As a recently former employee, I just wanted to say how the district manager, Steve Key of Rock Hill, SC HIGHLY mistreats his employees. I had been with the company one year and six months when I quit my sales associate position July 12Th 2012. I busted my butt for this company, filling in at stores that needed help, doing things that a manager should have done both customer and work related, organizing everything, keeping the store spotless, filing paperwork that management did not keep up with like they should. I put up with many things that I never should have as an employee. I can honestly say that I have NEVER been so mistreated by any company that I have EVER worked for in my entire life. While I realize that the whole company is not at fault for one district managers indiscretions it is the fault of the whole company for him still being hired on while he mistreats ALL of his employees not just me. I am not at fault for leaving the company, no one had problems with me. In fact they are not happy that I left because now they are stuck with STEVE KEY'S girlfriends' friend who is highly unqualified for the management position she is in. She has never touched a game in her life and refuses to do work. She has even been sent home for not listening. She is a joke and a disgrace. I was skipped over for a promotion so that this girl could be hired in and work at our store which has highly agitated me. I did everything a manager did and I know how to run my store but i get skipped over for THIS????? Her coming to my store also made it to where i was only getting one day a week, and my daily numbers for res, subs, gpgs, and dlc where awesome. I do not deserve treatment such as this when I was such a good hard working ambitious employee. I plan on telling everyone about my experience with gamestop and how they lie, not only to their employees but their customers as well. When I came on to the team I was told that people move up quickly and that gamestop believes in promotions from within the company. WHAT A LIE!!! I am HIGHLY qualified for the key holding management position, I have done ALL of my level up training. You can literally call ANY and All of my past employers and they will tell you that they would hire me back in a heartbeat! I would also like to point out that it is highly illegal to terminate an employee after they put in the two week notification to quit when they are still scheduled for the next week. So in pointing that out, I was told that my resignation was effective immediately and I fully intend to get the pay for when I was scheduled to work even if it means a law suit . Steve Key needs to be terminated, he cares for no one but himself and i intend on letting everyone know that. He makes everyone in his district miserable and i believe HR needs to do an investigation.

Ashley Burgess


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    heath2011 Jul 17, 2012

    Welcome to the world of retail

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    Thud Jul 18, 2012

    "my daily numbers for res, subs, gpgs, and dlc where awesome. "

    How many people did you harass and lie to on the way to getting those numbers? Pot, meet kettle.

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