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Buying was a breeze, my sales person matt house was awesome, but after that everything was down hill. They wrecked my new 2016 car while in the shop to get the upholstery package that I was upsold at purchase and some minor things taken care of.
I have been ignored concerning this incident and never once did any management call until I complained and complained. Their insurance company called to find out where I wanted the check sent, I told them I didn't want a check, I was then told that the dealership had sent it to me, have yet to receive it as of this posting. Then they repaired my vehicle without my authorization, preventing me from taking the vehicle for an unbiased estimate and to get an estimate for diminished value (Which by law, I am entitled to). Just spoke to bill schneider the gm who started off extremely rude considering I am a client that had my vehicle wrecked by one of their employees. When I told him there was a diminished value he said I had to deal with their insurance company, when I stated I had not authorized repairs he stated to me that they are a major dealership and do millions in business and they have documentation I authorized it, not true. No one at this dealership wants to handle this in a professional business like manner. I have tried to resolve this is a reasonable and equitable manner for both myself and the dealership. They expect me to accept the repaired vehicle back with no regards to the value since it was wrecked.

Priority chevrolet
Here is an e-mail I sent to bill schneider trying to resolve this is a professional and business like manner.
From: evelyn strader
Sent: friday, march 10, 2017 7:58 pm
To: bill. [protected]@priorityauto. com
Cc: michael strader
Subject: my vehicle was wrecked by priority
Hello mr. Schneider,
I hate that it has come to me having to contact you concerning what is being called an "incident" that took place with my vehicle while at priority chevrolet. My experience so far has been horrendous, and I am trying to determine if I am being lied to with the intent to take advantage of me or if the communication at the dealership is just that poor.
I purchased a 2016 chevy trax lt on february 4, at that time I also purchased the upholstery package and went over the vehicle as far as scrapes and dings and was told when I brought the car in I would receive the 2nd set of keys. I did not hear anything and called and made an appointment. The woman on the phone that scheduled the appointment seem disinterested and put out when I started down the list of items to be repaired but did schedule my appointment for 7:15 am on february 28.
February 28-took vehicle in for upholstery treatment, have scratches and dings taken care of, to find out if floor mats should have been with the vehicle or if they were optional, to have the drivers mirror taken care of along with a piece of loose rubber by the sunroof.
March 2-called to check on my vehicle, received a phone call back stating the scrapes and dings had been taken care of on tuesday the 28th, that the drivers mirror had been ordered on wednesday, march 1 and that it was due in march 2 and that the upholstery would be done on friday, march 3 and I would be able to pick my car back up.
March 3-received a phone call about 11:30-11:45 am from garland that my vehicle had been involved in an accident the evening of march 2nd with a ford f-150 while being moved to have the drivers mirror replaced. I was also asked to bring the loaner vehicle back because I would have to be switched into an enterprise rental vehicle due to insurance reasons. I went to the dealership immediately and asked to see my vehicle and took pictures. I was then taken to enterprise and was given a vehicle. I asked repeatedly about the incident and if it would be reported to car fax. I received extremely vague answers.
March 6-received a phone call from penn insurance company as to where I wanted the check sent. I told the gentleman that I had not determined whether I wanted the vehicle back, I had not purchased a wrecked vehicle and that I did not want the check. I asked then how much the damage it was, he stated 1500.00, I told him I thought that was quite low and asked who did the estimate and he replied priority chevy but that I could take it anywhere. Explained to him no one from management had contacted me to speak or even explain the process. He said he would let his client know.
March 7-jennifer from collision called and said my vehicle was there and they were going to order the parts. I then told her that the insurance company had contacted me, that management had not and I was not happy and the same spiel about the car being wrecked and diminished value of the car now and that I was not signing anything. She e-mailed me the estimate and also a form to authorize the repair of the vehicle. At that time she also informed me that the insurance company had sent me the check, I told her that I had told them not too. She said she would let management know. My son called the dealership and left a message for ray to call him but received a call from bob. He let bob know that he himself had referred 11 people to your dealership in the last 6 months that purchased including myself and he was not happy how this situation was being handled. Bob called and left me a message on the 7th, and I returned his call and left a message.
March 8-belen called to let me know my vehicle was at the body shop. I told her the same thing I told everyone else that management had yet to speak with me, value of car being diminished, about the insurance company, jennifer calling etc. She said she would let management know. Bob did call and explained that accidents happen and that priority would fix my car and it would never look as if it had been in an accident. I explained at that time that I was not happy, I understood accidents happen but that I didn't buy a wrecked vehicle. He said he understood and that although I could take the vehicle anywhere priority would be able to make sure the paint etc matched up. I told him, he and I both knew the vehicle had a diminished value and that the labor rate on the estimate of $40.00 was not your normal rate. He stated he could speak to the insurance company about a diminished value claim, I told him I am a business person also and that I had thought about this. I let him know I would prefer not to have to pull my vehicle from priority and take it somewhere else for an estimate and that I had come up with a list of items that I would like that I thought would be equitable to both parties to compensate for the diminished value. They are as follows:
Floor mats, if they were already not to be with the car
Fog lights
Rain guards
Smokers package
Cargo mat
Hood protector
Blind spot mirrors
Paint protection
Explained that I looked at the retail prices with labor on your site and thought this was more than fair. He stated he would take this to the powers to be and get back with me.
March 9-jennifer called to state that the car would be going back to the service department on friday the 10th. I told her at that time, that I had not received the check from the insurance company. She said she was going to call and ask when it was sent out.
March 10-belen called to tell me my car would be coming to the service department on monday, march 13 and that the original repair items would be taken care of and I could pick it up. I then asked her if my car had been repaired when I had not authorized it. She got quiet, I told her if I was short to please not take it personally. Said would let bob know. Bob called me said he had not forgotten about me but that the powers to be had not responded to my request. I asked him if my car had been repaired, he stated yes. I asked him how that happened when I had not authorized it, he said chris told him I had. I have no idea who chris is and told him I absolutely had not authorized it. I then said so, I cannot even take it anywhere else if we cannot come to an agreement I told him jennifer had e-mailed me the estimate and form to authorize it and that it was still sitting on my desk. He said he would have to look into it. I called my son to update him and he went to the dealership to speak with bob. Bob told him that I verbally authorized the repairs, not sure where he received that information or from who. My son told bob that this entire situation was unacceptable, that he himself had not followed through on the things he said he would.
As you can see from this very tight time frame and me complaining to anyone and everyone calling me and me trying to negotiate with bob on wednesday that in no way did I approve or authorize repairs.
I would appreciate a phone call from yourself to discuss this matter or set up a meeting.

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    Threatened to "report" vehicle I was driving if it was not returned "today". This call came in at 4:48 PM on March 13, 2017 from Chris on behalf of Mr. Schneider the GM. State that rental agreement was up, when actually it had been up since March 8 and no one had bothered to call.

    So this is what Priority Advertises, What a FARCE!
    "The key to our success has been the way we treat our customers.Our name Priority says it all.We make you our top priority by putting you first. We put you first when you come in to purchase a new car, a quality pre-owned car, or to visit our outstanding service department.Come in & learn about our/Priorities for Life/(new cars), & our Priority Special Services(car washes, manicures on Wednesdays, etc.)"

  • Updated by Evelyn O'Brien Strader · Mar 17, 2017

    Priority Chevrolet Wrecked Vehicle Update Questions
    1.) How is it that Priority's Insurance company calls me on Monday morning asking where to send the check when I had not seen estimate one or exercised my legal right to take the vehicle elsewhere? First estimate I saw was from Priority and e-mailed to me 24 hours after the insurance company phone call.
    2.) How was my vehicle repaired by Priority Chevrolet without my authorization?
    3.) How is it when I ask for the adjuster's estimate from the insurance company that it is one received from Priority Chevrolet that is almost $400.00 higher than the one sent to me from Priority? Why the discrepancy?
    4.) How is it that the insurance company made the check out to Priority Chevrolet exclusively when I am the owner of the vehicle?
    Inquiring minds would like to know...


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      Nov 14, 2018

    Priority Chevrolet Of Chesapeake is a joke. I had brought my 2009 Chevrolet Silverado to be brought in to be fixed I had talked to a salesperson by the name of Orlando, I had brought in my own part to put in was an ECM (engine control module) he asked me was the truck here with me I told him yes then he said to me it’s not your ECM if you drove it in here. He said to me it’s probably your BCM (body control module) but I won’t know until you leave it here with us to run a diagnostic on the vehicle. I left my vehicle with them for about four days. They claim that it was the BCM I had picked the vehicle up last Monday and I had the vehicle on an extended warranty through Protect my car they was supposed to share 50/50 of the costs which was $387.78 and my share was the other half but on the fourth day, the vehicle was still doing the same thing lights and the door locks inside the vehicle started clicking again, also getting crazy messages on the dashboard then when I shut the vehicle off, it wouldn’t start up again til almost twenty minutes later so I called Orlando and told him that the vehicle is still doing the same thing he then says to me that he doesn’t work on the vehicles but he knows that the mechanics worked on the vehicle then I asked him where’s the old part I want to see it he said that they don’t have it so if your mechanics worked on it then why is it doing the same thing? He then asked me to leave it there again I then called up Protect my car and told them that they did not fix the vehicle they really didn’t say much is that I should go to the manager of the store I didn’t want them touching the vehicle anymore so I went the next day and picked up the vehicle and traded it for something else then Orlando calls me today demanding payment for $786.00 stating that Protect my car refused to pay and I then told them that they probably refused to pay you because of what I told them that you guys did not fix that vehicle like you said you did and you didn’t fix it so I’m not paying you either. Why should I have to pay you for something that you didn’t fix? We can take this to court because I’m not going to be out of money for services that was not rendered. Priority Chevrolet Of Chesapeake are crooks!

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