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We actually have two claims right now against geico. The first one was when a geico insured hit my wife while making an illegal left turn in a blind intersection. Because there was no visibility, and because their insured turned directly into my wife; my wife couldn't have seen them, or avoid them. To geico's credit, they did get us a rental. I also agreed to their 'settlement' on the car and they paid that. How ever many months later, my wifes medical bills are around $5, 000. geico won't pay that and started out offering to pay $100. Later they raised this offer to $1, 000. There is no way this is at all reasonable so we refused to accept that. Many months later my son was hit by another geico insured. This geico driver blew through a stop sign going at least the posted speed as he was late to a job interview. To their credit they got him a rental that evening! The adjuster contacted us and after taking my son's statement; contacted me back to say that geico would only be covering 85% as my son was at least 15% at fault. I told her that was not acceptable because of the police report, the citation given to their driver, and their driver's statement that he 'drove through the stop sign that he didn't see and hit the green car'.
On both of these wrecks, there are police reports, witnesses, statements, citations given to the geico drivers for making illegal maneuvers and causing the wrecks. We tried to negotiate all those months with geico on my wife's wreck to no avail. We were in the process of getting a lawyer when my son's wreck occurred so we went to him with both. He has been very successful in dealing with these kinds of tactics! His take on this is that they get away with this often enough and wind up saving enough by cheating people that it makes it worth while when they do have to go to court and wind up paying more than they would have if they had just paid the claim in the first place! What a crazy business practice!
Now you know why I don't have geico!! I have tried several other insurance companies over the years and for the last several we have been with Liberty Mutual. I can tell you we are very pleased with them. My other son backed into a friends new car and they handled that so well that even my friend will tell you how pleased he was with how it was taken care of from start to finish. And we didn't even have to think about getting a lawyer to take care of it!
Think of it this way: If you see a company advertising all the time like geico does it should put up a red flag for you. Only reason they would need to advertise this much is to try to replace the many customers they are constantly loosing all the time!! If any of you find yourself in this situation or a similar on I would recommend you ask around and find a good lawyer to talk to. A good one will know what the laws are and how it affects your case and if you should file a suit or not. This probably won't help any of you but you should call my lawyer: Jeff Hepworth in Twin Falls, ID. He is honest and will tell you the best way to handle your problems.
He got a big kick out of what I did. Both of our cars are totaled from these two different wrecks. I painted 'geico Sucks' on the windshields and placed them out front on a U.S. Highway. They do seem to attract a fair amount of attention. People will even stop to get their picture taken beside them!! So at least I am getting that satisfaction out of this whole mess!!

geico will not pay claim
geico will not pay claim


  • Bu
    bugaboo#2 Aug 21, 2021

    I was rear ended by a Geico policy holder. Geico refuses to pay the claim even though police report states the car that hit me was at fault. My insurance company paid to have my car repaired through my insurance but I am still out my $500 deductible and my insurance company is out the money they paid to fix my car.

    I like the bumper sticker idea of putting a sticker on my car noting Geico does not pay for damages to your car.

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  • Ba
    Barunmagar0 Jul 31, 2015

    Police said I am not guilty and other guy was guilty and his fault. Police gave ticket to him. After that also Geico only wants to pay 85% for my car damage and 15% I have to pay. If you have Geico insurance just cancell it and turn on in better insurance. GEICO Bad WITH PEOPLE.

    It makes you in trouble...


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  • Hu
    hunyluv Jul 01, 2015

    I agree everything that you said about Geico and they should be sued and their company should be shut down. it is not worth having insurance like that. I have the same problem with them. they gave me a rental car and paid for my car damage $2400, but not my medical bill. I had a very hard time with them to fix my car, they were telling me the police report and citation doesn't mean a thing, but what I don't understand is that they said they will take my statement and the person in fault statement and compare it to determine whose statement made more sense and they would go based on that. I lost it when they told me that I was in fault when in fact me and the girl wrote the statement at present time and she was found in fault and was given citation ticket by the police... so I called the girl and told her about what geico said she was even pissed the fact they did that. she called them and put them in three line and told them she was in fault and that's how my car got fixed. I don't think anybody deserve this kind of treatment after getting hurt from the car accident. I would vote for geico to be removed and I hope people are aware their insurance is not worth having at all. it's a rip of and scam.

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  • Hu
    hunyluv Jul 01, 2015

    I agree with the statement that you wrote on the above. whoever replied to you about your son being in fault for 15% and the insurance has to determine that... wow that's crazy. I believe this dumb person must be working for geico. first of all nobody should have to be responsible for getting hit, that person is not psychic, or god so how in the hell is the person that got hit suppose to prevent that, they could try and still get hit.
    this is ridicules. geico insurance is not professional at all, and I have the same case with them to the point they would not pay the claim... but yet they know the person that hit me is in fault. in fact they even tried to deny the police citation report just because the girl that hit my car in the highway had geico as well, but too bad, she admitted that she was in fault because I had to give her a call and let her know that geico are saying that she was not in fault. overall their cheap and doesn't take action for their fault. thank god the girl put it in three way call and told geico that she was in fault and she was confused why they were trying not to fix my car. in the end they ended up paying $2400 for my car damage... but they refused to pay for my medical claim and I am taking it to the court with my lawyer. geico should be sued big time and their company should be shut down by law. it seems as if they want to make money by advertising it over and over. they are a scam. if they can't be responsible for their customer fault, what is the point of them charging their customers monthly payment of insurance bill? smh

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  • Th
    Thom R Oct 21, 2014

    Geico first agreed to issue us the $1700.00 that it would take to fix most of the work needed on our 350Z, but soon sent a 2nd person who came to our home a week after. This Geico rep, then knocked down our claim to $500.00, refusing to cover much of the vandalism. We can not get our car fixed for under $2400.00 and Geico is only paying $500.00 on it.. [email protected]

    Any lawyers want this? Tom

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  • Th
    Thom R Oct 21, 2014

    Geico will first agreed to issue us $1700.00 that it would take to fix our 350Z, tbut soon sent a 2nd person who came to our home and knocked down the claim to $500.00 we can not get our car fixed for half that. They will not cover our claim. It is now going on 8 weeks. [email protected]


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  • No
    Not Recommending geico!! Feb 08, 2013

    Well, I am happy to report that as the court dates neared, gieco saw fit in each of these two cases to go ahead an negotiate a more than equitable amount. Fun part of this is, I had been willing to take significantly less before my lawyer had his way with them!! Oh well, it must pay for them most of the time to try and rip off people or they would have just tried to be fair in the first place...

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  • Yo
    you're incorrect May 16, 2012

    they assigned 15% responsibility to you for a reason. they would have disclosed that reason to you. what is it? i'm assuming the point of impact on the vehicles indicates that your vehicle may have had sufficient time to take evasive action, or that the position of your vehicle, number of lanes, etc may support the other driver being into the intersection first - believe it or not, even if you have the right of way, there is a duty to slow upon entering an intersection with caution, and yield to ANY vehicle already in the intersection. despite the other party's negligence, you may have had the last clear chance to avoid the accident. im not saying you are wrong, but the entire story is not present. and contrary to common belief - police officers do not determine fault in an auto accident. they record the facts, and the insurance companies will determine liability. the police report and citations are evidence, not the end all, be all.

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  • Mi
    MissHarbor Apr 22, 2012

    Okay so here is my 2 I use to work for a major insurance company in the claims dept, NOT geico, and I know a lot about the subject...I know that your insurance company should have worked with geico on your behalf. A lot of times people get taken advantage of by insurance companies, because they are not educated on the insurance world. So with that being said here are facts...the word is called
    Subrogation in its most common usage refers to circumstances in which an insurance company tries to recoup expenses for a claim it paid out when another party should have been responsible for paying at least a portion of that claim. By law you insurance company can go to court and have a court decided who is right.
    Here is wht to do in the future when you have an accident
    1st when you have an accident call your insurance company ( Thats who you pay to protect you) to let them know that you were in an accident with the other company Tell them that you want to go through them to work the claim. 2nd contact a lawyer...( The reason for this step is that when a lawyer calls the insurance company they handle your claim differently, due to they know lawyers know loop hole, and the insurance company wants to make sure they have everything lined up in case they will need to go to court. Lawyers will also gather all the information that you need to help win your case) 3rd Get your own estimates with at least 1 from a Dealership. The reason for this is Dealership will give you an accurate quote. (This is what insurance companies do) Honestly a dealership quote has more standing then joe the shade tree mechanic. If you can supply a dealership quote for your car then the insurance company will think twice before low balling a claim. Last but not least do not accept any checks ( cash) if you don’t agree with claim amount. Most companies have a clause that by cashing the check you are agreeing with payment amount.
    As a side note some states have different policys regarding fault, Some states are “no fault States” what that means is that even if you are not at fault can be found partly responsible. These are laws set up by your state…not the insurance company
    Determining fault in a car accident is generally determined by the state in which the accident occurred. State laws vary significantly, so it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to determine whether the state has a fault or no-fault based system.
    Fault states: Most states have adopted a fault-based, or “tort liability, ” system of auto insurance. In a fault-based system, insurance companies pay according to each party’s degree of fault. If you and your insurer don’t see eye-to-eye on your claim, you may have to file suit for uncompensated economic damages such as lost wages and medical expenses and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.( In this case both companies will negotiate, who was at fault, which is not always black and white. If you are found at fault you have the right if you are found any way at fault to go to your insurance company and request they fix you car as long as you have the right coverage on your policy.
    No-Fault States: Because the tort (lawsuit) system has led to long and costly court battles over who was at fault and to what degree, policymakers in many states decided to change from a fault-based system to some form of a no-fault system.
    Under no-fault automobile insurance laws, the good driver does not have to prove that the crash was somebody else’s fault before getting his money. His insurance company picks up medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages up to the amount he purchased. The tradeoff is the injured person cannot sue the other driver for pain and suffering, emotional distress and inconvenience. (If you live in a no-fault state, the no-fault portion of your auto insurance policy is usually called PIP or Personal Injury Protection.)
    what this all means short and sweet is with the company I work for we go to court all the time an fight low paying insurance companies all the time. We inspect our insureds vehicle to deterime the repair cost and if the amount other insurance offers is not correct we fight to get the correct amount. Our motto is what the other company wont pay we dont play lol...

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  • No
    Not Recommending geico!! Mar 29, 2012

    How did I fail to report this? Hmm... I think that you too either didn't read what I wrote above or can't understand it. Actually you probably just work for geico and feel bad that you employer is getting bad press (Not undeserved press but public statements that while are true; are also very negative!) I guess you could just sum it up as geico sucks!! (Note pics above!)
    I still think this is the right way to handle a bad insurance company. Even though they will get away with not paying for this for a while, in the end they will pay!! In fact, the way this will work out is that the trial will wind up costing geico multiple times more than it would if they had just stepped up and paid in the first place like they are supposed to. Why wouldn't you just pay automatically without having to be sued? If I had done what these other people have done and hit other peoples automobiles, and then my insurance company had acted as geico has in these two cases; I would fire them because they are not doing what they are supposed to!! See, these are documented wrecks! There are police reports and statements as to what happened and infractions issued for breaking traffic laws. All the facts agree and support each other as to what happened. There are no 'grey' areas at all in either of these cases. In fact, even the driver's own statements entered in the police reports, state exactly what happened. For geico to ignore this and to try and not just pay what is fair and reasonable for each of these wrecks is simply wrong. What I don't understand is that these are such 'small' cases that it makes no sense to me that they would try to get out of simply paying for damages. It is not like there were any deaths here or any capitol property damaged where we would be talking about multiple millions of dollars involved. In a case involving many millions of dollars it would be reasonable to get more experts involved and to even take it all to the courts. These cases are not that!! The property damage in each of these is under $5, 000. So explain to me how geico is doing the right thing here in refusing to pay!!
    My insurance didn't drop anything! They called me more than geico did!! They kept calling to see if geico was handling everything correctly and on time. I had to tell them to not get involved. They wanted to expend their resources on this and I told them that I didn't want them to. I see it as a matter of principle. geico is responsible and my own insurance is not responsible or liable at all in any way. That is why I told them to not get involved. You see, when the courts hear these cases and find that it is geico's responsiblity they will wind up paying what is fair and resonable. The courts don't fool around either and in truth it will work out to be more than if I had just settled for some lowball amount from geico to begin with!! (Here, the looser gets to pay the lawyer fees for the winner as well so that will be another good thing for me!)
    Since you didn't read above: My son wound up hitting someone once. My insurance was so fast to pay for the whole thing and not try to low ball the people he hit; those people told me how well they liked dealing with my company. My insurance let them go where they wanted for repairs and did all the leg work for everything so they wound up doing almost nothing! So I am really happy with the service I get from my company!! Up until then we didn't know if they took care of claims very well or not. I am very happy with my company and how they take care of me!! I am also very happy that I'm the one saving a lot of money over what I would have to pay if I had geico as an insurer!! (We quoted most of the insurance companies back when we switched to Liberty Mutual and I know how many thousands less than geico that we pay!!!) The icing on the 'cake' here is that not only do I pay a lot less for insurance I also actually have coverage without having to take them to court if I do have a claim!! The standard procedure for geico is to refuse to pay or low ball and then just see if they can get away with that. I couldn't remember this web site so I 'googled' what I could remember. One search string I used was 'geico sucks' and I only got over a half million web sites of 'satisfied' geico customers... Wow! Way to go geico. Seems you are doing very good at doing so poorly!!

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  • No
    Not Recommending geico!! Feb 15, 2012

    Maybe I should have let them... I figured that this was so cut and dry and that I was fully justified in expecting geico to just pay what is fair and just that I wouldn't waste my own insurance companies resources on this. Yes they could fight this for me and they did try several times to do this for me. I think it was just the poor attitude and very poor tact of the geico adjuster that I was dealing with early on that finally set my mind to going ahead and taking them to court 'on my own'. Besides, I figure my own insurance is for 'big' things for when I really need them. We try really hard to not have any traffic violations or wrecks so that our insurance costs don't have to be any higher than possible. (Years ago I hit a deer and when my insurance agent found out about it months later, she asked me why I hadn't turned it in. I told her that I figured I would save my insurance for when I really needed it! She understood that I was just trying to keep my insurance costs as low as possible by avoiding any claims that I could.)
    I suppose it is just realizing that all of these 'free services' aren't exactly free. . . . What ever each of us can do to lower the cost of things like insurance is a good thing!

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  • No
    Not Recommending geico!! Feb 11, 2012

    Wow! Did you read what I wrote? Either I can not communicate or you can not read . . . . .
    Yes, we as a family DO NOT have geico. (After this; we NEVER will!!) Yes, it was not any of our fault for either of these wrecks! Actually our insurance company did more for us (Follow up calls, checking on us to see if geico was taking care of us and handling everything to our satisfaction) than geico did!! Our insurance is Liberty Mutual and I had to tell them that I didn't want them involved or taking care of any of this!! The reason I did this is because it was not our fault at all for either of these two wrecks. The way I figure it is: I have paid for the insurance I have and it is for ME! Since it was not our fault at all for these wrecks; I figured I did not want my insurance wasting any resources on this. I did get several calls from my insurance over this (and from different departments; not just my agent!) and I had to repeat that I didn't want them involved. Each representative kept telling me the same thing: "If you ever want us or need us involved, just let us know and we will be glad to help you out in anyway we can"! Come to think of it; I almost think that my insurance called because they found out about the wrecks. I'm pretty sure I didn't call or tell them about the wrecks!
    If you re-read above you will see what geico paid and what they did not pay! They have only paid a small and token amount of what they are responsible because of the actions of their insureds. The part of covering up their customer's mistakes is ... well a true statement!! I ask why would you feel like you would have to cover up anything though!! Why not just admit what was done and correct it! I can assure you if I have a stupid attack and ever wrong or harm you I will just admit it and move to correct it and not cover it up!
    As to the incompetent lawyer statement above: This has only been going on for a little over a year now. And we hired Jeff after trying repeatedly to work it out on our own with geico. I met Jeff in a trial that I was called to be a juror a couple of years ago. I'll admit, I don't like most lawyers because of the stereotypes that seem to fit all to many of them. I remembered Jeff from that trial because of the superior job he did in representing his clients and the way he presents himself in court. It took me a while and a little investigating to remember who he was when we decided we wanted legal representation with these wrecks. It just worked out time wise for him to represent us with both of these (They occurred almost a year apart but we had already been working with geico for quite a while on the first one on our own. When we saw that it wouldn't work out on our own and that we needed to sue and go to court the second wreck happened and geico started out with the non-sense we had already seen with the first wreck. We went and saw Jeff and hired him on the spot!! When we told him about the second wreck and what geico was trying to do: I assure you he got a big grin on his face and asked: "They are saying what?!! What are they thinking?" Needless to say, we are very hopeful for a satisfactory outcome in court!!
    I will not give away time lines here but, let me just say that the first trial is not for quite a few more months yet. So your comment about not being satisfied with the settlement or that our lawyer is incompetent are completely wrong!! We are completely satisfied with our lawyer and since we haven't gone to court yet and there is no settlement well I guess we aren't satisfied just yet... But we will be!!!

    Sounds to me like both of you work for geico and feel bad that your company is being seen in such bad light. Next time try to actually address what was written in the first place and not side track everyone from the actual facts that occurred.

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