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F Jul 11, 2019

I cannot believe the mess that is Geico Insurance. In a dozen phone calls, literally every rep has told me the other reps you spoke to either told you wrong or did the wrong thing, and the adjuster did the wrong thing. So if my experience is correct and this last representative was right, 11 out of 12 Geico reps and/or adjusters do not know what they're doing. It isn't me saying it- it is their own reps.

My car was hit by a runaway tire when the car was parked outside of a garage. The owner of the vehicle that lost a wheel (he had rotated his tires the day before and apparently forgot to tighten at least one wheel down), was insured with Geico. Since I have had Geico for at least 13 years, I thought it would be easy to get this settled. WRONG!!! It is now about 3 weeks since they assured me the money would be deposited into my account and there's no money.

Every single time I have spoken with Geico, I have been told something different. The first call, they told me they would email me a link before I saw the adjuster so I could give them the information to deposit funds as soon as the claim was settled. They didn't send an email. I called back. That rep told me I was told wrong by the rep I spoke to previously and that the adjuster would take care of that, and gave me the adjuster's name and contact info. I was told he would arrange to see the car within 72 hours, and would call me within 24 to schedule a time.
I didn't hear from him, so I messaged him. He didn't reply so I called a day or two later. No response. So a couple more days go by, I call again and this time get a voicemail saying he is now on vacation. He was not when I first contacted him, but now he is, for a week.
Back on the phone with Geico Claims. They get a supervisor and assign a different adjuster. He is easy to work with, looks at my car, tells me he will have an amount in a while and I will have the funds in my account by the end of the week.
I ask him about the email and told him I never gave Geico my account information. He assures me they have it and I am good to go. Because I pay electronically, I say okay, if you're sure. He says he is.
Weekend comes, no payment. Monday, no payment. So I contact him, he contacts corporate and gets back to me to tell me he has checked and double checked, payment has been sent and he has no idea why I don't have it. This really freaks me out. If they sent payment, where did it go? Did it go to someone else's account? Do I have to prove I never got it and will this take a long time?

Back on the phone with Geico yet again. They tell me they sent an email with a link for me to follow to give my account info and that it is probably in my SPAM folder. I look, sure enough. It is in my SPAM folder. So I click on the link and it is no good. Back on the phone with Geico. She tells me someone should have told me to look for the link because it is time sensitive and has now expired. She has to cancel it and resend a current, working link. I get it within a few minutes, enter my information and see that it can take 3 days for the money to show up. So I patiently wait 3 days. Since a holiday was in those days, I give it 5 days. No money.

So I call Geico again. This rep tells me she is sorry, but the email was not ever sent. I say yes it was, as I followed the link and I still have the email. She says it could not have been sent because there is no record. I tell her I can send her both emails if she wants, but no matter. She tells me she has authorized the payment and I will get the email, but it could take up to 3 hours for me to get it. After 5+ hours, I call Geico again. This time, a man looks in my file, says the payment was authorized and the email will be there but could take 24 hours. That is not what happened before and goes against the 3 hours I was previously told, but no two reps have EVER said the same thing, so what the heck. I wait 24 hours. Then 48 hours. No email, no payment.

Back on the @#&%!! phone with [email protected]@%#! Geico. This time the rep tells me the payment was NEVER authorized because the adjuster did not complete all the steps. I tell her all about the emails saying "Geico has sent a payment" and she says no, payment couldn't be sent because "John" never completed the process.

So now, despite the two emails I got (one expired and one that just didn't work), despite my numerous conversations with John, the adjuster and his calls with the total loss team (and I heard him speaking with them), I am told I must wait for a couple more days for them to get in touch with John and for him to complete the steps, then allow a few more days for payment to be authorized and an email sent, then up to 3 more days for them to complete the transfer once I get the email.

The thing is, if this is the case, how come nobody called me to say "I see you were waiting on payment, but we hit a snag. It will be a couple more days and we're sorry"? Why did anything only happen when I called them???? Why did they only assign an adjuster who would answer my calls when I complained???

I suspect the answer is simple: their "simple and quick" claims-handling process is neither simple nor quick and nobody has responsibility for staying with a claim from beginning to end like a local agent would.

I originally told them I didn't want a rental car. I wish I hadn't. I believe if they had been paying for a rental car this whole time, they may have had some motivation to make things right. I was trying to be easy to work with, hoping they would appreciate that and turn around and treat me right. Instead, I lost money on the car and missed 3 opportunities to purchase a similar car because Geico made promises to send the money but never did.

Never, ever, have I dealt with a company where literally every single rep tells you that every other rep has told you the wrong thing. Seriously, in a dozen phone calls, each rep has said, basically, "the other rep didn't know what he/she was doing but I do and this is what is going on..."

There is an evident lack of consistent training and oversight in the entire claims processing department.

auto insurance claims processing
auto insurance claims processing
auto insurance claims processing

  • Updated by Fyredan · Jul 11, 2019

    Those screenshots show Geico did try to make payment once, but because the adjuster told me, I correctly, that I didn't need to do anything else and they had my account information, I didn't see the email in time. Yet, according to my latest conversation, the payment was never approved because the adjuster missed a step.

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