General Motors Corporationnav update canada.

I find it totally robbery to have to pay 400$ for a disc. Why do I have to purchase from USA and pay another 85$ for shipping?? 250$ for a disc. This is totally robbery!! For the love of God GM protect your customers from this type of Robbery!!

Why would GM of Canada allow this???? Then I speak to a CSR and she told me to use my phone or sign up for onstar!!! Unbelievable totally unacceptable to train your employees to treat your customers in this fashion. I have been a proud owner of a Buick since 1982 but let me tell you NEVER AGAIN!!! so now I have a lovely Buick with a navigation system that is useless to me unless I pay 400$ for an update. I can't believe that GM is allowing this to happen.


Philip Payne.

Oct 11, 2019

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