General Motorsfixing my vehicle's transmission


Took our 2015 Chevy Malibu into the dealership after we noticed it leaking transmission fluid. They checked it over and found that we had hit something that had caused a crack in it. Because of this we were advised to submit a claim through our insurance because of collision coverage. We submit our claim on August 23, 2017 and left our vehicle with the dealership. Once the estimate was done and parts we ordered we were sure we would have our car back quickly. It is now October 15, 2017 and our car is still sitting at the dealership waiting to be fixed because they can't seem to do their jobs. They tell us that GM won't ship the transmission to them but can't tell us why. We call every week to see if any progress has been made and nothing seems to be done. This has been the worst customer service we have ever experienced and we are having to pay a lot of money for our car to be fixed. It's almost been 2 months without our vehicle. We will never take our car back to the dealership again if we don't have to. We need new tires soon but we will be looking elsewhere because of this horrible experience.

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