General Motors Corporation2015 chevrolet z71

K Oct 08, 2019 Review updated:

I bought this vehicle new in 2015. Recently the paint has started peeling on the cab roof right above the windshield. I've taken it to the dealership where I bought it. They took pictures and sent in to GM. I was told GM would cover $700 and I'd owe $800. I have a hard time believing GM won't stand behind a product that is only 4 years old. I've owned Fords, Dodges, Pontiacs, and never had a problem with the paint. I believe GM should make it right by fixing the product I paid good money for!


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    Franklin s Oct 18, 2019

    You did better than me my truck doing the same and GM will not pay anything

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  • Dh
    D hernandez818 Dec 16, 2019

    My truck is 3 years old and my heater has gone out. They want $2000 to repair. The part it needs is $80. I don't think I should pay a dime for this repair. Heater going out on a 3 year old truck? Been deal with them since Thanksgiving. I really hope they can resolve this soon.

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