GDex / GD Expressunethical behaviour

17 may 2019

dear gdex,
i would like to complaint about you delivery staff behaviour. I do not get his name but his phone number is 0192687395. Hopefully you could trace with that number if not then take my shipment number:my40165450088 delivery is in nilai. He ask me to go down and take the parcel and not willing to send up to my door step. My mom is aged 63, do you expect she can go down in 5min? the delivery guy called me 3times ask me to hurry up. The 3rd call he is being so rude and said" you go office and collect your stuff la, your mom is not here yet, another 2 min if she still not here ask her to go office and collect. " excuse me, where is your manners? i cant tolerate this kind of person. Please train them well.

Thank you.

May 17, 2019

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