Frigidaire / Electroluxfrigidaire dishwasher: 2 years old

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My fiancé and I purchased all frigidaire products when we moved into our house 2 years ago. Our dishwasher was purchased brand new. A few days ago, we noticed the lights for the buttons were on, but not working. We would press any button and it would not change the setting, start a cycle, etc. So I called an appliance repairman to come and assess the dishwasher. He told us that it appears to be an electronic control module issue, but there was no way for him to know 100%, he would just need to fix them and hope the new parts corrected the problem. I asked how this could happen on such a new dishwasher, and he said that it can be a defective panel, moisture issue, etc. But nothing he listed was anything that WE could have done to it to damage it. I called frigidaire to express my frustration, as this is a NEW dishwasher and should still have many good years ahead of it. They stated there is nothing they can do to assist us as we do not have extended warranty. I understand that we do not have extended warranty but the problem is that we bought a very expensive model because we wanted the best, we couldn't imagine it would have a failure (fault of the MANUFACTURER!) within two years of its life!? And we do not use it much, maybe 2 times a week. I am so frustrated and upset, because to fix it, it will cost us almost as much as the dishwasher costed brand new!! Frigidaire was not sympathetic, was unable to connect me to a manager/supervisor or complaint line, and was not willing to work with me. I tried explaining every appliance I own is frigidaire and that if they aren't willing to assist with this issue then I refuse to purchase another frigidaire in my lifetime. It is just really poor customer service, and shows they really don't care about their customer retention. I am not asking for them to fix it entirely, but to help us as this is a huge cost and shouldn't have happened, whether we bought extended warranty or not. I even suggested them giving a rebate to lessen the cost of us purchasing a new model, which they shut down. I just felt very unheard and unappreciated as a customer. I also did not appreciate that they have no complaint/concern line to call or anyone to talk to about these issues.

I understand how warranty works, and I understand that we could have purchased it and potentially avoided this problem (although, they probably would find a way to wiggle out of that one anyways) but is it so far fetched to assume that a costly, large appliance should last you more than two years?!? It is an expensive piece of equipment and you would think frigidaire would have some honour and pride in their production! It is, unfortunately, a poor quality appliance. And they do not care whatsoever. It is a mechanical failure of the appliance, and a service failure in regards to frigidaire.

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