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I went into the KMart store on December 26, and the return line and the two register lines were somewhat busy. I went up to the service desk twice (waiting approximately 20-30 minutes each time) to ask for assistance in the Christmas trees. Each time, the kind ladies in customer service paged someone with no help to come. Finally, a lady from another area came to assist me with getting the answer on how many trees were left. I still being patient waited while they paged the person again. Still he didn't come to help. I went back to the service desk and they told me they were sending someone right then to get the tree for me and that by the time I finished shopping, the tree would be waiting for me at the service desk. I shopped for another 30 minutes or so and went to check out. The tree still was not there. I am a patient person, but this is a little ridiculous!!! Not only did you lose a tree sale to me, but there was also a gentleman that waited over 30 minutes with me for assistance. Unfortunately, we didn't receive it. I could have understood it and not complained, had the store been swamped, but that was not the case.

I do not shop at KMart too often because it seems as though each time I do, instances like this happen. The kind lady at the customer service counter apologized all over herself, and it was not even her fault. I am not out for a freebee, I was willing to take the tree on the floor with no box and not even insist on a better discount for it being the floor model, but after waiting roughly an hour and a half, I gave up and went to another store. Which was a God send, because I ended up with a much more expensive tree for half of what I was going to pay at KMart, and they not only took the tree down, they boxed it up and took it out and loaded it in my vehicle for me.

I love to shop at Sears, and I HOPE that Sears service does not turn into the same kind of service that is received at KMart!!!


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    Stacy Dec 02, 2008
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    Unfortunatly Sears has turned out to be as bad. I am currently having problems getting a GE tree from Sears that I ordered online, and now they are saying I may not even be able to get it.

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