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washer front load

I have a Sears/kenmore (Electolux/Frigidaire)Front Load Washer that just cratered July16/10 which I purchased in 2003. I had a repairman come same day. $75.00 service call for less than a minute evaluation. The tubspin drum support support let go and two out of three of the support arms broke. If you could just imagine the noise this made with a stainless steel drum spinning full speed out of control. The repairman told me he has changed many of these because they are a defective part. The part in Question has a 25yr warranty but the labour is $300.00. Plus it will probably cost more because when this part fails the bearings can fail and drum can cut into plastic housing which is your seal. It will take a month for part delivery so we are without a washer.
After numerous talks with Sears and continous research of same complaints I CANNOT believe this wasn't a recall. What company can just ignores something they knew about and allow all us customers to go through the same thing. Just sit back and wait for a part ot break so it can cause more damage. When I found a website that had over 700 complaints for the same thing, I contacted Electrolux/Frigidaire myself.
The lady I spoke with was very rude and on the defense right away. I asked her why this was not a recall. I got
the impression she just did not care. She said, I should be thankfull I got 6/7 yrs out of it. I responded if the machine did not have a defect I might have got 12/15 yrs out of it.
She told me that when Kenmore request to have an appliance manufacturered by Frigidaire that as soon as that unit leaves their shop it is Sears/Kenmores problem.
That's when I started getting choked. I said you made this product and it should be your responsiblity to take the appropriate steps to fix this crew up.
I usually go out of my way to buy the best of the best so I can get a product that will last. I thought Frigidaire had that Quality when I bought this washer & dryer, was I wrong.
Right now I am still without a washer and would like someone from Sears/Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire
to restore my faith in customer care and get me into a washer that works.
Who ever is in charge for customer service & complaints better start reading & acknowledging these complaints otherwise you will be out of business sooner than you think.

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    jamielc Jul 25, 2010
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    Verified customer

    well what brand is it those are 3 different brands 2 may be made at the same facility but is not held to the same standards as the other

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my frigidaire refrigerator inside door keeps cracking

My frigidaire refrigerator inside door keeps cracking! the inside door is useless. the rack holders have fallen off and the material (thin plastic) is now in eight peices!!! it is so ugly and so useless. So much for thinking I was buying a reputable refrigerator. Other than that it keeps food cold. Big Deal-it has become something to put all in amazement when we look at it everyday!I wish Fridgidaire woud fix it.

poor service

This letter is to complain about the quality of service (or lack there of) that we have been receiving from The Brick Warehouse (William Kitchen Road). This past February 2010 we purchased a Frigidaire Professional (FPHS287F) refrigerator at The Brick Warehouse on William Kitchen Road, Scarborough, Ontario Canada. The process to make the purchase was a relatively pleasant experience. The salesman and the store manager were professional and we were happy at the time with our decision to use The Brick.

However, this very quickly changed. About 2 weeks after we took delivery of the fridge we noticed that water was dripping on the floor. We called The Brick and we were informed that we have to call Trans Global. A service call was scheduled and the technician diagnosed the drip pan as the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, he did not have the part and another service call had to be scheduled. A few weeks later the pan was installed. This did not correct the issue. I spoke to the store manager asking about getting a replacement fridge as I did not think a brand new fridge should be leaking. He however, told me that I have to contact Trans Global and they will determine if the fridge has to be replaced. I called Trans Global and they said that it is up to The Brick to decide to replace the fridge. No one was taking any responsibility and I was stuck with a leaking $2, 000.00 fridge.

Another call was placed with Trans Global. This time the technician said it was the hose that leads to the drip pan "probably" had a hole. Of course, he did not have the part and another service call had to be scheduled. A few weeks later and another technician, this one actually seemed to know what he was doing. He diagnosed the problem as a factory defect with how the hose installed. The hose was not correctly installed and the water was dripping on the outside of the hose instead of on the inside. He said it needed major repairs and he could not do it by himself and another service call would have to be scheduled. We are not prepared to have a 3 month old fridge undergo major repairs and are tired of the service calls and the inconvenience. Each service call required a vacation day from work and I have to empty and repack the fridge.

We contacted the store manager at The Brick on May 21, 2010 informing him that the technician has indicated that the fridge has a factory defect and that we would like a replacement. He said that there are none in stock but he will place an order and we should have it in about a week. Needless the replacement was not delivered in the time it was promised nor did anyone from The Brick get back to us on the new delivery time.

The replacement fridge was finally delivered on June 19, 2010 by two very unprofessional delivery guys and they had hung the doors incorrectly. The left side door had a huge gap between the hinge and the hinge cover and the right side was lower than the left side. Unfortunately, we did not notice this until after they had left. Once we noticed the problem we contacted the delivery guy and his response was, "there is nothing I can do about it, contact the office. How is that for customer care? The following Monday after we hooked up the water line we found out the water valve on the brand spanking new fridge was faulty and was causing a very big leak when dispensing water.

So knowing the drill, we contacted Trans Global to schedule another service call for Tuesday June 22, 2010. This would now be the 5th service call and a 5th vacation day.. The technician confirmed that the water valve was broken and a new one has to be ordered and another service call would have to be scheduled. With regards to the doors, he fixed the gap between the hinge and the hinge cover on the left door and corrected the height by raising the height of the right door. However, the right door slips and makes a cracking sound when opened beyond 95 degrees.

On Wednesday June 23, 2010 we went into The Brick and spoke to the store manager informing him of the new issues and letting him know that this was not acceptable and wanted another replacement. However, the stock in the store is very limited based on our requirements on size, colour and features. The only comparable one (style, size, colour) was a Bosch. The store manager indicated that this is not an option because of the price difference and we would have to pay the difference. We figured that the price difference would compensate us for all of the frustration and inconvenience. The store manager however, said that this was not an option and we should find another one. He then left us and never came back. As we were leaving we saw him watching the FIFA World Cup. How is this for customer care?

The Operations Manager for the store was worse. He has been very arrogant and condescending during this entire episode. Since this saga began we have sent multiple emails to [protected] and to date we have yet to receive a response to any of them. How is this for customer care? We have spoken to the Operations Manager on a few occasions and he has been very unpleasant to deal with. At no time did he ever apologize for our inconvenience or show any empathy for our situation. His implications are that we are causing the issues ourselves and that we are blaming The Brick for the problems with the fridge. I told him that we are not blaming The Brick we are complaining about the lack of customer service. They are selling a product and they have a responsibility to provide service if/when the need arises. When told about the number of vacation days we had to take for the service calls he implied that is not his problem and that we should have scheduled the calls for the weekends. We tried but service calls on Saturdays are very difficult to get and we cannot wait for weeks to get the issue addressed. When told that we will take our complaint higher he laughed and said nothing will change as it will just come back to him anyway. How is this for customer care? When we asked about the Bosch fridge as a replacement he said that will never happen. He was not even willing to negotiate a price in good faith for all of the problems and inconvenience we experienced over the past 4 months. He has no business being in the sales and service industry as he has no concept of customer service and does a disservice to The Brick.

This was our first major purchase at The Brick and will certainly be the last one. We have decided to return the fridge and take our business elsewhere. I know that the loss of my business will not have any impact to The Brick but I will also share my experience with family and friends and anyone that will listen. The word will get out.

The Brick should consider changing their email address, [protected] as there is no evidence (as demonstrated by the store and operations managers at the William Kitchen store) that ‘customer care’ is a core business value of The Brick.

attention electrolux ceo - $30k worth of damage from defective part

Interested in covering for $30, 000 worth of water damage caused by a “defective” and...

refusal to honor warranty

Unbelievably Poor Warranty Lack of Service
10 months ago, I bought a condo. I am the first owner of the condo, although the building was 3 years old at the time. According to their "warranty", I had 1 year after my date of purchase. I immediately registered ALL of my appliances. Upon moving in, the refrigerator did not work. I immediately contacted a Frigidaire approved repair company. They REFUSED to service my appliance, because Frigidaire "had a history of not honoring warranties in the building". I called a second company, who came out, and sent a repair person. They had to make 3 visits to diagnose and repair the multiple problems with the refrigerator. Unfortunately for them, thus started our mutual 10 month odyssey into getting payment for them.
Once they repaired the refrigerator, I answered Frigidaire's SOLICITATION for me to buy a 3 year extended warranty (to this day, they continue to send me extended warranty solicitations for all my other appliances).
Once the repair company called me and told me they couldn't get paid, I began working with them to get them paid. They said that they needed my close of escrow paperwork to prove when I moved in. I gave it to them. Thus began the ridiculous 10 months of BS from Frigidaire. Here are the excuses that they have given us for not paying (even though I now had a document that showed my COE date and the 3 year extended warranty I bought at their solicitation):

1) The COE documents were insurance papers not escrow papers (because the escrow company as "title INSURANCE" in its name)
2) I actually bought the condo in 2006 when it was built not 2009
3) I not only bought the condo then, I had it repaired in 2006 (and they had my signature to prove it, which they would never produce)
3a) The company that serviced it according to them was 175 miles from the condo
4) I fraudulently bought the extended warranty claiming that I bought the condo in 2009 when it was actually 2006. Therefore, even if the extended warranty WOULD have still been in effect, they were cancelling my extended warranty for fraud and sending me a refund (I will say, I just got the refund)
5) That the condo I bought had once been an apartment and the warranty expired during the occupants' tenancy (it was built as condos, period)
When I called Frigidaire myself, I was told that the person I was speaking with HAD NO SUPERVISOR. As I told her, I didn't think the CEO of Electrolux was a woman named "Ashanti". She merely repeated that I had signed a service order in 2006 from a company in San Diego (175 miles from me) but refused to produce any evidence.
After this, the builder of my condo got involved, contacted Frigidaire, and told them that it had never been an apartment, and I was the first purchaser of the condo.
Their next excuse, prior to finally paying the service company, was that I had left the date of purchase BLANK when I registered online, and that they had used the build date + 1 year to come up with the warranty period. GREAT LIE number 7. The reality is that A) you can't register an appliance online without a date and B) the date appears on the extended warranty they sold me.

CONCLUSION: I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ELECTROLUX product again. I'm going straight to Kenmore (unless I get rich), because I've never had a problem with Kenmore appliances or warranty. Electrolux sucks in every way.

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    Norkus Dec 13, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Don't buy this product!! I purchased this oven 6 mos ago & after using the self-cleaning feature on this stove for the 1st time there was brown seepage at the base between the oven door and glass. I called the company to complain and was given the run around! They refuse to take responsibility and wanted to send me instructions on how to remove the door & glass to clean it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that there is a problem with the seal around the oven glass. ARE THEY KIDDING ME?!!! Had I known this, I would never have purchased their product. I want to warn all consumers who are considering the purchase of Frigidaire products that they don't stand behind their product line! According to the customer service representative's this is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? WHAT!!!??? They insult my intelligence if they think that I am going to accept their ridiculous excuses as to why this could have happened! Yet replacing the door is not covered under their warranty when they know that it will happen? The oven door is now ugly and unsightly and I am not physically capable of removing the door, screws, bolts, and glass to clean up this mess!!! in addition to putting it back together again!! Okay, so why not add in their "Use & Care Manual" that after using the self-clean feature there will be seepage of sediments between the door and glass making it necessary to remove & disassemble the door to clean it each time I use the self cleaning feature!!! How many consumers would purchase their product after reading that? NONE!! SHAME ON ELECTROLUX-FRIGIDAIRE FOR KEEPING THIS INFORMATION FROM THE CONSUMER WHO THINKS THEY ARE MAKING A GOOD CHOICE! I am not a mechanic and I should not have to dismantle this door if your product is defective!! In addition there are other complaints about this product listed at this site with the same problem! If they replace my oven door with one that doesn't seep then I will indeed rescind this message, until then it will remain for all consumers to be made aware of this defect in this oven! BTW I replaced my 11 year old-self cleaning oven with this one and this never happened when I used the self cleaning feature! So what they said to me is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

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refrigerator dff40

Purchased this unit on 18/04/2004, it was giving good
service till mid of 2009, but now it becomes an
headache, it develops a fault that is un repairable or
not properly understood by the team of your engineers
& mechanics. The complaint is as under;
* Once the unit DFF-40 stops at the set temperature
it does not take restart automatically even after a
long time gap & the temp rises & destroy the food
stored inside.
* The complaint was made to Customer Care, no body
came for few days but in the mean time we notice
that when we restart the unit from the mains, it
starts working. We make it a habit to restart from
the mains, every time it stops.
* On the visit of your engineer we gave the feed-back,
it took weeks for him to decide the course of action.
First he requested to keep the unit shut/off-line for
48 hours but this dose does not improve the behavior
/ health of the unit and the problem continues. Then
he changes the SSR on cost but it does not work. Next
time he took the PCB for check-up to your service
center and got it repaired, on cost. But with his each
effort, the problem worsened.
* Now the unit is without any heart-beats, even our
personal emergency calls to your service engineer does
not get any attention. Once he told us that the nature
of complaint has been sent to company & he is waiting
for instructions and a visit by other engineers. For
your information we are still waiting for that moment.
* Please arrange some help to revive the unit or make
arrangements to dispose off the body.
* If you think the unit have a life-span of Five years
only then please make a point to print it in your
literature for the benefit of the would be customers.
* Awaiting your reply.

  • Vi
    Viki Rao Jan 16, 2012

    I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Aurora. I too am facing the same problem with my DFF-40 (bought in April 2005 at Vijay sales Mumbai) for the last 2 months. The company engineer has come by 4 times & NOW finally says that because this model is no longer being manufactured, the spare parts i.e the PCB board & the sensors, in my case, are NOT available!!! What am I to do????? No refigerator can be called old after only 7 years of usage ! So ELECTROLUX, please do something.

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  • He
    hemishh May 21, 2017

    so, anyone get solutions for the same problem of DFF40? i am facing now the same situation.
    if any engineer person has solution abt the same please contact 09879585859

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We bought a brand new glass top stove of the Frigdaire mark in 2017. The warmer burner never worked from day...

compressor failing

Seven year-old Frigidaire side-by-side has compressor dying. Many have expressed complaints about this defective products but Frigidaire does not care (warranty expired, so you are on your own). When a top-of-the-line fridge has a compressor dying, it means it was a defective product and the company should stand behind. I am fighting to get the repair done under warranty but customer service declined. They offered 20% to purchase a new fridge: I am not going to buy another defective product, despite the discount - thanks!

heat pump

I have been very unhappy with the performance of my Frigidaire Heat pump.(model FT4bd-036k and model B5VM-936k-B) My old heat pump was over 20 years old when it failed. My new Frigidaire was suppose to be 4 times more efficient being a seer 13. The first summer my light bill over doubled even after raising the thermostat to 78. ( I used to keep it at 68) The same thing in the winter. In the past 15 years at this house my electric bill never was higher than 150 dollars, and that was keeping the thermostat at 70. How with the thermostatic set at 63 I have a 300 dollar bill. I have complained to the installer and they could find nothing wrong. I have even had a competing company come in and look at it. No-one can find anything wrong with it. But something is wrong. It will run all day even in 45 degree weather just to keep the house at 63.
Can you forward this to someone that will be will to help find out what is wrong.
Thank you
Kenneth Hick

  • Ts
    T Sayre Dec 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I to have a 13 seer Heat Pump was told its the greatest, now 3 years later I am replacing the coil unit because it leaks. What ever happen to Frigidaire they use to run foever and not brake down. Is this the new and improved way of doing business through China products not being monitored by there customer for quality. I think its a shame to have faithful customer and loyal customers continuing to buy your products because they thought they could trust it. NOT anymore, its the get rich take advantage of the consumer once again.Who knows how much Electricity was used for this piece of crap to opporate over the three years I had it. Yea they pay for a replacement coil but do you know how much work is involved to replace it? They have to take out the unit from you house and take it in to have, the so called GOOD ONE put in. Who knows how long this one will last ( good $1, 000 out the window). Take off of work for two days, once when taking it out and then again to put it back. Of corce this happen in the winter time so now you have no heat or you have to use little heaters in ever room to heat the house warm so you don't freeze. All added to electricity use. I'll bet the electric company has a share in stock in YOUR Frigidaire Company (Nordyne). I am very dissatified with the whole thing. I can't afford to throw the whole thing out and start over. I just lost a couple of thousand dollars. Oh will, pass it on to the next consumer. Thanks but no thanks TS

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  • 12
    12451j May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same here new unit put in in 2008. Coli was leaking fro the factory and ha to be replaced, the today 5/10/2011 found out the ball valve has failed.
    My cost is almost 800.00 dollars to fix...this is one piece of crap. I have contacted several folks that had this unit installed with the similar results. We are getting everyone's information to look into the of class action litigation.

    [email protected]

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  • Pb
    pbisim88 Jul 31, 2015

    Coils leaks. 4 years after install.
    [email protected]

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can we act against denied warranties & service?

I've read the complaints about Electrolux appliance failures and Electolux's poor response. They...

defective product

I purchased a Frigidaire/Electrolux dishwasher in November of 2009. It lasted for about a week and began making a terrible noise. The noise was coming from an electric motor. I had the dealer replace the machine with a new dishwasher which was the same Frigidair model. I installed the new one. It began making the same noise in just a few weeks. I did an internet search to find a lot of people had the same problem. I called the manufacturer and they offered a repair. Since I had replaced the dishwasher once and had the same problem, I wanted a refund. The manufacturer refused. My only choice was to take a day off of work to meet a repairman at my home. I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing a Frigidaire dishwasher. These are shoddy products. If you are busy like I am, you won't want to take time off work and deal with a repairman who could care less about respecting your home or your personal schedule. BUYER BEWARE!!

auto frost free not working from bigning.

Dear sir, I had purchase by bad luckly the electrolux freeze m-ozone fd-230 lt. Ekl 235 ff on dated 16.04.2004 sl. No. 3308598. After completing its warranty we had facing problem regularly & take paid service from your service center time to time. They always assured us to now you'll not facing problem again. Your service boys said us that this machine has already manufactring defect by the company. Lastly the machine we send to the service center on dt. 7thdec 09. And didnt come back till today at our home. They are saying that now machine can not reapair. So you are requested to do exchang the freeze with single door system as per your next choice. Pls. Look into my problem and do needful. Thanks and hope,

Madan ram gupta.
Santosh opticals & watches, 30 shanti bhawan market, bank more dhanbad.826001. [protected]. [protected].

dryer caught fire

Our 3.5 yr old Frigidaire dryer caught fire. Luckily we were home so were able to get unplug it in time. It sounds like the motor froze up. I noticed earlier it was making a whirring noise and the drum wasn't rotating. We religiously clean our lint filter and the lint filter exhaust. VERY dangerous appliance!

  • Tt
    ttrottot Jul 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have a brand new Frigidaire and the dryer caught last night had my mom not walked in smelt smoke 6 of us may have died .I called Frigidaire and told them the thing caught fire and had someone not caught it well I prolly wouldnt be here typing this now BEWARE model # GLEQ2152ES1 is a fire hazard 2nd fire in 2 mos called to have it removed .This thing is dangerous...

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  • Ju
    Justin M Nov 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our Frigidaire dyer went up in flames last week. Major damage through out the house. The fire investigator determined the fire started at the heating mechanism and said this is a faulty product. ALL FRIGIDAIRE DRYER OWNERS PLEASE BEWARE. We were lucky enough to get our kids and pets out of the house, but it's only because we acted in a matter of seconds.

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  • Ra
    RalphT Feb 13, 2012

    Our first figidaire dryer(3 and half years ago) caught fire at 4:oo AM while we were sleeping. We were lucky that I was awoken by my dog and the smell of smoke, so the damage was confined to smoke damage and local discoloration of the paint on our washing machine. We subsequentially purchased a similiar machine Frigidaire (insurance covered the cost totally) and we had another fire. The machine was just turned on, a grinding noise was hear, and the machine was turn off, then fire was seen in the back of the machine. We had a fire extingisher in the laundry room and were able to put out the fire immediately.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Simpson Mar 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Eight weeks ago my Frigidaire dryer caught on fire, burned my home as well as doing significant smoke damage to my home. I was one dryer load away from going to bed. My toddlers bedroom sits above the garage where the fire started and sustained significant damage. Thankfully we were awake and were able to get out of the home. My toddler has been traumatized by this event. Frigidaire is lucky the fire did not harm my son...especially knowing there are issues with their dryers. SHAME ON YOU.

    Thank you Huntington Beach Fire Department! You are the best!

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Susan Sep 23, 2013

    Our house almost burnt to the ground! If my husband and son had not ran to turn off the gas and electric when they did. Our frigidaire/Electrolux caught on fire when we were getting ready to leave for the day. 2005 Model from ABC Warehouse. Husband yelled everyone out of the house now call 911 I can't put it out it's fully engulfed in flames. 3 fire trucks 12 firefighters later, extensive smoke & water damage. Why have these not been RECALLED? No lint we always clean it out, even all vent piping all the way to the outside. I am still in shock from this experience. State Farm has been wonderful. I hope this stops soon. These need to be RECALLED! Shame on Frigidaire & Electrolux! Motor is defective! Thank god no one was hurt or killed & animals were saved.

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noisy & leaks

I only replaced my dishwasher because it was noisy ~ it worked fine. I replaced it with the Frigidaire 4000 Series with AquaSurge.. supposed to be quiet. HA!! This thing is so noisy it's just down right annoying!! Sounds like a grinding or the motor is going to slow or something. It also leaves a puddle on my floor in the corner. I saw the sales associate and he said he was going to contact service for me. He never did. We called the store and was told to call somewhere else which the people didn't even speak English. We were given a list of 3 people we could call to service the dishwasher but none of them will come to our house because it's "to far". I bought this dishwasher hoping it would be quiet, it certainly wasn't cheap. I will never buy Frigidaire again. I have to keep calling to see if someone will come figure out why the heck this thing is so noisy!!!

poor refrigerators

In March of 2009 I purchased a refrigerator/freezer for my
> > garage from Lowe's. It is a model AS-17. Last week it stopped
> running.
> > All of the food in the top freezer defrosted and spoiled. I didn't
> have
> > filets and lobster in the freezer, but it was Lean Cuisine, Skinny
> > Cow Fudge bars, Bagel Bites, Cornish Hens, Orida French Fries andmore.
> This
> > was food that I paid for with money that I worked for. All lost and
> > trashed. I buy a product and it works for 9 months? Apparently,
> > according to therepairman, this refrigerator does not work in cold
> > weather. It can't make it in an Oklahoma winter? Where was the
> > sign
> or
> > sticker or the sales advice telling me that this fair-weather
> applicance
> > would only work in the sub-tropics?I am getting ready to replace my
> oven
> > and am wondering if a Frigidiare oven should even be considered
> > because it might have secret "conditions"in which it won't operate.
> > You should be ashamed of yourself for selling me such a product
> > without warning
> and
> > for all of the lost food I had to throw away.

To which these boobs responded:
Thank you for allowing Frigidaire to assist you. If you have further
> questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Consumer Care
> Center at [protected].
> Sincerely,
> Windy R.

And how would I know what it says in the Owner's Guide until I have
> purchased the refrigerator and have it in my garage? There was not a
> sign, sticker, warning, nothing on the unit at the store and it is
> just a hidden surprise that you get after the purchase is made.
> As I said, I question the reliability and overall quality of the
> Frigidaire line and will not be inclined to seek out your products in
> the future.
> If there is a garage kit available why don't you market it next to
> your products at the store and make people aware or better yet send me
> one as a token of your poor marketing.
> If this product needs an adapter then why do you sell it in this state
> at all because we certainly have cold and heat.
Tanisha Manuel now responds from Frigidarie that if I wanted a refrigerator for my garage that I should have purchased a commercial unit. Seriously? Let's count the number of people in the world that have refrigerators in their garages and they are not commercial units. How about you pull your head out of your refrigerator and admit that Frigidaire makes a crap product, your customer service is atrocious and before you anbswer complaints you should learn to spell.

  • Vi
    Virginiaar Feb 03, 2010

    We are having the exact problem, but the refrigerator is in our guest house. The temperatures inside the guest house are in the 60's. Frigidaire told me I have to buy a special part because the room is unheated. We have had other refrigerators in the same place and have never had a problem. When I responded that there was nothing indicating it had to be in a heated room to work properly, I was told I should have read the manual. That's ridiculous. You shouldn't have to read the manual for information like that. Besides, the manual is inside the sealed refrigerator, and you don't have access to it until the refrigerator is delivered and installed. A little late to find out that kind of information. Customer Service is of no help and they really don't care. What a disappointment in such a major company

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  • Ap
    appliance tech Feb 10, 2010

    I get service calls all winter long for the same complaint. it is not FRIGIDAIREs fault, no refrig will work in the garage unless it says it will. example is the whirlpool gladiator GARAGE refrig. also the douch bag salesman at the store said it would work fine .please see this link regarding such issues

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horrifying experience

Two years ago I purchased a Frigidaire Electrolux Galary Series Front Load washing machine.
As of a week ago, my washer stopped working due to what the error code read as a broken door lock. Upon notifying the company, I was informed that because the part I needed was on back order I had two choices. First, sit back and wait for the part or, accept a 60% rebate check to go purchase a new machine.
After thinking this over, I decided that 60% was unacceptable as I bought this washer in good faith that it would work for some time. I called the company back and after explaining my stance on the situation I was put on hold. Shortly after the operator came back on and said the part was there and I would receive it in three days.
Monday I received the part and it had nothing to do with my washing machine or its problem.
When I called the company for the third time, I was told the part I needed would not become available until February 6th. I was then offered another rebate for 70%.
Again I explained to the person on the other end that I do not feel I should have to spend 30% on a washing machine that I just bought 2 years ago. How is this fair?
He put me on hold for a while and returned with a list of three local handymen and told me I could try to get one of them to come over at my expense. However Electrolux would purchase the part if one of these men had it.
Later in the day, I called the company a fourth time. This time I was calling to find out how to override the test mode because I was told by a couple of other unsatisfied consumers that it may get the washer going.
Please understand, I have an 8 year old daughter and an 11 month old baby. Going to the laundromat with two children in tow is horrifying especially in the winter which is why I bought a washing machine 2 years ago.
After asking for the override information, I was put on hold and passed around 7 times until I finally insisted on speaking with a manager.
That is when a lovely gal named Tiffany came on the line. She offered me a $200 refund check for my laundromat troubles which I thought to be fair. She then said she had found the part and was going to overnight it to me. She had to double check for this and later in the evening she called me back to say she was successful in getting the part I needed.
Easy to say I was thrilled.
Today the part arrived. When I opened the box, there sat a large black oven door handle. Am I to assume I was being asked to beat my washing machine with it until it worked?
I called Tiffany and left her a message. I also called the company again and found myself back at square one, being told I am expected to wait what in the end will be a total month to fix a simple door lock issue on my washing machine.
$200 does not even come close to the costs this will incur.
Tiffany never returned my call.
I am going to summons whomever I have to in order to force the company to recall this product. After all, if this door lock is on such a long back order due to high demand, wouldn't that be a red flag insinuation that perhaps there is a serious problem here?
And why is this company getting away with all of this? From what I have seen so far, there are a ton of complaints regarding their customer service and accountability.

  • Br
    Brattleboro Vermont Apr 04, 2016

    I bought my Electralux washer dryer set & have hated it since I bought it. I have to have the repair man clean out the pump 4-6 times a year. The rubber seal in the opening is full of black mold and I now have a hole in the tub of the washer. The dryer squeaks and the whole set is worthless. I have only had it for 2-3 years. I thought I was buying myself a gift not a money pit. The repairman told me to replace it. "Not worth fixing" Just lovely.

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range oven design flaw

To: Robert e. Cook, ceo Frigidaire home products 7179 burning tree court Mobile, al [protected] Dear mr...

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vitesse all surface vacuum cleaner

Having attempted to persevere with this machine for a few months, I have finally come to the conclusion it is unusable.

It has a design fault at the point where the hose enters the dirt collection box: that is, it gets clogged up because there is insufficient clearance allowed at the entry point. This means that one gets about 2 uses of the machine before it will not pick up at all. When blocked it requires taking the collection box off to unblock that end, and also one has to unscrew the hose to clear the other end. Time consuming and frustrating.

Electrolux claim that it is up to the customer to wash the filter every week. I have brushed it regularly, which should be more than enough. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.

The customer services woman who responded to my complaint was not helpful at all..."We have sold 3 million of this model and never had a complaint". Unbelievable!

I recommend that noone touches this machine or this company.

frozen water line & produce - design defect

Electrolux EW23CS65G SXS Wave Touch Counter Depth fridge re-occurring problems with no solution from manufacturer.

Problems: In-door water line freezes solid and meat & produce keepers cause contents to freeze at factory recommended temperature settings.

6 service calls, 2 new Replacement fridges, 1 new replacement freezer door with no solution from Electrolux or Vendor.
1 yr later and lots of frustration, they still deny there is a problem.

Not good future for this new product line at a high price.

  • Pl
    plastic ice Mar 05, 2010

    I have an electrolux wave touch fridge and it's a real problem. Not a cheap appliance I thought I was buying semi top of the line appliance. Buyer beware this fridge is bad for your health. You may not notice this but the ice despenser despenses a little more than just ice. It flakes some plastic with the ice, and you would not even know it. I just happen to come across it. I have filed many complaints had the ice dispenser replaced three times. Finally the vendor gave us a new fridge, well wouldn't you just know it it has plastic in the ice as well.
    This is a real health hazard. We noticed it right away with the ice dispenser but not that it would be in the ice itself. my kids have been using the ice for a few months, and I thought the problem was solved. Now again notice it's not, it's in the ice. I think this is a real health concern. Please check your ice carefully, let it melt you will see the particles of non melting plastic in your water.

    the water seems to be clear of any plastic flakes but not the ice. check this out, and make sure you let the ice melt in a clean clear glass.

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  • Sk
    skminer Jan 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an Electrolux Wave Touch refrigerator that we bought 1 year ago. We have had continual problems with the ice maker and I never noticed the white plastic particles in the ice before I read this comment. I test the ice as described in the comment and discovered that we have the same problem. This is very alarming. I wonder if there is any solution? We have had every part of the ice maker replaced with new parts, so it may be that there is no solution.

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  • Be
    Belinda lyons Jun 28, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I have the EW23CS65G SXS fridge as well and just discovered a big rust spot on the back of the fridge behind where the ice maker is. The warranty specificaly excludes rust, even on the cabinet. The spot that is rusting is cold to the touch so there must be some insulation issue. The fridge is only 8 years old, was expensive and now is off to the junk pile because Electrolux takes no responsibility and the repair people say it can't be fixed. I just scrapped a dishwasher bought at the same time as the fridge (2009) because the control panel died. That was after having to replace the door seals ($500) because they were leaking when it was only 4 years old - poor design had the wheels of the bottom rack running over the rubber seals. I say AVOID ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES!.


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gas range

We purchased a Frigidaire freestanding gas range from Lowe's in October 2007.

In September 2008, I was wiping the white porcelain cooktop with a sponge and noticed shards of white porcelain on my sponge. The cooktop started to peel. I had an extended warranty from Lowe's and caled them. They told me I needed to deal with Frigidaire/Electrolux because it was under warranty.

I called them and they had me pick from three service companies and I made an appointment with one of them.

By the time the service man came, I noticed that the grey, porcelain coated iron grates were chipped, too.

The serviceman agreed there was a problem in the manufacturing process and called Frigidaire. They told him it was a cosmetic issue and not covered by their warranty. He left. I fumed.

I called Frigidaire/Electrolux and spoke to their joke of customer service department and gave up.

It is a year later, I'm still fuming. The grates and top are so badly chipped that I dread wiping the stove down.

We spend 6 months a year at our vacation home, my husband and I are empty nesters and don't feel that we are rough on our appliances. Never, ever could I recommend a Frigidaire/Electrolux appliance.