development DepartmentJudges appeal decision not being effectuated

            I was receiving unemployment until 7/4/2020 when I received an inbox messages advising me to file a new claim because my benefits had been exhausted. At the same time I saw a message stating that the EDD would automatically search out claimants who exhausted their PEUC claims and add them the Fed-ed extension. Because I was unable to reach anyone by phone to determine which message was accurate, I submitted a new claim. The new claim was initially approved and then subsequently denied, so I filed an appeal. My appeal was Won per the Edd's own process by a judge on 9/4/2020. Yet EDD still has not updated my claim or made any corrections on my file. The last check I received was on 7/4/2020, so more than five months with 0 dollars. I have called 8 times and each time a representative states that they see the judges overturned decision, but they could ONLY send a message to someone higher up top make a correction. To date nothing has changed.

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              Dec 07, 2020

              Employment Development Department — Rude disrespectful advisor during interview

              I had three surgeries and had to file an EDD claim as well as disability and answered a question wring still...

              Employment Development DepartmentUnemployment

              I have been receiving unemployment for months as of September I got on to certify benefits I was disqualified I called they sent a link to upload my identification documents told me it was excepted and the appeal would be lifted 6 weeks I called the EDD everyday they never told me I had to file an appeal now I'm in the appeal process they have refused to send me paper documents to certify for benefits for the time that I have not been paid while waiting for an appeal I call And can't get through or wait on hold for over an hour to be hung up on I send messages I get no responses I've told that A supervisor will call but they never call

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                Nov 19, 2020

                Employment Development Department — Service from edd verification dept

                Why does the EDD claim they have the influx of calls handled by hiring more employees and added new phone...

                Employment Development DepartmentEmployee on the disability phone line

                I was transferred from [protected], I waited for hours to talk to a representative. I finally got through and the operator was disgruntled. He told me to drop my attitude after acting inappropriately. I told him after he started yelling at me, I am a US Veteran and I am going to report him to his employer. In fact, I don't know who he thinks he is, where he gets off, or who trained this person to be so disrespectful to people with a disability asking to get assistance and their form in order. Please respond or I will file a Congressional Complaint to the state.

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                  Employment Development DepartmentUnemployment insurance benefits and pandemic benefits program

                  I have 20 weeks of benefits pending and all it would take for me to be issued my payments is for a specialist to review my claim to see that a simple "okay" will lift the stop payment. I'm very much struggling with my finances and am seriously contemplating illegal actions to provide for my family. My name is Javier Macedo and my birthdate is 5/9/87.

                  Unemployment insurance benefits and pandemic benefits program

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                    Employment Development Departmentservice

                    my is john gholar
                    2708 w 141st pl apt 1 gardena ca 90249
                    since july 5 2020 i have not gottem my unemployment benefits
                    i have submitted my id and proof of address numerous times. nothing has been done im getting evicted . edd ca is rude liars and reps hung up in my face they refuse to get supervisors on the phone. claim processing department refuses to take calls i mean theres no order theres no truth they treat u any kinda way they are not working fast enough i mean how hard is it to review an id and bill validate it and process my claim. im fed up i want it handled at once i want my identity verified and benefits reinstated.

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                      EDD Help

                      My name is martin d ruiz the dep of e d d lock my acount and told me I need it to go to the banck and show my id wish I did dut know can get no one on the phone to help me om sat 9/'26/2020 whent to the bank I was told to call the edd to speak with risk dep and was onm the phone 3 hrs and no one help me.
                      On mon 9/28/2020 whent to the bank show my id again mand was put on hold when edd dep answer but no one come to the phone was on the phone on hold from 10:30am to 3:50pm the teller from the bank of america told me I had to leav cause they were closeing it was time for them to, go home she is my wittines.
                      I have been doing evrything they tell me and cant get no one to idenify my identy my acount has been lock for 2 weeks going on my 3rd week and no, one is helping me and thhis is my reson to seac help with some one else my phone number is [protected] if some one can take some time to help me thank u mand have a b less day ill keep waitting for help

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                        Employment Development DepartmentUnemployment payments/covid-19

                        Not working due to COVID-19 but still employed, I filed to receive unemployment assistance benefits from only 6/7/2020 to 8/5/2020. Received initial confirmation package detailing my weekly award amount. Created an UI online account and certified for all 10 weeks which are still pending. I've sent 6 emails of inquiry for which I received confirmation numbers with a promise for response in 5-7 days. I have also made dozens of calls, speaking to agents at least 10 times who promised a response within 7-10 days. I have received no communication from anyone at EDD since. I have not received the debit card as promised in the initial packet. I received no cash assistance. All of my fellow employees have received assistance with no issues except for a few of us. I would really appreciate some assistance.

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                          Sep 11, 2020

                          Employment Development Department — Unpaid and improperly processed weekly certifications

                          I have contacted EDD on 5+ occasions. Each time I'm told that they have to have a specialist call me. I...

                          Sep 04, 2020

                          Employment Development Department — Employment development department

                          Honestly... All I have to say is, that the edd is cheating people out of their money, that is do to them. I...

                          EDD No payments & no resolutions to my case

                          There is no customer service when you call the 800 numbers that edd provides. Here is why I say what I say. I applied back in march 2020 and filed unemployment but did incorrectly the first time so I reapplied and filed under pua. Called in june and edd representative said my file was going to be fixed & combined that I would hear from them via mail. Never received correspondence. So I called in july to followup only to be informed that even though they had received all my identification information that they were working on fixing the problem. I was told that august 10th I would receive a call never did. I call today on august 24th and was told that he could not answer my whys and that my file had not been fixed. This is unprofessional way of conducting business and not good to tell lies.

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                            Employment Development DepartmentPayment not issued

                            I would like someone to review my claim and let me know what's the issue so it can be fixed and I can get my benefits! Also I have spoken to multiple agents about this matter and no results have been produced. It's been over a month I haven't received any notices explaining why this situation has occurred I can't seem to get in touch with someone who can assist me please help.

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                              • Co
                                CoCo13 Oct 16, 2020
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I've been at it since April. Now it is October. I've done everything they asked including being verified 2 times. I have also certified for 4 weeks now and still nothing, Today I have a EDD envelope in the mail, I'm not holding my breath that it is a card. I probably need to verify my identity again. The first time took 4 months. Every time I call, and get through, the person on the other end gives me different information and instructions. No answers, just more run around. 6 months is too long to go thru this, but here I am.

                                1 Votes

                              Employment Development DepartmentI cannot reach anyone at edd. Status of claim

                              To whom it may concern:
                              I have tried to reach EDD for over 5 weeks now. I called every number available to me:

                              The last letter I received from EDD was the Customer acct number to register online on 7/16. I tried setting that up and it says that the info they have is not the same as what I punched in. I called Tech Support to no avail. I have called everyday early and later, no one answers. Hence, I cannot see the status of my case???

                              I received a letter on 7/16 about a debit card, as well. I know my claim has been filed b/c they sent a notice of claim filed on 7/16. I need to receive my benefits as soon as possible. Any level of communication would be appreciated. I feel like I am being ignored. I need a response, please.

                              Denise Crowl

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