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catches fire

My Microwave oven caught fire while using the baked potato auto sensor setting on the microwave. The...

Frigidaire Microwave Oven

faulty knobs

Although I have a warranty for my Frigidaire Gallery Commercial Heavy Duty Dryer Model GLGR642AS5 which is good until expiration date 2/14/11, I have had no customer support in getting replacement knobs for said dryer. After a lengthy phone call to Customer Service, I was sent the WRONG knobs. After a lengthy letter I wrote to Electrolux Consumer Services in Fletcher, NC, on December 17, 2008, I received no response whatsoever. I continue to use a WRENCH to turn on the dryer. Very poor customer service.

Dryer Serial No. is: XD53713783

  • Sp
    Spah Mar 09, 2010

    I have the same problem among namy others broken start switch and the small cheap knobs. These are built very poorly! Substandard quality!

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  • Bo
    boly May 17, 2011

    Same problem as above. We have gone through numerous knobs. The hardward store where we purchased it charges us 25.00 each time we order a knob. On our 8th one. Do not by Frigidaire appliances!

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bottom of stove just fell out

My Frigidaire Ceramic Stovetop fell apart the other day. Heard this huge bang under my stove. I have drawers there, so when I went to open my drawer it wouldn't open. I thought maybe a pan had gotten wedged. So, called for my husband. We found that the bottom of my stovetop had fallen into my drawer. I was in the middle of cooking, when I went to turn off the burners the knobs started coming off in my hand. My husband had to run to the basement and turn off the fuse to my stovetop. Very dangerous. When we looked closer at the stove we noticed that the bottom of the stovetop is just basically glued on. How is that safe? I ran to get my papers from where we purchased the stove. The warranty had ran out in May 2009, 4 months ago. I just bought the stove in 2004. So, basically it only lasted 5 years. Ths stovetop I had before this one lasted 20 sum years and was still working when we replaced it, because we were remodeling our kitchen. Went to Lowe's and they acted like there was nothing they could do since the warranty was up. But, we want Frigidaire to know how crappy there products are, along with consumers that are maybe thinking about purchasing a Frigidaire Product.

requirment of 'guard for big bottles'&water dispensor

I have booked an complaint on 15/08/09 to tall free no. On [protected] for repair of refrigerator & supply of gurad for big bottles & water dispensor for my refrigerator df44 (415lit). I amvery sorry to inform that complaint was handled very casually no one turns up even after seven days & two reminders. The man came after seven days having very rude behaviour decla red without going through the fridge pcb faulty would cost 4500/ for repair & would take 25 days next day I call local fridge tecn he attended immidiately.
I also requested for gauard for big bottles & water dispensor but till date no reply..
Could I hope for postive reply.
A. K. Singh
3/49 vishnupuri
Kanpur (U. P.)

cheaply made products

I looked to see who else is having the trouble I have been having with this dishwasher, and I do see one person wrote in and I thought it was me that was writing it. This dishwasher leaves soap all over the bottom inside the dishes still have food on them it does not drain well and now today only 2 years to the date I had a repair man in here to tell me that something broke and he fixed it. What we pay for things is bad enough but to have to fix something after 2 years with hardly any use is a joke. I think the company knows the product is trash and the right thing to do is to listen to the consumer because they can knock a company right out. They will not go broke by fixing things for people they will only look better and have more people wanting the product they are selling but as for me I hardly used the dishwasher I am alone and hardly eat in???? Then why did it break because it is cheaply made and a piece of garbage. I will throw this machine out if it breaks down again. If something is wrong write and let everyone know. We work hard for our money stop robbing people with your cheaply made products. Even if we did not pay a lot more for them they should hold up!!!

  • Jz
    J Zimmerman Jan 11, 2010

    I agree with everyone that fridgidaire is a poorly made product, we built a new house in 07, bought our appliances thru Rex TV, upon arrival the box for frdge great shape but fridge inself had big dent in side close to compressor, sounded like R2D2 from Starwars.
    It took 6months to replace unit only to be depressed again as unit would not properly function, told by repair company it needed a new control pad. Great I thought this would solve problem, now unit cannot be turned off because new control unit already failed again, plus freezer condences water down back of unit onto evaporator fan, I have to take apart and remove ice from fan, I am getting frustrated with fridgidaires junk.
    Now lets talk about gas range, again a bad control pad, go to use oven, set temp, preheat, open door and presto oven shuts off. Not good when your in charge of T-Day dinner and don't realize ovens not on anymore. If I have to call them back again I will have dolly ready to push junk right out door. DONT BUY THERE JUNK!!!

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rebate scam

I purchased a Electrolux washer and dryer March 12, 2009. The sales associate from Valley Appliance in...


We purchased an oven, made by Frigidaire, that has a rusting problem on the steel door but even worse is that the door handle has unattatched from the oven several times!

In my opinion the screws that secure the handle to the oven are too short to keep it attached. This becomes dangerous because when the handle comes off, the layers of the door separate and sharp glass corners are exposed along with very hot surfaces.

You also usually lose your dinner because you have to wait a few hours for the oven to completely cool before trying to re-attatch the handle. It is also extremely hard to try and fix and, in the end, the repair does not last very long.

I have been very disapointed with my Frigidaire appliances and will choose a different brand next time.


My Frigidaire Gallery Series stainless steel refrigerator door is rusting. I have not found anything that takes the rust off. I was told by Frigidaire that because the year warranty had expired there was nothing they could do except refer me to a repair man. I Googled this and I am, by no means, the only person having this problem. I worked as a nanny in a home for several years that had a GE brand stainless steele fridge and the was NEVER even a spot of rust so I don't believe that this is normal or should be expected.

I would also like to add that we purchased an oven at the same time, made by Frigidaire, that also has a rusting problem on the steel door but even worse is that the door handle has come unattatched from the oven several times! In my opinion the screws that secure the handle to the oven are too short to keep it attached. This becomes dangerous because the layers of the door separate and sharp, glass corners are exposed along with very hot surfaces. You also usually lose your dinner because you have to wait a few hours for the oven to completely cool before trying to re-attatch the handle. It is also extremely hard to try and fix and, in the end, the repair does not last very long.

I have been very disapointed with my Frigidaire appliances and will choose a different brand next time.


Frigidaire Electrolux


Bought A/C and it was not working plus the remote that was supposed to come with it was not in the box. The customer service was unhelpful not the least apologetic.

  • Ch
    Chris Polk Jul 23, 2009

    I am contacting you on behalf of Frigidaire Customer Service in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look in to this matter in order to do so please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter? Again I regret the disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

    Chris Polk
    Escalation Specialist
    Frigidaire Customer Service
    [email protected]

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my a/c is not working properly


Myself Narendra Kumar Bansal, R/o A-1/279, Lawrence-road, Keshav- Puram, New-Delhi 110035 (INDIA), having some problem regarding the quality of Electrolux Products :
I have purchased one Air Conditioner on 05/05/2009, model no. EA18WCRFAI having Serial No : B82100715 & PNC No : [protected].

for last 14 days my A/C is not at all cooling, as its compressor is not working. I have lodge a complaint over here locally @011-[protected] vide complaint no. DEL2806090360 dtd: 28/06/2009. but they have informed me that we have to pay the service visit charges & bear additional charges as well. In this regard I would like to know then what is the use of warranty on Compressor ??

As this type of service (after sales) quality is providing by the Electrolux, who is going to purchase the Electrolux Items ?? I am having two more A/C in my home (GENERAL & GODREG) from last 10 years, till date I have not faced any problem in that. But in the case of Electrolux, the compressor is down in just 02 Months (very poor quality).

Really its a pathetic product quality, I have ever seen in the corporate industry.


Narendra Bansal
[protected], [protected], [protected], 011-[protected]

  • Mo
    mohit12de May 18, 2011

    just purchases the fridge and within week product suddenly stop working, till then i ma chasing SC, CC, and organization office but no response to fix it… worst product, worst costumer care and SC. I request people never purchase any product of godrej as they cheating us and making a money. just boycott godrej and then then they realize the power of us. honestly i dont have any personal intention to write such review against them but they force me do this. i dont want more ppl get cheated.

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poor quality goods followed by arrogant and dismal after sales service

I purchased a top of the range induction hob with a new kitchen from a company called Esquadria Kitchens. The hob was distorted and when fitted had a gap between it and the worktop. Nobody had any idea about wether or not this is normal and it was left to me to find out. I tried the AEG website and found it impossible to send any type of communication to them. It is designed to deter rather than help.
Eventually I managed to speak on the phone with somebody in UK and was informed that the goods were definitely faulty as no gap should exist. Armed with this information I contacted the kitchen supplier who requested a service visit from AEG Electrolux. After some weeks the hob was inspected and it was agreed would be replaced. After a lot of chasing two fitters arrived with the replacement, not at 2pm as promised but at 7pm !!. One of the fitters then proceeded to stick adhesive foam tape to what I could clearly see was the wrong part of the underside edge of the hob. I told him this was wrong but he insisted and we were left with A GAP BETWEEN THE HOB AND THE WORKTOP!!!. I now insisted on a visit from the boss of the kitchen company and AEG management. They arrived and without apology the AEG person promised to remedy the situation within one week. Needless to say we are now still waiting after two weeks. This awful company has no regard for any of its customers at any level and I can understand why they place a firewall between themselves and all those that are unfortunate enopugh to have to contact them. Take my tip, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER BUYING ANYTHING FROM AEG ELECTROLUX, EVER.

  • Ed
    E d brand Apr 07, 2014

    Pick have recently bought a. New home and an AEG hob had been fitted as part of the extras in the kitchen . After 2 months I noticed the indicators on the gas control knobs had rubbed off . I called AEG only to be told that I had to buy new ones and it was not under guarantee . I've had hobs for years and never had to replace parts inn such a short time . I will be taking this up with AEG management .. My advice don't buy AEG !!

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I puchased a Frigidaire Affinity Pair (Washer and Dryer) in February 2009. When I purchased the washer and dryer there were two rebates offered. One for $50.00 and one for Tide HE and Bounce Free for one year. I submitted all the required information. The company, CMS, received and processed the information on March 31, 2009. I have received the $50.00 rebate. I have not received the Tide HE and Bounce for one year coupons. When you check the website everything has been processed and is just waiting to be mailed. I have called the number on the rebate form [protected]) to check on the status of the rebate which has now been 13 weeks, the rebate says allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. They can not give me any answers as to when the coupons will be mailed. All they tell me is that there was a greater demand then was anticipated and they are trying as hard as they can to get them out. I have tried to call Electrolux Group whose name is also on the rebate form, they are no help at all, they have no idea what rebate I am talking about. I have tried to call Frigidaire and they have no idea what i am talking about. If ayone can help I would apprecaie it.

  • Dr
    DrewG Jul 31, 2009

    I purchased the affinity washer and dryer a couple years ago. They had a rebate then as well, I believe it was 100 in Gift cards.
    I sent in info, waited...finally contacted them and was told it was being processed. I waited...then was told they never received my information. Then I dug out my copies a couple weeks later, sent them in and was told the program had just ended. RIP OFF...On to the washer, error codes if water pressure is low due to a flushed toilet...clothes often smell musty...machine is balanced but acts and sounds like it could launch in to space in spin cycle...often tears clothes and leaves a black rubbery substance on the tear...I can not afford a new one...and I can't afford hundresd of dollars in ruined clothes (it has already claimed at least a few hundred dollars worth). This is by far the worst appliance purchase I have ever made or heard of.

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  • Bg
    bgood Oct 12, 2009

    I absolutely agree with what you are saying. I also purchased a Frigidaire Affinity W/D set and I have the same problem with my rebate... I did receive the $50.00, but not the coupons for the year free of bounce and washing powder. I like the washer and dryer, but I wish I would have purchased a standard washing machine b/c I am sure you have noticed that the clothes fall out of the washer, before washing, being that it is vertical and gravity takes hold. I find that part aggravating.

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  • 5p
    5pymusic Oct 25, 2010

    i was promised after getting the frigidare affinity a 100 dollar rebate...I sent in all the information required and it has been two months and still nothing...

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  • Jm
    Jmjudson Aug 13, 2012

    I also purchased the affinity fridgidaire machine and it had coupons enclosed for tide products. The only problem was: they were all expired! I have been on the phone and emailing them and get a complete run around! Their customer service stinks! Plus, these fraudulent promotions to get us to purchase their products! Ughhhh! So frustrating!!!

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bad product

I purchased the Electrolux 2-1 pronto approx. two years ago and it has already quit working. It will not take a charge. This is a defective product. It is a piece of junk!! I am requesting at least half of my money back; I paid approx. 99.00, but of course, do not have the receipt after this long of time. Electrolux should do right by people and refund their money or at least part of it. I would appreciate hearing from a representative of your company.

poor quality of ac

I have purchased electrolux split a. c. flat face before 14 months from a - one electronics, maninagar, ahmedabad, gujarat. normally the company provides three free service in the first year of purchase. however, the company has provided only two free service in a year and that too after reminder. thereafter, last month i. e. the month after the guarantee period is over, the tube of a. c. is lickage and the gas is also lickage. therefore, we repaired the a. c. with the cost of rs. 2500 / -. again, the a. c. is not properly functioning and on inquiry, the copper tube of a. c. is damaged. the authorized service expert told that the piece is not so good. so, since last month, we have faced many difficulties. with pain and shock, I am not satisfied with ur service so also with ur products. so, if possible, pls send expert in my home for checking of a. c. and if found a. c. being not properly working, pls do the needful, because a. c. is just 14 months old. my mobile no. [protected] and email id. [protected]

  • Su
    Sudeep Banerjee May 04, 2007

    My Electrolux AC started giving problem after it has been installed, after three days it stopped working (no cooling). After many calls to service centre, they taken for replacement.

    Estimated time given was 5~7 days but more than 10 days past, no response is heard from company that when I can sleep a peaceful night.


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  • Cu
    c.unnikrishnan Apr 28, 2008

    Absolutely no details of tne product like setting temperature for cyclic cooling and off

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warming oven glass shatters - 80 year old has seventeen stitches in arm - and stove isn't even hooked up yet!

80 year old, 112 lb. Woman buys electrolux stove. Stove not yet connected to gas line - just sitting in the kitchen against the wall, still in the plastic packaging. Woman trips and falls against the stove. Hits the warming oven glass with elbow. Glass not only shatters, but also leaves a jagged edge of cut glass across the entire length of the oven, slashing woman's arm so that 17 sutures are required to close wound, and now woman is out of commission for 6 weeks. Woman's husband goes to sears the next day where appliance was bought - neither the sales people nor the manager could care less. Sales person first tried to tell woman's husband that they were all out of that stove, and maybe he would be interested in buying another one (!) manager finally conceded that the couple should have the defective stove removed and replaced with another stove at no additional cost. Sears exhibited no interest in acknowledging defective glass on warming oven, nor any interest in making a report to the manufacturer for rectification - absolutely unconscionable response by sears. Pictures of defective oven, shattered glass, and seventeen stitches on woman's arm sent via internet to corporate headquarters. No response to date.

  • Tr


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electrolux refrigerator

I purchased two high end appliances from this store; 1 - a Miele dishwasher and 2 - a Electrolux...


We purchased a Frigidaire Affinity washer in May 2009. I had done some research and found rebate information online for the washer we purchased. I filled out the paper work and supplied all requested information.

I received a postcard listing the reasons we would not get our rebate:
reason 67 Brand/Model # And/Or Serial # doesn't match receipt
reason 6 Req Info was missing from submission, Ex. Serial #

I pulled my copy of the submission to verify all information was correct and called the listed number [protected]. I was told the reason my rebate would not be coming is the store I purchased from, Sears, was not involved in the rebate program.

No where is there an indication a purchase must be made from a specific store. It seems if this is a requirement the form should indicate as such.

Does anyone ever get a rebate from these people?

electrical oven fire - poor customer service

We had an electrical oven fire on March 18, 2009 and had Electrolux send an adjuster to our home on April 20, 2009. They decided that we were to be issued a check for the amount of our oven. They have been stating that the check is in the mail for the last 3 weeks. I have faxed receipts and documentation. My family and I have been without an oven for 77 days. This is unacceptable and I feel like Electrolux truly doesn't care. We have not heard anything from the person handling our file # and I have left voicemail for her with no calls back. The insurance adjuster claims that there have been vacations etc... and that is why we haven't received our check. We've missed holiday dinners, birthday dinners and daily meals because of this incredible inconvenience. I can't begin to know what more this problem has costs us. We are all out of patience. This is the level of their customer service...TERRIBLE!

  • Re
    Retailer Jun 02, 2009

    Where did you buy the oven? If it was within the retailer return warranty they should compensate you and then seek their compensation from Electrolux.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Blake Jun 02, 2009

    It was purchased from Sears. Electrolux manufactured the oven and Sears turned it over to their insurance company who in turn turned it over to Electrolux. They are a self insured company. Everything went smoothly and the oven was found to be defective. (On a side note the oven was off when the fire occured. This should be a recall. Luckily our home didn't burn down.) It is a case of very poor, slow customer service, no follow through.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Blake Jun 30, 2009

    Update! We received a check for the full amount of the purchase price of the oven from Electrolux. No apology or product recall. At least we were heard. This was 97 days after the incident. If you are looking for great customer service I would look much further. These factors all went into our pick of where to buy our replacement oven. Retailers should really learn from these moments. Sadly, they don't. Consumers beware, you are your own advocate no matter what promises are made.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Consumer Oct 02, 2009

    This is so crazy! We have a very similar situation that we are going through right now with Electrolux. Back in May, I was cleaning my oven(a Kenmore purchased at Sears) when I cut my leg on the open oven door. The oven doors on a lot of Kenmores have very sharp edges, something I didn't notice until I was injured. Electrolux sent a claims adjuster to our home in June. He said he filed the complaint in early July(why it took so long, I don't know). We have still, to this day, not heard anything from Electrolux as to when we will receive compensation or if they've even made a determination in our case. The woman in the Risk Management department has not returned any of my calls. She is working out of the Cleveland office, I'm wondering if it is the same person you guys were dealing with-HH are her initials. At any rate, it seems that based on our experience and yours, this is standard operating procedure for this company. Very poor customer service indeed!

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We bought a high end electrolux high speed oven and matching self cleaning oven and with in 6 months the high speed oven didn't work. We phoned to have it repaired under their 1 year warranty but they said the warranty is invalid because we took the sticker off inside the oven door that has the serial number on it. I've also took the sticker off of the self cleaning oven so they said we will not have a warranty on it either. Why would you put a sticker inside an oven door[ that did not say to not remove] with the heat of the oven? There is no other place on the oven that has the serial number- we have the model number with our receipt but they say that will not cover the warranty. Is there any else we can do? Doreen Smith @ [protected] [ Plus they want us to pay 500.00 for parts ordered and to pay for the service call.]

  • Kn
    k n corporate services May 02, 2008

    There is no contact number for this company. to whom we should contact for service?
    who will take care of this products in Hyderbad?
    let us know.

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  • Re
    Really Cooked Feb 09, 2010

    Wish I read more about Electrolux before buying--I regret my purchases.
    Their products seem designed well with user in mind.
    I purchased two different high end appliances:
    High Speed Wall Oven (model E30So75FPS)
    Professional Wall Oven (model E3oEW75EPS).
    I have had problems from the start but Electrolux phone customer service is horrible.
    I gave up for awhile but finally got them to issue warranty service.
    Our wall oven does not heat evenly & the High Speed oven sparks and is literally scorching the metal housing sometimes sending lightning bolts thru the unit as it operates.
    Both of the appliances I purchased have significant problems.
    I've had their "top rated" warranty service techs out multiple times.
    Multiple service techs state can't be fixed & need to be replaced.
    Electrolux refuses to act after their techs & engineers determine can't be fixed in the field.
    We've repeated this process multiple times but Electrolux still won't approve replacement.
    One engineer told me to avoid baking pastries and then it won't seem so bad--are they NUTS!
    1) I don't bak pastries. 2) If I wanted to I should be able to do so.
    I was promised I'd have an answer in 2 days & the service tech would personally fight this battle for me--I didn't need to do anything. It's been more than a week and I'm days away from the end of my warranty period and no one will return my calls.

    Electrolux has deplorable service and doesn't back up their product---but they are great at taking your money!
    Unless you have money to burn & time to waste don't buy Electrolux products.

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bad product

We have a frigidaire ultraquiet 111 with pots & pans heavy wash cycle. We were told that this would do all the heavy washing without pre rinsing. I have to pre wash all heavy soiled dishes or they come out still soiled and some of the soil is on other dishes. 2 visits from service men and numerous phone calls. All I get is that government standards are different now and blah blah blah. I would not purchase any appliance manufactured by frigidaire or company related to them again.
I should have had my old ge portable dishwasher repaired. By that I mean, new gasket and cleaned any and all the system that could be cleaned. It worked 4 times better than this new frigidaire.
The only two good things about the new frigidaire, are, quieter and uses less water. Maybe the less water is part of the problem of not cleaning well.

  • Ch
    Chris Polk Jun 11, 2009

    I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look in to this matter in order to do so please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter? Again I regret the disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

    Chris Polk
    Escalation Specialist
    Electrolux Major Appliances
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    mikromicke Apr 28, 2010

    I absolutely agree that it's a bad product. We have to wash our dishes by hand very often after having the washed in the washing machine. It also leaks water on to the floor through the seal on the door and makes a lot of noise!

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