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To start with the Services that are provided should be a min of 6 mbps... And they are not complying with with they say they are providing as you will see in the image provided below on a speed test of their service.

This next items is an email that I provided after canceling my service:

My apologies, things were a bit crazy on Friday. I appreciate your contacting and the offer. After chatting with you and everyone else, my impression has not really changed. I do not understand a whole lot about frontiers customer service anymore, and honestly, I am disappointed. It amazes me that I have been in my opinion treated very poorly, and I am seeing that it is not only me but other customers as well. My example for this will be clear, yes, I seen my bill go up to 69.00, but my parents whom live directly across from me have the same service and their bill is 79.00 and change. It doesn't seem that there is any consistency with frontier and for those of us that are stuck in Rural areas get pounced on and are taken advantage of. After everything, I went looking for better services for those of us that are stuck in these situations and found a better resolve for me and the people in my community that provides better service in my opinion all around. I do thank you for the offer, but maybe instead of us customers having to argue with frontier to try to get any help, Frontier would have been helping those people from the start and once again in my opinion robbing them for financial gain and providing the least possible service they deserve. The infrastructure in Rural communities has never been there, and who knows when it will be. I can promise I will do my best to inform my community of the choices that they have, and after just canceling my service with Frontier, and being told from the retention dept. that all I had to do was call in and they would drop my bill just like you offered, my question is why was there the greed in raising it to start. This is ugly and rude service to the customers and even though you have had no problems taking my money when you did not have to, your company not wants to charge restocking fees for the return of modems that probably get trashed anyhow. If you were a customer treated in this way, I would hope that this would give you as much distaste know that you were being taken advantage of. My services are canceled and I need nothing else from you or Frontier, and my only hope is that I lead away as many people as possible that are being abused by the GREED OF FRONTIER.

After screwing me for years and they want more money for a device that they will trash, and require a restocking fee, which is theft as far as I see it. They have robbed me and so many in my community and this is being allowed. The PSC needs informed about this horrible service being provided and lied about.

Below in the attachments is a speed test on my home internet, and this was with the ethernet cable hooked up, not using Wi-Fi. And the other image is the bill they want me to pay for closing my account.

Desired outcome: I would like to see my bill dropped to ZERO, and not pay them another cent after the robbing of myself and my community for years while they have raised rates with no improvements on anything.

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