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Complaints & Reviews

Late payment regardless of paid account

We got the Care Credit card by GE to pay for some hefty unexpected vet fees for our very young dog. We put two separate charges on the card that were within two days of opening the account and in order to pay the card off quickly, I made an online payment for over the minimum amount due only four days after the account was opened. Online account says that no other payment was required until the next month, but then I get an email and calls harassing us about our late payment! Turns out you're not ALLOWED to make payments until the statement goes out and you literally have it in your hands. Otherwise, you are paying on principal only, even if your account has no principal (due to the 0% promo deals). This leaves about a two week period that you can make your payment for it to be a valid payment, which excludes anything other than online payments because mailing in your payment could possibly make it late. After some hassle we got them to refund the $39.99 late fee charge. Also, you can't add any other members (even spouses) to be authorized users (not even to have a card, just to call in) unless you call and ask them to send you a form within 4-6 weeks and then once you send it back it will take another 4-6 weeks to process. I can't say this card is horrible because it helped out in a time of need but they have very unreasonable standards and protocol.

robbing people with carcare one credit cards

we have been paying on these people for 2 years they keep raising interest rates & at one point added 3...

Poor Customer Service/Harrassment

One day after payment due date 15 calls a day till payment is received, to tell me that the payment is due. GE representatives are rude, say they can call as many times a day as they want. They better check the laws in the States of where the borrower lives. Have never missed a payment. Would never use GE Money Bank/Funancing ever again. Fun they are not.

  • Co

    GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL have been harassing me for the past several weeks attempting to collect a debt for an account holder with the same first and last name as mine, but is not me, nor my debt. First of all, I have never applied for a LOEWS credit card, nor have I ever owned one. I am not even a home owner, so not much home improvement going on at my place by me. I originally received a letter attempting to collect a debt in the amount of $935.00. I was surprised to receive the letter knowing I had never owned or applied for services through GE, or LOEWS. That day I ran my credit (and paid the credit site fees out of pocket) to see if someone had stolen my identity and was attempting to use my information to obtain services and credit. I was pleased to find that nothing was reporting to my credit from LOEWS or GE MONEY. I then called GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL at the number posted on the letter. I informed them that I didn't think they had the correct individual, and they asked to confirm my social security number. I gave them the last 4 digits, which DID NOT match the SS# they had in their collection records. I then asked to confirm the additional information on the account to see if they had my phone number, or address. According to the rep, they additional information did not match mine either. She stated that it appeared to be a mix up, and that they most likely found my information through "skip tracing" and that she would remove my info and note on the account what she had found. I then wrote what she had advised me to on the letter and returned it as instructed. She stated I SHOULDN'T be getting any more mail or communication regarding the matter. I felt like matters had been addressed accordingly and gave it no more thought, until...

    I received yet another letter, and another, and another in the same week. All four letters came after our conversation, so I assumed they were already in the mail, called GE MONEY to tell them that I was still getting mail and send the additional letters back as I did the first time exactly as they instructed me to. Again, the rep told me I shouldn't be getting any more letters, and that she had COMPLETELY removed my info from their system (which apparently didn't match what they had on record, that they magically denied having every time I called about the letters).

    So, the next week I was happy to see that no more letters came from GE MONEY or LOEWS FINANCIAL. However, at this time they started in with the harassing phone calls. So, I had finally gotten the letter issue handled and they started calling me instead. The issue I have here is that I gave them my phone information so they wouldn't call me, and then I started getting calls, so it was easy to assume that they had started using the information I gave them to continue to harass me for a debt that isn't even owed by me, or anyone I know. I nicely requested each time they called me that they review their notes on the account and that they kindly see that I stop getting these types of calls, and that it was getting pretty old after having received an average of 4 calls a day to my cell phone over the course of the week. Each time I got a new rep who called me, I told them the same thing, and was as polite as I could be (not my typical reaction to these mistakes, but I was trying to be nice). Each time I was assured that my information was out of their system, and that they have no record of me in it, and that I wouldn't be receiving any more calls to my cell phone. At that time, I was under the impression that things were handled and that I wouldn't be getting any more calls. Not so lucky...

    The next week, and weekend. I was again surprised (getting harder though since now nothing would surprise me from these people) to get another call, this time it was on my home phone, which I don't even give out or use for any reason. The other funny thing, is that my phone bill for my house isn't even in my name, it's in my roommates name. I was literally steaming as I was trying to spend Valentines Day with my sweetheart and during our movie, the damn COMCAST caller id kept popping up saying it's GE MONEY calling. Arggg. At this point I had had enough from these people, and felt like it was not borderline harassment anymore, but was now full-fledged harassment. I immediately phoned the number that was calling. I asked to speak with a supervisor, got a new person, asked to speak with their supervisor. When I finally got to the person who told me they were as high as I could go, I explained what was happening (basically everything I wrote above) and that I was not happy at this point about the way this matter was being dealt with. I then told the rep that if I got even ONE MORE call, period, that I was going to write reviews and pursue the harassment by any means necessary including via my State's Attorney General (Rob McKenna), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the FTC and Online through review sites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and any other way I could find. She nicely listened to my rant and assured me that AGAIN, FOR THE TENTH TIME, that I WOULDN'T receive any more calls, either on my cell or at home. And that after 30 minutes I FOR SURE wouldn't be getting any more calls to any of my numbers. She also attempted to transfer me to the Fraud Dept. so that I could have them investigate the matter form their end. I am not sure why she suggested that, but figured any one I could get to remove my information on their end would be better than taking their word for it. So, during the transfer I got cut off, had to phone back and wait forever to get back where I was. Finally got through and turns out the Fraud Dept isn't even open on weekends. I decided to give them one more chance at this point and went on with my Valentines Day. Did not get any more calls thank heavens.

    First thing on Monday, I phoned the Fraud Dept. to follow up with what the rep and I had spoken about on Sunday. I got on with a very nice gal at the Fraud Dept. that was nice and seemed very helpful. She informed me that it wasn't Fraud, that it was a mix up due to the fact that they skip trace for information that may or may not match information they have on record for their accounts. She kept using the word skip trace. To me this whole scenario seemed weird. And had never had anything like that happen before in my 28 years. She also assured me that my info would be cleared on her end, and that I shouldn't be getting any more calls, unless they run another skip trace and end up with my information again. I told her that wasn't acceptable, and if they were going to use random information like that, that they needed to have a way of removing information that was deemed to be invalid for their actual account holder, that way, people like me wouldn't be getting harassed like I had been. She said she couldn't do anything and that she had removed my information and that I need not worry about calls.

    Less than 30 minutes later, on Monday I got another call from GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL on my cell phone. "Are you kidding me?" I asked. Needless to say, I was not nice to the last person, I told them that this call was the straw that broke it for me, and that I was going to follow through with my promise to report them, review them, and plaster my story all over the Internet. So, that's what I'm doing. I usually don't even write reviews online, nor do I have time to do such things. I just really feel like this is all wrong and that if I don't speak up it might continue to happen to me, and others out there.

    If you find yourself in a similar situation with GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL don't wait as long as I did to start speaking up. Seriously, I tried to be nice and it doesn't cut it with these collection people. If I were you, and had it to do over again, I would have reported it to my State's Attorney General, BBB, FTC and all over the Internet from the beginning. Take my work for it, the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease.

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  • Br
    Bryan1969 Jan 31, 2011

    On an interest free financing plan through GE money bank for HOM furniture... I was charged 99 cents every month because I did not sign up for E-billing (never had anyone charge me for sending mail). Then on the third payment of the plan I sent it on 12/26/10. It was due by 1/14/11. Had roughly 15-20 days to get there by mail. They said they never received payment. I told them I sent it on 12/26/10 in plenty of time. The customer service rep kept blaming me for sending it too late(as if she did not believe me as to when I mailed it). I stated it must have got lost then in the mail service. She stated that was not their fault for the mail screwing up. I stated it was not my fault either (it used to be when there was such a thing as customer service-they believed you.. Especially if they can look at your paymeny history) Then they went on to charge me 25.00 for a late fee and an additional 2.00 for interest on the late fee. They are continuing to charge me for interest monthly on the late fee. I ended up making an online payment for the lost payment. And now I see today my mail payment has suddenly been found or has arrived 1 month later. How do I know GE money bank did not set my payment aside for the late fees to occur. This company ranks at the top of the worst customer service I have ever had. Since they did not remedy these fees (and why would they as they are obviously operating on greed and not good business practices). I am paying the bill off, cutting up their cards (everyone of the cards associated with GE money bank including HOM furniture and SAM's Club) and I will never use one of their cards or do business with them again and hope others read this WARNING. STAY away from this company as they will STEAL YOUR money. Whoever is the CEO of GE money bank. I hope you are proud of your GREED.

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High -handedness of Vivek Sharma -the Prop of Guru Kirpa Collection Agency based in Ludhiana
I, Jaspal Singh, resident of # 25/3, Ranchi Colony, Threekay road, Ludhiana-J Block, Railway crossing, ludhiana had a housing loan with NBFC GE Money and which had run into delinquency due to great losses incurred.My case was with the collection agency of GE Money i.e. Guru Kirpa Inc located at 6, Ist Floor Pink Flats Pakhowal Road Ludhiana-141001.Prop.Mr.Vivek Sharma who is a real goon.He came to my place and threatened me and my wife Gurmeet Kaur with dire consequences that he will get my house auctioned and that the company will take possession of it if i did not comply with his demands of surrendering my White i10 Magna car to him which still had temporary no.upon it and was in the name of my son Gurpreet Singh, at a much lower price which i was getting in the market and thus blackmailed me.He said the he will never get me the settlement letter from the company and will thus ruin me.I will be attaching the two documents with the said complaint.Therefore, i got frightened and surrendered my i10 car to him and signed the relevant papers in his name.The car is still with him which you can verify and is lying at his place-1589 Sector-32-A, Chandigarh Road Ludhiana-141010 which he has conveniently gifted to his wife.Now my complaint to you is that is this fair practice where all the norms and guidelines of RBI are being flouted and the said person is making a mockery of them.I complained to the company GE Money also but nothing came out of it.He is still running scot-free and is threatening other customers and taking bribes from them in cash or kind.His mobile no.is [protected].All the things can be verified and proved but i have been running pillar to post to procure justice for me and my family.That's why now i am complaining to you.Please do something so that the high-handedness can be stopped.
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More Guru kirpa collection agency of GE Money complaints

Predatory Lending Practices

I purchased a mattress set from Sleepy's with the offer of 0% financing for 36 months. My payments were $74 per month. I set up automatic bill pay for it to go out each month on the FIRST of every month. Several months after, I recieved a collection notice saying that my account was referred to a collection agency. WHAT??? I paid every single month! I called to rectify the situation. Because my payments had been recieved before the statement was cut on the THIRD of the month they were applied to the previous month. Again, WHAT? I have never heard of this before, however the rep said that the only way he would help me fix it is if I paid an extra month. I agreed just to get the nightmare over with, and I also set my $74 payment to go out on the THIRD of the month so that this would not happen. I start getting statements that were well above what I was supposed to pay. I call again. They said that my minimum payments went up and that I was not paying the minimum balance. HELLO!! The guy I spoke to who was supposed to fix everything?? I guess he didn't so tough on me. I don't think so...They are the most AWFUL people I have ever dealt with. I have amazing credit and am extremely anal about paying all of my bills on time. I told them I would not pay them ONE MORE PENNY than what I signed for in that agreement with Sleepy's. I figured out what I had paid-to-date, wrote out a check for the balance and sent it all in with proof that I paid them all that I owed them.

I got my account closed statement with a balance. So I called again. An hour and fifteen minutes later, after two more awful and nasty people they wouldn't do anything. I paid everything early and they are trying to make me pay even more? I don't think so. I am so glad to see that there are so many other people who have experienced predatory lending from GE Money Bank (not because they suffered as I have, but because there may be something done about it). I cannot believe how smarmy these people are. Every single person who works for that company should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  • Ja
    JamesDM Oct 26, 2009

    Heh, heh. I thought I was alone. A very similar thing happened to me too. GE Money Bank is the only company I have trouble with--and I must be paying bills to at least 20 companies each month. They set you up with some kind of trouble and then send you to their customer "care" department in India... a bunch of incompetents who will create more problems for you than solve them. This "company" is a shameless scam. I plan to pay off my balance as quickly as I can and then never do business again with these swindlers. I am glad Congress is planning legislation against these predatory lending practices. GE Money Bank must be the number one example of CC predator!

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  • St
    Steve Cecil Jan 25, 2010

    I have yet another sad story from dealing with GE Money. Last March (2009) I borrowed money from CareCredit to have a lost tooth replaced. I put the $3500 on the card, interest deferred for 1 year and as long as I paid off the full balance, I wouldn't be charged any interest at all.

    Turns out CareCredit is a front name for GE Money. With all these complaints, I'm starting to understand why they go by another name.

    I was separated from my ex-wife in May 2009, so I actually missed a payment until my ex forwarded my mail to me. I immediately called and made a double payment. GE Money was even nice enough at that time to waive any penalties.

    In September, I signed up for their automatic bill pay, setting up payments of $426 per month, so that the debt would be paid in full by March 28th, 2010. Except the autopayment didn't work, and on September 30th I called GE Money to figure out what was wrong. At that time, they informed me that the account was past due, and they charged me $39.99, which they would not waive because it was my second time being late.

    Since I didn't trust their autopay system, I made payments of $426 on time on October 28th, November 28th, and December 28th. Just three more payments of that amount, and my debt would be retired.

    Just today, I'm getting ready to make my 3rd to last payment, and I notice the balance is $585.74 higher than it should be. I check my statement, and I find that the reason for this is because GE Money has decided a full THREE months after THEIR autopay system failed to work properly, that I broke their agreement, and because I did so, they have decided to suspend the 1-year deferred interest agreement and charge me 29.99% interest for the full $3500 balance.

    I called GE Money, and of course, their customer service representative could not help me. They offered to allow me to speak with their supervisor, which I accepted. I have now been on hold to speak with that "escalation specialist" for the entire time I am writing this.

    I am very tempted to pay the amount I owe and tell them to try to collect the rest from me if they can. Sure, it would affect my credit, but sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right.

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  • Pe
    pepperamon Jul 27, 2010

    GE Money Bank's predatory practices, in my case, was a promotional, no interest charges for 18 months, offer. The statements came, I paid above the minimum due, then GE Money added all the accrued interest at once; since the promotional period was ended. I didn't know it ended until the balance on my statement increased. I called and was told it was a valid charge, since on the statement, in a small block section, there is a mention that the promotional rate has expired. The date was June 21st 2010...on July 13th, once I was aware of the added charge, I paid the balance in full and asked that the interest charge be waived; because if the statement had some different look or red letters saying the promotion had ended I surely would have paid it in June to avoid the $378.20 interest charge That was being added. I called a few Customer Assoc's and they all said the charge was valid and would not reverse it...why not make it obvious the promotion is ending? They prey on the unsuspecting, and hope that you will miss the cut-off so they can get their interest...Needless to say my Sleepy's Card will be shredded, and any future business with GE Money Bank is out of the question !!!

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  • Tr
    treyjetyy Aug 31, 2010

    pay your bill. I have bought several things from companies financed through GE MONEY.. and have been very happy with their customer service agents the way they do business. Its not just in the "fine print" its at the top of the bill stating how much you need to pay off by which date to avoid interest. thats how a promotion works. they fufill their end by giving you the money intersest free for a certain amount of time as long as you pay it off within that time.. thats it, , thats all. thats there end.. now your end is to pay the flippin money you borrowed. If you do not.. ofcourse your going to get stuck with those fees.. as you should.. its not their fault.. its nice to blame others though instead of taking responsiblity isnt it.. oh and by the way I am not ashamed of myself. the only reason I dont work there now is because I moved out of state. Its a wonderful company who does so much to help the nation and contibutes millions of dollars to events such as the haiti disaster fund. They are also very good to their employees and practive very good company ethics and morals.. the bottom line is.. its a financing company.. they loan money.. they except it to be paid back as agreed upon.. its not their fault you didnt pay the bill and its not their fault if you didnt know what you were signing.. its not their fault you were charged fees..

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Making Collection Calls at Work

I did not realize when I made last month's payment that it was not the minimum payment. My minimum payment is $74 and I paid $50. I have had this card (Dillard's) since 2000 and this is the first time I have ever short paid it. I got a call and told them I would make a payment and not to call me. They called today at work and I did not realize that they even had my work number. I think it should be against the law to call at work and we are only talking $20 short paid and the first time ever I did this. I am paying it off in full today and I will never use a card backed by GE nor will I ever buy a GE applicance.

  • SPG Consultants Oct 02, 2009

    It is a well known fact that dealing with telemarketing agents can sometimes be one of life's most stressful and stagnating experiences.

    Harassing calls, threats and use of obscene language can pressurize you to the edge and moreover, a collector may embarrass you by contacting your employer or even be pursued to disburse for a debt that is not rightfully yours.

    There are limits on how far telemarketers can go, that is why we provide information on how to put an end to telemarketer calls and more efficiently, how to correspond with them about your account and/or to dispute a collection action and can teach you what are your rights in terms of privacy.

    You can find out more information on our website: www.spgconsultants.webs.com

    By informing each other, we protect each other.

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Loan sharking

I have had a JC Penney card for several years. I've always paid on time, and usually over the minimum limit. A couple of times a year I usually made balloon payments. Sometime during the past few years, JC Penney changed the way they handle their department store credit cards and switched to GE Money Bank.

In the past, my finance charges were computed on the monthly outstanding balance. Now, however, since GE Money Bank took over, the finance charges are computed daily and that amount is then added to the daily balance. The next day when the finance charge is computed, therefore, it is not only computed on the outstanding balance, but also on the previous day's finance charges.

In effect, I am now paying finance charges on the finance charges! My payments each month now consist of 45%-49% in finance fees!!!


Repeated calls to JC Penney are futile. They simply refer me to GE Money Bank. Calls to GE Money Bank are also futile, since they advise me to simply close my account, which I would if I could afford to pay off the balance all at once. However, it is disheartening to pay so much in finance charges each month, while the principal balance in effect remains pretty much the same.

I suggest each and every person who has such an account as this with GE Money Bank start calling your Federal Senators and Representatives to complain.

Loan sharking should be illegal. Why isn't GE Money Bank being held accountable? Is it because they hail from the corrupt state of Texas?

  • Ia
    iaconsumer Sep 21, 2009

    I absolutely agree! I have been having the same problem with them. They have acutally called up to 13 times a day using 'Unkown Name' and 'Unknown Number'. I am now in the habit of answering the phone and putting them on Hold - it's great fun!

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  • Mi
    missp Oct 29, 2009

    I spoke with a "Customer Service Rep" because they raised my interest rate to 23.99 per-cent. He was a rude, know it all jerk! With GE money bank there is no such thing as customer service. They are legalized loan sharks. If the guy on the corner with the bent nose charged that rate on their loans, they would be in jail for loan sharking.

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unfounded fees

I have posted this on Consumeraffairs.com, have filed a complaint with the BBB in El Paso Texas, and I'm just warming up!!

Like most folks, I didn't have dental insurance when I really needed it. I found an add in the yellow pages of dentists whom you could get credit through. I was accepted by GE Money Bank, for their Care Credit credit card. I had no complaints about GE/Care Credit until August of 09. My monthly bill came, and I see they are charging me a $39.99 late fee. I called them up, and asked why. (I pay my bills on line and have proof of when they are paid.) I say, I paid my bill on the due date, why the late fee? They told me that the due date does not matter if that due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday! That I needed to pay my bill Monday thru Friday. I told them I had never received notice of this policy change. They asked me how I paid my monthly bills, I told them that I pay on line. They say, it's stated on our web site that payments are only accepted Monday through Friday's. I say ok then, but isn't it the LAW to inform customers of policy changes through the mail prior to the due date, and what if I had made my payments through the mail, would I have had notice then? She said yes... LIER... On my monthly bill it states VERY CLEARLY "Payment due by 5pm Eastern on the date due" in big bold lettering! I did not point that out, as they said they would remove the late fee. Great, all is as should be.
Now, here come's my real complaint!!!
I just received my September bill. It show's my credit of $39.99, but now they want a minimum payment of $91.00. My usual payment is $76.00 per month. I go through my bill, all the figures add up correctly, so why the 15 dollar difference? So once again I call customer service. They send me over to an "EXSCALATION SPECIALIST" named JUSTIN. JUSTIN is a very NASTY little man. VERY rude, and acted like HE wanted to fight. JUSTIN told me that the $15.00 charge was for "THE ACT OF INCURRING A LATE CHARGE". I said hummm, nowhere on my bill does it state that I am getting charged for that "Act of incurring a late charge", the only thing I see is that my monthly payment went from 76.00 to 91.00. I then asked whom I should call on Tuesday. JUSTIN ask's why? I said that I wanted to speak with someone "higher up". JUSTIN then said, "THERE IS NO ONE HIGHER UP THAN
Little does JUSTIN or GE MONEY BANK know! I'm like a dog with a bone and I won't give up this fight without a win!! I intend to write my state representatives, the Better Business Bureau, and President Obama! I also intend to write every consumer rip off web site I can find to voice my opinion about the unfair practices of GE Money Bank. Good luck to us all!! We will need it in our fights against GREEDY CORPORATE RIP OFF'S!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE, WE’RE SICK OF BEING RIPPED OFF!!

Economic damage: $15.00 and many hours of MY wasted time with GE Money Bank.
MILLION'S of dollars ripped off from the American public who actually struggle to pay their bill's on time only to be charged bogus and unfounded fee's by creditors!

MY opinion as posted on the consumeraffairs.com website

  • Cr
    crev1972 Sep 28, 2009

    I also have been trying to pay off care credit(ge money bank) in the last 18 months I habe paid 1800.00 to this company. My original balance was 1200. After paying 1800. I still owe 1179. I have tryed talking to these people, they claim that they never recieve the payment on time. I also never get a bill. I went on line and started paying this and they still came that they didn't get it or it was late. month after month. I woulf rather have this go to collection to where I would have a chance of paying this off. I wrote a letter to the financial part of this company and they will NOT write or respond. The market people laugh, call you a lkiar, tell you they never got your payment, but after several months of research I found out that they have recieved 1800-. dollars of mine, of which 39.00 has actually gone to the bill. At this rate it will take 27 years to pay, and over 100, 000.00 to get it paid off. I have ask them for the phone nu. to talk to someone in the credit dept. and they WILL NOT give you a number or address. Could some one please help me. (US) Sincerely Kathie creveling

    please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Sh
    shgama Dec 31, 2009

    on 12/31/09 I tried to make my normal monthly payment which is due on the 3rd of the month, the website was not working so I called in to make the payment. They said they were going to charge me $15 because they had no other complaints of the site being down. I said, "well I am the first". I asked to be transfered to a manager the lady said sure and hung up on me. I called back and immediately requested a manager and they transferred me to an escalated account specialist named Savanah. She started out very nice until I asked to speak to a manager and she said they dont take calls and they wont waive the $15 fee I thought should be waived since the free source to make a payment was not available to me because of some error on the website. My payment is due on a Sunday, they are not in on that day, if my payment doesnt go through today somehow, I will be charged a late fee. Savanah hung up on me after stating she cant help me any further. I called back again and asked for a manager and they transferred me back to Savanah, I told her that even the automated phone doesnt come up as an option for me, which is only $10, she said well okay I will charge you just $10 then. I said that is crazy, you can change the charge but not waive it, if your site isnt working for me? She said "fine then I will charge you $15 and not change the fee to $10". I called her a smart ### and told her I will be filing a complaint against her for her comment and for previously hanging up on me.

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  • Ve
    vegascarolyn Sep 01, 2010

    Way to go . There should be a petition out for everyone to sign to get put them out of business. How can this company go on. I have way too many complaints on them even to mention. Could write a book. I'm paying them off with all I can afford and will never use them again.
    Spread the word...

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Forced to pay for credit insurance plan before seeing contract

I signed up for GE Care Credit to pay for some major vet surgery for our beloved german shepard mix. I just signed up for their auto-pay and called ot make sure it was active and would bill me automatically on this coming payment cycle. They assured me everything was fine and then offerred to sign me up for a "credit insurance" plan. Basically I would pay $1.5 per $100 charged on my account as an insurance in case I lost by job, was disbaled, died, etc. In this event, they would wipe my debt free with them. I asked to be sent the contract for this service so I could review it before signing up for it and they said I had to sign up for the service before I could see the contract. They said that because the service has a 60 day evaulation period (for which my account will STILL be charged unless I cancel with the evaulation period) they will not send verbiage out until I sign up. This was due to the cost of mailing the information. I asked for a soft copy via email and they said they still couldn't do it unless I signed up. So basically, they want me to sign a contract for a service before I am able to see the contract for the service. WHA?!?!?! Talk about fraud and bad business practices!!!

unfair fees

Getting a Discount Tire credit card was one of the worst decisions I have made in my entire life. I purchased...

I've paid my account but am harrassed by their collection agency NCO

I was sent a bill from Amazon/GE Moneybank in December 2008 for $106.04. My payment of $110.00 cleared my bank on January 5, 2009. I heard nothing for several months, but then was presented with another bill for over $100. NCO tells memy check for $64 bounced. I paid by credit card, so I don't understand. I've talked to NCO several times and they don't listen. My letter with copy of the $106.04 bill and copy of my credit card statement was sent to GE Money Bank/Amazon is dated August 7. 2009 has gone by unanswered. Faced with the many complaits about GE Money Bank, I'm sure this is all a ruse to scam me out of my money.

rate higher

Request credit to buy motorcycle and when receipt the collection, the interest is enormous compared with the...

unauthorized money/credit score

i was 18 when i got a GE card because i was having dental work done and couldnt pay it in full so i thought if i got a GE card it would help my credit buil up and be easier payments...WRONG! i am now 23 and am still having trouble with them. the balance on the card was $200 that i charged to the dentist company and after i paid off the $200 i told them to close the account i no longer needed it. about a year later i get numerous bills from them and it went up to $3000.00 from late charges and fees. i called the company and they told me i charged $1000.00 to the dentist when it was really only $200. they argued with me so i printed off the payments and mailed it to them. they still argued. so i called the dentist office and come to find out the GE company sent them an even $1000.00 to credit my dentist account! i told them i had not agreed to that and why in the world would i let someone take extra money that i have to pay for??? so i told them they will need to contact the dentist office and get the money back and credit that to my account and make sure it is closed! still has not been done. they told me they would make a settlement of $1500.00 and i got so tired of dealing with them bc my credit was being so messed up and. i paid them the amount and had checked my score today which has been two years since i have paid them and it still shows i owe them $1500.i went from a 700 score to 490!!! i am furious. i have called numerous times and they tell me my account is closed and its a zero balance but thats not what it says on my credit account! i need something done. [protected]@yahoo.com

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    Aider Sep 07, 2009

    Hi. You should contact the 3 main credit bureaus (Trans Union, Experian, and Eqifax) and provide them with a copy of the check showing that you paid GE Money. Request that they remove GE Money from your credit report. Then, you should file a complaint with BBB against GE Money. Also, you should go on Facebook and create your own facebook account group and call it Done with GE Money and advertise your ordeal so that it reaches the masses - people who have had similar experiences will join your group and provide support.

    -just being helpful

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Outrageous Finance Charges

I would like to file a complaint regarding the increase in the Annual Percentage Rate for my project line...

change of terms no notice

I have a fixed loan that I took out almost 3 years ago. I agreed to accept online statements (which I still have never received so much as one). My payments for 2.5 years were 162. and change. I have set into my ebillpay for 163.00 8 days before the payment is due each month. July 31 I received a call form their collections dept. telling me that I have accumulated 1000 in late fees and need to settle immediately. Some time in January they raised my min due to 175 and never told me about the increase. They offered to take the balance in full (with a 200 dollar savings to me!!!) They would take the 3882 out on the 14 of August. Well now its the 19 of August and they have not taken the money out. I have called the 800number everyday since monday, and they keep telling me they will take it out soon, What game are they playing? They want the money so bad why are they not taking it? Are they trying to wait untill next month to charge me more late fees my payment should have been due on the 15 of August. This company is a scam, is this legal what they are doing?

  • Sa
    Sacibee Feb 04, 2011

    this is the most obnoxious co. We did not know of them, and kept getting phone calls from them starting at 8am. They call all day long until 9pm. Found out that J.C. Penny changed over to them without giving us any notice, had the card for 25 years, reduced our credit to nothing, so the card is cancelled! For what? Here is a tip to piss them off...keep a whistle by the phone, and let them have it. They have no business calling us at all times of the day, and they call here asking for other people that we do not know! We have also filed a complaint with state of Floida.

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They have my information SOMEHOW as I am a victim of Identity theft, in which a credit card has been opened...

Charging higher rates when promised low rates

We moved into a new house and were approached by White Oak Windows & Doors. They seem to be easy to work with...

Late Fees, Poor Web Site and Auto Pay

I put off making a complaint, hoping that dealing with this company would eventually straighten out after a few initial bugs, but after about 4 months I'm finally irritated to the point of wishing that someone would sue their socks off and that at the very least medical groups would simply stop using them as an alternative payment plan.

Their website and business model seems to be designed to deceive customers by tactics like supplying an "auto pay" which never seems to work correctly and that at the very least one has to turn off and on in order to make payments when it doesn't work. And this process takes days rather than the minutes it would take on any other site. Once you turn off auto pay in order to make a payment (since it doesn't actually work) for some reason you have to wait until the payment posts and clears, which seems to take about a week, before you can turn auto pay back "on" again. And of course there is no warning that you have a upcoming payment due either by email or postal mail.

This is the second time I've been smacked with a $40 "late charge". For some reason auto pay was "off" when I'm pretty sure I went back and turned it on and adjusted the amount after making the payment amount I wanted. The one time auto payment did work it only made the minimum payment, which is essentially worthless if you ever hope to pay them off. This is despite my entering a much higher amount than the minimum.

This "service" should simply be shut down for the fraud they perpetrate. A company that makes the engines for our best airliners should at least be able to supply a website on par with a local utility - one that actually works properly and isn't obviously set up to catch folks in their little game - folks that are obviously already struggling with medical bills or they wouldn't have turned to a credit card!

The people who thought this up should be ashamed.

High Interest No Hardship

I had called GE Money few months back and they agreed to put me on a hardship @200 month and lower interest. Butt he catch was you have to be up to date. So I'm up to date. Now they say OH youhave to be past 90 days to qualify. LIES LIES LIES! Then I see a purchase on my statement. I ask what is this. Oh that is late fees etc.. I said ok why are you charging me 26.99% for that. They said oh your payment goes most to your interest so this balance is carried over. I said WHAT in God's name are you doing that for? They said OH you have to call and tell us to pay that on your next payment or it carries over. MAN would somebody PLEASE join in and lets get an attorny to try and get a class action suit for falsely leading the public. How was I suppose to know this! I mean it these people need to be stopped some how. Any takers want to help research?

Online Statements

I have had an account with Care Credit for many years. For the last few years, I have elected to receive my statement online so that I could quickly make my payment and save paper. When my email reminder comes, it tells me to click on the site to view my statement. After I log in, I am directed to a summary page. (Until I spoke to the customer service representative, I never even realized that there was a different statement.) The summary page failed to mention that I had a small balance that the special financing was about to expire. (It was on the statement?) Because I didn't go view my statement (who knew that what I was directed to after logging in wasn't the statement?), I am now paying an additional $1000 for interest on the full amount.
While this may not start out attempting to be fraudulent, it sure feels like that $1000 later!!!
Anybody who has this and makes payments online, you better go to the statement page so that you can see any important info that they don't want to share!!!

  • Ro
    Robert Weaver Aug 13, 2009

    I agree with Ms Wurner. We were told at the Doctors Office that we were on one plan and then 2 years later were slapped with an addittional $1500 finance charge. Of course when we called they said we should have known. If they aren't fraudulent they darn sure come close. Dishonest, and disreputable are terms they can not deny. While I understand that the buyer must beware, I certainly was not prepared for this.

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