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GE Appliancesdishwasher hotpoint

This dishwasher has been horrible. first it was leaking water onto the floor After two service calls to fix it finally stopped leaking. The technician was an hour late for the second service call which was already at a very unreasonably long 4 hour service window. Yes. 5 hours we waited! Then we noticed it wouldn't completely dry the dishes. We tried several different settings and just couldn't get it to dry. Figuring something must be wrong with the heating element we called for the third service. This time requested and granted a text 30 minutes prior to arrival to leave enough time for us to leave work and meet technician. I got home in 25 minutes. Apparently the tech had come and left because no one was home. I called to check on his location exactly 44 minutes after the text I received with the 30 minute notice. They refused to send tech back. I took an afternoon off work for nothing. I will never buy GE again. The product is horrible and service is even worse.

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    • Sh
      Shaun R. Oct 29, 2017

      Sounds like you could have used an hours notice. Hotpoint is extremely low end appliances. That's actually the reason they differentiate it with their GE/Profile/Cafe and Monogram line.

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    GE Appliancesge stove

    My parents bought a new GE stove in September. The left burners worked sporadically from the start, and it took over three weeks to have a technician come and replace the computer (?) board. Last week, one of the burners just shut off when my mom was cooking. This was followed by an intermittent alarm. She unplugged the stove because the sound was so awful and she didn't know what it was from. She has called the GE repair number multiple times. They give her numbers for repairman who don't service the area in Pennsylvania where she resides. My mother is 84, my Dad 89. They have resorted to eating sandwiches since last week. This is unacceptable. A new stove needs to be delivered by GE now. Shame on this company for treating my Mom this way. Your stove is defective and needs to be replaced today. Please call Suzanne Matunis ( my mom) [protected].
    I am writing this letter on her behalf as she is not computer savvy. Thank you for attending to this matter. Ellen Alvey ( ealvey11&

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      GE Appliancesdishwasher

      Bought GE Appliances on September 22, 2017. The Ice Maker quit working and making a loud noise, they came out to look at it (no cost) and are sending another to replace. I called regarding the silver peeling off the top of the dishwasher which wasn't there when they dropped it off. I called to report as a workmanship default they wanted to call it a cosmetic issue which IS NOT COVERED by warranty. NO it is workmanship. They went ahead and scheduled the repair man to come however stated it may or may not be covered! I have used this 2 times as it is in a temporary downstairs kitchen. I am also about to purchase a new suite for my newly remodeled kitchen and it WILL NOT GE!!! Buyer Beware...

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        GE Appliancesge profile oven

        I was getting F01 errors on my profile. GE came out four times to fix the panel, but the oven doesn't turn on. All of the buttons are working now. I think GE should replace the oven rather than try to fix it a fifth time in two months. It's only got worse. We are replacing the stove with GE, but technicians were not fully competent and didn't know how to verify that the unit was working properly after repairs.

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          GE Applianceswasher/dryer stackable

          Purchased this unit 9/14, very little usage and the dryer has failed already.
          no one in your company can help in trouble shoot the problem.
          my previous whirlpool that I had lasted 22 years before the dryer failed.
          this one from GE, only 3 years and the dryer does not work. very disappointed in your product and more frustrating that no one can assist
          when I call for support. I will reach out to as many as possible to let others
          know of this failed product that you designed. your website states
          you stand by your products and that is the best out there but it's not.

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            GE Appliances — ge cafe french door refrigerator cye22tshpss - serial #lh506646 - incident #[protected]

            I purchased a suite of GE Cafe Appliances from Berger Appliances in Hawthorne, NY 10532 which were delivered...

            GE Applianceswall oven

            I recently did a full kitchen remodel and chose a GE wall oven. I wish I didn't. After only 2 years installed, I decided to tryout the self-cleaning oven feature on 9/8. It was pre-set for about 4.5 hours of cleaning. After about 2 hours, I got an "F96" error message (cooling unit). I pulled out my manual to see what to do and it said to push the "off" button. Had I done so I would have burned myself. The front panel was so incredibly hot it could not be touched. Furthermore, my granite countertop over the oven was so incredibly hot I could not touch it either and am shocked it did not crack. Using a silicone hot pad I pressed the button but the error message returned. The manual said to unplug for a minute or two so I flipped the circuit breaker for 5 minutes. When I turned it on again, I still got an error message (the manual says nothing about this). I could not touch my oven for many hours. It took until the next day for the oven panel to come on but the heating element no longer worked. The technician determined this was not a safety issue. Are you kidding me?????? The oven's self-clean feature broke my oven the first time used and heated to profound and truly dangerous temperatures. Only the technician determines safety and there is no one else at GE to discuss this with. GE ordered the parts and I had to wait 6 weeks for a repair but they are requiring me to pay labor costs to fix the faulty oven I just purchased. The Customer Relations department offered only "pat responses" and were fairly curt and unresponsive. I would appreciate a contact from someone at GE or an agency outside of GE who can help address for me how a safety concern is determined by a technician looking at the oven that has no heat, and how it is that GE is not taking responsibility to fix or replace this faulty new appliance. Please contact me before I take further action to get this resolved.

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              • Sh
                Shaun R. Nov 11, 2017

                I think I can be of great help to you. I happen to have a great deal of background within the industry and have some pull as well. What was the exact model of the unit you purchased and where was it purchased from?

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              GE Appliancesmicrowave and dishwasher

              I bought a full set of appliances, dishwasher, refrigerator, range and microwave(Adora series) from you guys approximately four years ago. Within the four years the quality of the product for dishwasher & microwave have been terrible in the cosmetic sense. On the Microwave the handle coating is wrinkling and wanting to come off. The dishwasher near the vent is melting and the paint on the control panel has pretty much come off. I had this replaced once while under warranty and had asked if this was a problem. Was told no. The problem only seems to be getting worse.

              microwave and dishwasher
              microwave and dishwasher
              microwave and dishwasher
              microwave and dishwasher

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                • Sh
                  Shaun R. Oct 11, 2017

                  Being within the industry, I can tell you this isn't common. You've had some scratching and then rusting because of it.

                  Cosmetic issues are not ever typically covered under the manufacture's warranty. It might be a good idea to check with the retailer you purchased them through to see if they may be of help.

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                GE Appliances — unethical behavior

                I have a GE Monogram oven that started to work erratically. It's not even 4 years old. So here is my...

                GE Appliancesge hotpoint washer dryer.

                I purchased the washer/dryer stackable unit, model #GTUP240BW6WW 2/15/12. The transmission and basket was replaced 1/2017. The same problem that we had last January with the washer started happening last week. A technician came out and told us the unit needed a new transmission and basket and the part is covered but not the labor. It would cost us $324 to fix it. I can't understand why I have to pay to have a part they installed less than a year ago replaced. To say the least I am very disappointed with GE and will not buy another GE appliance.

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                  GE Appliances — replacement knobs for ge cafe range

                  Every single cheaply made plastic knob finally cracked and my stove was no longer useable. I ordered 5 out of...

                  GE Appliances — ge profile range model ps920sf3ss

                  The heating element on my GE Profile Range, Model No. PS920SF3SS had an arc flash and fire on 9/3/17. There...

                  GE Appliancesge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing

                  The broiler heating element in our GE oven (top of oven compartment) exploded and started a massive, uninterrupted electrical arc. This happened today, Sept. 30, 2017, ~7:30pm EDT, only ~30-60secs after we turned on the broiler. The arcing only stopped after we turned off the whole oven.

                  Almost the entire interior oven surface, incl. glass window, is now covered with some kind of grey/white solid residue from the explosion/arcing event and the smoke it produced. Likewise our glass cookware that was inside the oven.

                  The oven was installed new only ~2.5 years ago. The broiler had never been used before. Also, the oven and the heating element were in a perfectly clean condition at the time this acing event happened.

                  This type of arcing event is a major fire hazard: it would have set our kitchen/house on fire if we hadn't been present nearby and reacted immediately. We are worried that the same could happen to other heating element(s) in the same oven; or in the GE other wall oven unit (same model) which is installed just below the one that exploded/arced tonight.

                  Clearly, this GE oven model is not a safe product to use in the house. Pls. advise how GE will address this hazardous condition. We request that GE replace both of these two oven units by a safer product, at no charge.

                  Thank you for your prompt reply.

                  Deborah A. Sudbury and HB Schuttler
                  5305 South Trimble Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342
                  Ph. [protected](Cellph.HBS), [protected] (Home)
                  Email: [protected]

                  ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing
                  ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing
                  ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing
                  ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing
                  ge oven model jt3500sf3ss, serial no. ttf604332q, explosion/arcing

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                    • Sh
                      Shaun R. Oct 01, 2017

                      I'm involved within the industry and can tell you this isn't a common issue. In fact, G.E. has a strong reputation in the cooking area. Check with the retailer you purchased the unit through. Many offer addition warranty programs that can cover the expense of having the range serviced or replaced.

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                    • Sh
                      Shaun R. Oct 04, 2017

                      @SallyGBG Hi Sally. I replied to your complaint. Let me know as I might be able to help further.

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                    • Sa
                      SallyGBG Oct 02, 2017
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      @Shaun R. This exact thing happened to our GE Profile Model No. PS920SF3SS on 9/3/17. There was a loud whirring sound, it looked like fireworks inside my oven. I had just turned on the broiler to warm up. Circuit finally tripped and it stopped. Oven coated in ash and molten metal sprayed throughout the inside. I have used the broiler many times before. My range was purchased in November 2016. Still under warranty. GE chose to repair the range rather than replace it. The oven had to be completed disassembled, and a new oven insert and heating elements were installed. I am EXTREMELY displeased with GE Service. They have dropped the ball over and over. I have called multiple times because they forget to schedule an appointment, didn't order parts (and had to expedite them), then the parts sat in my foyer for over a week until I called and scheduled an appointment (again) to make the repair. I am still awaiting parts they forgot to order the first time. I have been without my oven for over 4 weeks now. I requested to escalate the case and was told (as usual) someone will get back to me in 1-2 days. SO DISAPPOINTED!

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                    GE Appliancesge washing machine

                    purchased the machine approximately 3 years ago and I had to replace the agitator due to the fins breaking off. The fins on the replacement agitator are now cracked and it won't be long before they break completely off. The agitator is of a very poor design allowing clothes and towels to get stuck under the fins. As well it is constructed out of a very flimsy plastic. My previous washing machine that was very old had an agitator that was of a solid construction and was made out of a sturdier material. Thus preventing the problem I am experiencing with this machine. Honestly I feel as though my hard earned money has been washed down the drain and I am very disappointed with the GE washing machine.

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                      • Sh
                        Shaun R. Sep 28, 2017

                        I have a considerable amount of experience within the industry. Overall, I like GE appliances, but I wouldn't ever consider owning a GE clothes washer. You'll have nothing but continued problems. I'd check with the retailer you purchased the unit through. Many offer extended service agreements that, if purchased along with the unit, would cover the service or outright replacement of the merchandise.

                        As you replace the unit, assuming you want to continue to own something more with standard agitation, consider Speed Queen. There are three separate models they produce which are hands-down the best built within the industry. Yes, you will pay more for them, but buying cheap will only get cheap. Pay a little more and you'll have a far more positive experience. And, yes, I'd still take the time to shop for an extended warranty, although the Speed Queen models come with a minimum of a three year backing (and upwards to a 5 year program).

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                      GE Appliances — ge range mod pye 22ksk with glass top

                      We purchased this range about 10 months ago. It works perfectly but the black cook time is impossible to keep...

                      GE Appliancesge microwave model jes1456ds3ww/ defective product!!!

                      We purchased our first of three microwaves in November, 2016 from Home Depot in Kitty Hawk, NC. We bought this particular microwave because it was white like our other appliances. We only use the microwave to cook frozen vegetables or to re-heat them. Our first one worked well for a few months and then one day it stopped working in the middle of cooking the vegetables. My husband finally got it working by opening and closing the door, but it did it again shortly thereafter. It showed "PF" in the display and we could not get it to work again so my husband took it to the dump because he had not saved the the box or the receipt. We bought another one, the exact same one as the first one because it was the only white one they had, and again it worked for a few months and then did the same thing as the first one! He took that one back to Home Depot and they exchanged it for another one, even without a receipt, because they remembered him from the last time. Now #3 has done it again and Home Depot would not take it back because they don't carry them anymore. I know we have no recourse because we don't have a receipt, just the sticker that he took off the microwave with the model and serial #s. This last one was manufactured March 2017. I definitely won't be buying another GE microwave but I wanted to let you know that there is definitely an issue with this particular microwave.

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                        • Sh
                          Shaun R. Sep 26, 2017

                          I work in the industry and can say I haven't heard of this problem. I would recommend having an electrician check your wiring. You MAY be having more of an electrical issue.

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                        GE Appliancesge fridge

                        I have a 9000k fridge came with our home. We live in Gilbert AZ. 2 weeks ago we had the fridge stop cooling and dripping ice. We called for GE repair service and the guy Rick came in all huffy in a hurry. Said it did not look good... compressor and some other stuff. Will cost us 2000k for repairs a two man job. We called him and asked if he would mind telling our home warranty the diagnosis and he said no I don't have the time. Called the next day Friday and again said no I don't have the time! So the whole weekend we had gross food rotting and smells. No FRIDGE. So we called again on MONday need him to talk... he would not call us back. so we had to use the Customer service GE people to talk to our warranty. finally got approved for ordering parts... they came a week later. Repair was to take place on following MOnday!!! The Rick repair guy suddenly calls at noon to say our fridge was TAMpered with and it will not be fixed. hes not coming . He then calls our warranty to tell them this same thing! now he suddenly has time to call them... and not fix a DAMN thing.!!! I have never been treated so rudely in my LIFE. This is not how a man shoulde deal with customers . He is never allowed near my house again! I think he should be fired. I will spread the word in Gilbert AZ and my clinic to all my patients. We moved here one year ago and had never touched this fridge. Why should we be punished for his lack of wanting to work. Lazy man Rick!!!

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                          GE Appliances — I bought a bottom freezer 9/15 +~ not a good one

                          I'm complaining about a service man Not GE service to be clear but he called GE service with an account...

                          GE Appliancesge profile refrigerator service complaint

                          Two weeks ago my 6 year old ge refrigerator was not cooling. The freezer was cold but no refrigerator. I called the ge service number and they sent a service man to my home. He pulled out the refrigerator and vacuumed the filter and told me all was good. He charged me $225.00. One week later this past Saturday 9/16/17 I noticed the refrigerator temperature was climbing. It started Saturday and by sunday The temperature rose to 55 degrees. (9/17/17). So first thing Monday I called ge service again and told them what happened over the weekend and they came to service Monday 9/18/17. By the time the ge repair came to my home the temperature was normal again. He asked me if the first service man hooked my refrigerator up to the computer and checked the compressor etc... I said no, so he proceeded to hook up the refrigerator and said it was in defrost mode but saw no problems. He told me the next time it happens to call it has to be happening when he comes so he can see whats happening. So yesterday 9/21/17 the same thing started happening. The refrigerator climbed slowly thursday and by this morning 9/22/17 it had reached 55 degreed again! So once again I called ge and told her what was happening and that I needed a service man to come today because it was warm and this is when they had to service it to find out what is happening. She told me she contacted the dispatcher and told me someone would be out to service my refrigerator between 1&5 because I was a priority. At three o'clock today I thought I better see when they were coming because the temperature was starting to drop. I was told when I called that I was scheduled for service Tuesday and not today so that was useless...I have lost 3 days of work and that's all i'm going to lose! I insisted the lady told me I'll have service today & I HAD to have service today I'm home waiting for the repairman. The woman told me to hold and she would contact dispatch. I held and held and twenty min later I realized she had no intention of helping me. She never came back on line. So I called back again and told the woman of my problem again and said I wanted to speak to a manager. She proceeded to connect me to a voice mail. I left a message and no one called me back. I will never buy a GE product again! Nor will I recommend GE to anyone. I intend to connect to every social media outlet I know to tell them of the horrible customer service dept!! So what do I do now??? Throw this refrigerator out because I can't get it serviced? Or call a local refrigerator repair man??? Obviously GE can care less. So thank for the useless service calls and inept service department. I also intend to contact the CEO which I just found on google..
                          Regards, A very unhappy GE customer!!
                          Christine Esposito, 204 Northfield Road Hauppauge NY 11788. [protected] email address [protected]

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                            GE Appliances — washer model gfw450spkdg defective

                            On August 30, 2017, I purchased this washer from Home Depot. At this point, I had been without a washer for 2...


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