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May 26, 2020

Georgia Department of Labor — Lack of communication from the georgia department of labor - I need my unemployment $

First, I understand the pandemic situation the country is in. I have emailed, left messages at the local...

Georgia Department of LaborIssues with the gdol online services

I have been laid off of my employment, I submitted everything I am suppose to, I faxed over my separation letter, I can't contact anyone OR can I check the status online I always get the error message social security number does not match their records. I need help asap I understand it's a lot going on but I cannot contact ANYONE and i try literally ALL DAY To call .

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    • Ka
      Karen Shaw Cooper Jun 04, 2020
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      same here its crazy it's like the dept of labor employees get paid to do nothing

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    Georgia Department of LaborCan't get through anyone at the integrity division.

    I have submitted all information via fax twice to verify my identification. No e-mails sent back. No one ansering calls. I understand there is alot going on during this time, however, I have now been without a paycheck for a month and need some income somehow. Baffled by the fact that an emergency act has been passed and there doesn't seem to be any emergency getting unemployment benefits to people.

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      • Ka
        Karen Shaw Cooper Jun 04, 2020
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I also have to get in tough with integrity and I can not also faxed my documents. I really don't know what we are suppose to do.

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      Georgia Department of LaborUnemployment customer service

      I received a status message to contact service center about my claim. I spent 8 days calling for hours to receive only busy signal and tried automated service and kept getting disconnect or forwarded to leave message which I did leave 10 voicemail messages and yet to have a response. I also tried the email option available and and to date never received a reply about my issue.

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        Dec 16, 2019

        Georgia Department of Labor — Veterans preference

        When I first went in center I was seen immediately seen and they started helpful. When it was time file...

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        Oct 18, 2019

        Georgia Department of Labor — Customer service

        I went to the office to apply for unemployment on Thursday, October 17. It was approximately 3:30 and the...

        Georgia Department of Laborunpaid wages

        This Compliant is against Cable Technology Communications, LLC
        (above address)
        Registered in GA - control # [protected] (date of formation: 9/26/17)
        Thanh Nguyen

        I started working for this company in March 2019. This company has not paid me for the jobs I've worked since 8/31/19. I left the company as of 9/26/19 because I can not live without an income. I have a children to provide for.

        I've contacted the employer and they are not answering. When I finally spoke to the owner he became aggressive and told me he would not pay me. I sent an email to the business today requesting they pay me my wages.

        Please contact me, Antonio Jackson, at [protected]. I am in process of losing my apartment and car because I can not pay my bills.

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          Georgia Department of Laborcaucasian female manager cursing and rude with employees for no reason /discriminating

          I am a customer and I have been to this establishment numerous times. I have friends kids who have worked here in past, which QUIT because what is still going on. A female Caucasian manager with tattoos consistently cursing at employees, and threatening employees. I dont understand how this continues to happen. Something needs to be done for these kids sake. I just ordered my food in store today September 1, 2019 approximately around 9:15 pm.

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            Georgia Department of Laborinsurance fraud on employees and patients

            The Ear Nose and Throat Institute is balance billing patients that have Georgia State Medicaid even though they are getting reimbursed from Medicaid. EXAMPLE: patient comes in for a hearing test that has Georgia Medicaid Insurance and the ENT Institute is charging the patient up front for the service and then billing Medicaid as well cause The Ear Nose and Throat Institute does not like how 'little of reimbursement they are getting from Georgia State Medicaid." This is against the guidelines. Also, employees did NOT have insurance for about 3 months but The Ear Nose and Throat Institute was still taking the emolyees premiums for the insurance out of their paychecks. NO EMPLOYEE HAD INSURANCE. Where was the money going that they were taking out of their paychecks? The Ear Nose and Throat Institute suggested that people 'go a head and pay the medical bills' that the employees were receiving and that 'they would get reimbursed later.' This is dishonest and fraud. No one knows where there money was going out of their paychecks and no one has got their money back. There is no paper trail for where their money was going that was being taken out of their paycheck. I have also filed this with The National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This company is also billing insurances for allergy serums for patients and then if the patient decides not to get the shots of serum, they take off the patient label, and reassign it to a different patient, and then bill that ONE serum to another insurance company. So they are collecting money on ONE serum from TWO different insurance companies. This company is full of fraud. I know this cause once I started calling them out on their fraud, they fired me.

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              Jul 13, 2019

              Georgia Department of Labor — late payment not received

              I was terminated from the Home Depot in Groton CT. #6215. I relocated to Massachusetts so I had corporate do...

              May 22, 2019

              Georgia Department of Labor — I was an employee

              I was hired as a dishwasher for a salary of 500 a week. My schedule was Tuesday-Saturday 10am-close with a 2...

              May 09, 2019

              Georgia Department of Labor — employment and pay rate issue.

              I worked for this company 13+ years. I ended up quitting due to a dispute with the manager. that week I had...

              Georgia Department of Laborthey will not pay payroll

              I worked for this company from Feb 7 2019 to April 16 2019 as a journeyman mason/supervisor. The company address is South Carolina but I worked and supervised a job for them in Hartwell Georgia at the Nestle Purina dog food plant. This company owes me $8983.00 in unpaid wages and expenses from 03-25 to 04-16. I have documented time sheets and receipts for every expenses. The company also owes 13 more people including mine the total non payment of wages for everyone is over $34, 000.00. Please help me get what I have worked for

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                Apr 20, 2019

                Georgia Department of Labor — t & brothers construction

                I am Kerry Lewis who worked for Thomas D slagle Since October 20, 2018. Thomas provided his workers with a...

                Georgia Department of Laboru.s. medics ems inc macon georgia

                I was employed by us medic for the last year and watched the local operations manager behavior become progressively vial tool towards myself and other employees. Promoting a hostile work environment calling employees derogatory names. Local operations manager also approved and hired non- State licensed employees transporting Medicare patients by ambulance was documenting times and miles for Medicare documentation.

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                  Georgia Department of Labor — employer

                  I worked at Healthline Management from March 2016 to October 2018. I have been unable to get my last check. I...

                  Georgia Department of Labor — janet hutchenson claim #4862331 weekly certification #9979193.

                  Hello, I recently filed an appeal on an outstanding claim which ended up as dockett #23717. The decision wa...

                  Georgia Department of Laborfierro design and promotions

                  This company is operating in georgia with out gl insurance, workers compensation and any type of lisence. (installing heavy business signs, decals, etc). They don't want to provide me with a tax id number so I can report all the payments made to them (over 10k). Fierro design and promotion is a company based in florida and he don't have any authority to work in georgia.

                  fierro design and promotions
                  fierro design and promotions

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                    Georgia Department of Laborunpaid pto time

                    On august 29th my company counseling solutions treatment center - chatsworth was acquired by baymark health services... At the close of business we (all staff) were told we would receive any pto that was due. For me that is 88 hours. The managing partners of the business are in disagreement... One is 65% and one is 35% owners of the llc not yet dissolved... The 65% owner stated he will not pay me my pto because he said I was a 1099 worker before I was a w2 worker 2 1/2 years ago. I have accrued pto time from the beginning and he is aware and approved it from that time. The reason the clinic was sold was because of unreasonable and irreconcilable differences between the owners.. I deserve and have earned my pto time... Pleas help me!

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                      Georgia Department of Laborpayment not received / wrongful termination

                      Good afternoon,

                      My name is james getts, former medical practice manager for todd d. Cable, md, llc, d/b/a independent pain management.

                      I was summarily terminated by my employer on august 27, 2018 at 11:50 a.M. For what I believe to be wrongful cause and discrimination.

                      Summary of events: I was met at the door of my employment by a county sheriff's deputy and the university hospital (evans campus) security guard in order to terminate my employment. This was a surprise to me and as ordered, I handed over my office key to the officer, who stated that I was terminated (no cause given) and that "your final 2 week check will be mailed" (net amount $1, 406.26 for pay period august 13-26). The date is now september 4, 2018, and I have yet to receive this check, and I cannot get my employer to acknowledge my requests to provide information on its delivery or whereabouts. Thus, my family has been put in a significant financial situation and is at risk of non-payment of utilities and/or mortgage.

                      Events leading up to my termination on august 27, 2018 at 11:50 a. M:

                      - I am a disabled veteran and I required emergency medical care from the veterans affairs emergency department on the morning of august 20, 2018 for a service connected injury - incurred while deployed in a combat zone in 2009. I told my employer that I was having chest pains and shortness of breath and left the office at approximately 10 response, my employer initially tried to keep me at the office despite active chest pains. My wife arrived at my request and forcibly removed me from the office and took me to the v.A. E.R. I was kept at this e.R. All day for treatment and evaluation, and was unable to return to work until the following day due to the medications I was given.

                      I returned to work the following day despite having tightness in my chest due to pressure from my employer to get back to work. I worked the full day on 21 and 22 august despite feeling fatigued and fell visibly ill on 22 august, as noted and remarked on by other employees. On the morning of 23 august I drove myself to university prompt care for continued tightness/pain in my chest/shortness of breath, and what was diagnosed as a severe respiratory infection likely related to my hospitalization at the va er on 20 august 2018, and related to my service in environmental hazard conditions in iraq in [protected]. This infection was highly contagious and rendered me unable to work on 23-24 august, 2018 under doctors orders due to severe coughing and vomiting exacerbating my chest pains. The doctor ordered me to rest for two days to prevent further cardiovascular complications with my heart and lungs.

                      On 23 august, while being treated for service connected injuries and illnesses, my employer, todd d. Cable, m.D. Posted my job for interview and replacement. He conducted an interview for my replacement on august 25, 2018 without my knowledge and without communicating his intentions to replace me for being on medical leave as a protected veteran, undergoing emergency care.

                      I believe in addition to terminating me for legitimate medical leave as a disabled veteran, my employer also used my medical absence as an excuse to terminate me for the following underlying reasons:

                      1. I refused to be complicit in illegal payroll activities as the practice payroll officer/manager. Specifically, dr todd cable demanded that the hourly employees of the practice work the weekend of 25-26 august. He stated that "he was not going to pay the employees working the weekend overtime," and was going to "pay them under the table" with "other monies" at their base rate only. All employees that were scheduled to work that weekend would have accumulated approximately 45-55 hours for the pay period, and dr cable was insistent that he would not pay the overtime, nor the taxes on the overtime. I objected to this plan and was belittled and dismissed for attempting to comply with federal and state labor objecting to his illegal intent and plan on approximately 17 august 2018, I became the subject of regular passive-aggressive demeaning comments daily from dr rose marie classi, m.D. (his spouse and non-employee) and experienced what I can only describe as a hostile work environment, whereby his spouse was given authority over me, and disallowed me to make any official decisions effecting practice safety, hippa regulations, occupational safety hazard prevention and reporting. Due to my insistence on federal and state compliance, I was regularly dismissed and belittled despite attempting to uphold the legal and ethical fiber of labor - and other - laws. I feel I was the victim of a hostile work environment brought on my disagreements and non-complicit stance or participation in illegal intent and actions.

                      Second, due to several close calls with occupational exposure concerns of medical assistants and office staff routinely in contact with treated patients, I demanded osha regulations be followed for the safety of exposed employees. The osha program was non-existent when I arrived at this practice in may 2018, and was suppressed and deemed "not necessary" despite creating the entire osha/msds program from the ground up myself, and publishing their osha manual - for which employees were discouraged to read by dr cable, and further suppressed any trained from this manual. After several close-calls with needle-sticks and potential patient bodily fluid exposures, I made the call to inform osha of the owner's gross neglect and dismissal of employee safety and the federally required osha program. I filed my complaint on the evening on 25 august, 2018. I received a call back from osha the morning of 27 august 2018, stating they would follow up on my complaints that day, specifically the hepatitis-b and hiv exposure plan violations that places the employees in direct danger of contracting these harmful viruses. I find it no coincidence, that I was fired punitively and in retaliation for reporting my employer's practice for osha violations (ref. Osha complaint #: [protected]).

                      In addition to multiple other hippa, medicare/medicaid, financial irregularities, this practice is a hostile work environment for the following reasons:

                      1. Qualified candidates for medical positions were often not hired based upon the doctor's discrimination against: (a) women in preference to male medical assistants and nurse practitioners, (b) military and military spouses due to their "ability to be called away at any time." I was personally offended by his stance on military given my veteran and army reserve officer status. I was of course dismissed when I told him he cannot conduct discriminatory practices and line of questioning like this in interviews, or include this in his reasons not to hire a candidate, (c) family situations were often used as discriminators in interviews and used against qualified candidates when making final hiring decisions (i.E. Candidates often discarded for being single mothers - this happened at least 5 times), (d) age was used as a consistent discriminator in interviews, as dr cable did "not want to pay for experienced personnel" and preferred younger talent due to their likely acceptance of a lesser wage.

                      Further evidence of his discriminatory practices, dr cable cites that he found a draft file copy of a resignation letter dated 22 august this draft for my eyes only, I cited that my reserve unit is set to mobilize in fy19 and that I would like to consider (at the time) a resignation date effecting september 7, 2018. This letter was in my personal files, not intended for communication until a later date, not signed by me, and not sent, printed, or communicated to dr. Cable in any form or fashion. During the period of when I was under emergency medical care, dr. Cable decided to "discover" this document and further show his discrimination against military members and families by using my reasons of a fy19 mobilization as a reason to immediately expedite my termination and replacement (proof in text/email form from dr cable), thus not allowing me to work even the proposed (draft) intent of working until september 7, 2018.

                      In the end, my termination was the result of a hostile work environment, retaliation for making a formal osha complaint, and persistence in trying to be state a federally compliant. I see this termination as punitive, and this is further evidenced by my employer refusing to give me my final paycheck as aforementioned. (dr. Cable did withhold the previous practice manager's paycheck for months out of punitive feelings toward her, so there is precedent for this, and cause for my concern). I have also not received the required dol form 800 required by georgia code 34-8-190, thus I am unable to file for unemployment properly.

                      I appreciate in advance your time and attention to this matter. I cannot express how disappointed that I and my family are, and how hurt we have been by these individuals. I want to prevent this from happening to future employees of this practice.

                      I also have a three-page notarized copy of my acknowledgement of my termination to my employer available, however, it is being reviewed/corrected by my attorney. I can make this available at any time. I also have a 6 page description of my grievances against this medical practice, also being reviewed by my attorney.

                      Thank you again in advance,


                      James a. Getts, m. Div., cmom

                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination
                      payment not received / wrongful termination

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