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spontanious exploding glass cook top

Purchased a frigidaire gas cook top model fgc3658hsa in nov 1999. On thanksgiving 2010 my kitchen was full with family and friends. My sister, oldest daughter and I were standing at the stove cooking. My oldest son asked us turn around to take a picture and within a couple of seconds my glass cook top spontaneously exploded sending hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of glass flying all over the counter top and floor. Luckily my 18 month old nephew who had just been playing on the floor only 3 feet away had moved. Fortunately no one was hurt, but I can't imagine what could have happened if we had not turned around just at that time. As far as our thanksgiving dinner, most of it was covered and I was able to salvage it.
My complaint is the fact that we have contacted frigidaire three times by email asking them to forward our emails to management so they can call us to resolve this issue. Management has not called us. We have only received reply emails suggesting to replace the glass and purchase a new warranty. Basically we have been told that we are on our own and there is nothing they can do. We are very reluctant to replace the glass again (At a cost of $600.00) because we have no guarantee that it won't happen again.

spontanious exploding glass cook top
spontanious exploding glass cook top
spontanious exploding glass cook top
spontanious exploding glass cook top
spontanious exploding glass cook top
spontanious exploding glass cook top

  • An
    ann o'k. Jan 30, 2012
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    I have a Frigidaire electric glass top range. My complaint is cosmetic. The glass top keeps developing black spots. They don't seem to affect the cooking ability of the stove but they make it look as though I never clean it. I only use recommended cleaners, have newer pots and pans which I also keep meticulously clean so I don't know what the problem is. The range is only two years old and I've already had the top replaced once for the same reason. After reading the other problems buyers have had I suppose I should be grateful. I also have a Frigidaire refrigerator which sounds like a Boeing taking off in my kitchen, and a dishwasher that needed the control panel replaced after a couple of months. Rest assured, next time I renovate my kitchen I will NOT be buying Frigidaire appliances.

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top glass broken

I have lodged a complaint about my washing machine a month back and we had 3 persons so far who have visited and had the same response 'the glass needs to be replaced and i have no spare ones on me, call the customer care and ask them to send someone else'. We call and explain in detail and they send another person who gives us the same reply.
I don't like to play this game, its frustrating and wastes my time.
If anyone is looking to buy a washing amchine, please do not go for a electrolux, their service is bad and quality is bad.

  • Ii
    IIM Raipur (CG) Dec 19, 2011

    The Company is not responding regarding complain registered on the helpline no.18602001212
    complain no.PRAI 0411110001 dtd 4.11.2011
    again repeat complain no.PRAI 0112110006 dtd 1.12.11 .
    The automatic washing machines (3Nos.) under guarantee and needs proper attendence

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faulty heating element

Purchased a Fridgidaire Dishwasher Model # NoTH64286933 a few years ago. I woke up on September 28th and smelled something very funny in my home. I went into the kitchen and the smell was awful. I opened the dishwasher to realize that the heating element never shut off. It melted everything in the dishwasher, the cabinets were burning hot, and the entire bottom of the dishwasher was melted. I turned the dishwasher on at 6:00 pm and when I woke up at 6:00 am the heating element was still running. My house could have burnt down. My husband called Fridgidaire to report the problem and they told us that nothing could be done. My home could have burnt down with myself and my 3 children in it. I will never purchase anything made by fridgidaire ever again.

  • Do
    Donna Dec 16, 2008

    My oven cooked fine for the first 3 months then I started noticing food took longer and the out side was cooking but the inside was either undercooked or raw.The first repair consisted of recalibrating, it seemed slightly better but then got worse again.The second service repairman ( a different company)pin pointed the problem, temp would go way up then down which explained why my food was cooking more on outside.H e recalibrated it the right way but after 2 weeks it's not cooking right again.I just called for another service call and waiting for their call tomorrow .My stove is just 7 months old and I've been cooking for 37 years and never had this problem before.Is anyone else having a problem with this?

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  • Su
    susureid Jan 28, 2009
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    Pd a fortune for the darned refriderator and it broke just after the warranty expired. It was purchased in 2002, but has been sitting unused in the home that my son occupies since then. I am a woman alone, and I need to get rid of it, guess I will have to sell it for scrap metal, since the repairman that I had to pay dearly just to come and give an estimate says it need a compressor. I could use it, but I dont have the money to pay for a new compressor. Any ideas?

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  • Ba
    Barabus Oct 07, 2010
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    We have a 4 months old Fridgidaire Pro series which already had 3 service calls. Vegies got frozen in the vegie section and now the mother board dies. We emailed and phone the customer service and never got the response back. Finally we get in touch with the rep and they said since the fridge is repairable, they are not going to replace it. This is a piece of junk, I never have a fridge need any repair in their life time, not to mention it's only 4 months old. I saw another posting regarding this fridge and they have the same problem with the mother board. It's a piece of junk, from Fridgidaire.

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  • Aj
    A. J. Minissale May 11, 2011

    Fridgidaire has a tremendous customer service policy. They will replace defective equipment if they can determine the cause of the malfunction. If they could figure out what was wrong, wouldn't they fix it? They repeatly have you arrange service calls at their expense to have someone troubleshoot the problem. In our case we have a 9 month old Fridgiaire dryer that takes 2 to 3 cycles to accepatably dry clothes. We have been going back and forth with the company for the last 4 month on this problem and their only solution is to have service techs keep coming out to try to repair it. DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS unless you want to have a live -in tech.

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  • Sh
    shorty j Dec 15, 2011

    My wife and I recently done new construction early this year. We upgrade the washer and dryer set because I wasn't please with the standard models the builder was offering. Mind you that upgrades are addition purchases that's wrapped into your thirty year mortgage. The affinity dryer that I had chosen lasted only nine months. I called the costumer service number, and they told me someone would come out and repair. That was all cool and dandy but I'm still spending money going to the laundry mat every week to dry, and put gas in the car to get there.. I called the costumer service rep back and express my disgust at this point because here's something I paid extra for and why can't I just have a new dryer since its only nine months old... Besides you only get a year warranty with the purchase. The rep told me nah but I could be quoted for a manufacturers warranty. I told her she'll love that, and that was ok because I won't be buying another Frigidaire product in the near future. Its just crazy how the quality of service is worth nothing today with products. You won't give me a new item but you'll sell me a warranty. Even best buy take their products back...

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  • Dr
    Drasmussen Nov 16, 2013

    Less than two years old, paid $1700 for this fridge less than 2 years ago. Front snaps right off crisper drawer. Lowes 4 yr appliance warranty does not cover parts. Frigidaire want me to spend $106. Pluss shipping to replace it... Two small bits of plastic hold the drawer together... Made In Mexico... Buyer beware, a lot of money for the quality of a cheap toy.

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new professional model does not work

Several weeks ago whle remodeling our kitchen, my wife ordered an exhaust, hood, an Electrolux double convection wall over (elec), and an Electrolux 6 burner professional-grade gas cooktop from Wholesale Appliance in Charleston, SC. We have, over the past 20+ years purchased almost 100% of your major appliances from this store. We have never before purchased anything Electrolux.

After the items were delivered, the spec sheet on the items were used to prepare the Corian countertop for the cooktop. Due to a difference between the specs and the actual measurements, the Corian had to be re-tooled after installation in order for the gass cooktop to fit.

It has now been over 3 weeks since the item was installed ... and it still DOES NOT WORK. Special technicians have bee out twice to look at, make adjustments to, or replace parts. It still DOES NOT WORK. We have spoken with both Wholesale Appliances and with Electrolux. Neither is willing to replace the item. We must first have another technician come out today --- I have beenwaiting now for over four (4) hours for his/her arrival --- with the "correct" tools to work on it again. Our dream kitchen has turned into a nightmare!

My recommendations to readers of this are two:

(1) Do NOT purchase anything Electrolux; and

(2) Do NOT purchase anything from Wholesale Appliances as they do not stand behind their products nor do they give any consideration to customers who continually have pruchased from them. If fact, regardless of the outcome today, I will now have a REPAIRED - not a NEW cooktop and I have been offered no refund from the original price for this now refurbished item.

Call me if you have any additional questions. I am in the book.

Williama E. "Edd" Richburg, Sr., MEd. MSN, RN
CDR, NC, USN-Retired

product flaws

I purchased an Electrolux EI23CS55GS1 Side by Side refrigerator on 10/2008. Keep in mind that the manufacturers warranty is 1 year. I have 3 reasons why I do not recommend that you waste your money on this product. First, there seems to be issues with the temperature on the refigeration side because milk or any other product that contains cream spoils quickly if it is placed on the top shelf. Although the front panel indicates 37 degrees fahrenheit, Ice seems to build on the internal side of the refigerator. If the milk products are placed on lower shelves, the milk products last slightly longer. Second, the refrigerator has 3 crispers which tend to freeze any contents that are placed in them, the middle crisper is the worst. Vegetables and fruit last approximately 2 days. On 6/2009, the front panel was replaced because of a malfunction that caused the touch panel to stop working (4 months left on manufacturers warranty). On 10/2010, the water dispenser stop working (No longer under waaranty). Electolux customer service was a total waste and they do not seem to understand or care about their product flaws.

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% year warranty & dryer breaks 1.4 yrs into contract

Like most Canadian’s we shop and think of Sears as a name brand that you can trust and depend on. That...

Oshawa Appliances


I purchased an Electrolux French Door Dec 09. First the motor on the ice maker went out and had to be replaced. Then the ice maker went out again and I woke up to water all over the floor and inside the frige. They came out and installed an upgrade kit. Problem continued on. Ice maker would work some days, some days it wouldn't. Water dispense the same, most of the time it would not work. The repair man and to take my fridge apart multiple times to put the blow dryer on it. Ok, so, I finally get a replacement, newer model, from Electrolux. Exactly one week later, the ice maker quits! How ridiculous is this. I will go to battle once more, but this time, no replacement, I want my money back so I can go buy a reliable product and it won;t be a fridgedair.electrolux product.

  • Li
    Lisara Jul 11, 2011
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    I am having the same problem with Electrolux but with their top of the line dishwasher!

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  • Ec
    Echoerica Jan 02, 2012
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    We are going through the same exact situation with a French Door fridge bought in March 2010. Our ice maker also went out and they put in the upgrade kit. Not that long after we found water all over our floors of which caused over $20k worth of damage! We had to fight tooth and nail with Electrolux for 3 months to get them to cut us a check for the damage. It was a nightmare on every process. Now we just found another water leak yesterday! This time there isn't as much damage since we caught it early...I can't believe it. I fully believe these fridge is a lemon. How did you get a new one? They refused to send us a new one. Although do I really want it?

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  • Je
    jeri m Jul 27, 2014
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    I purchased 5 Electrolux appliances for our new home. We are having problems with the frig sweating causing water accumulating on the floor. It soaked into the new floor, up the wall, and into our new $20, 000.00 cupboards..Electrolux repair person said the frig was not installed properly.. He took a detailed report and a lot of pictures of frig, and the damaged floor, wall, the cupboards. I have spent many hours each week on the phone with Electrolux and they just keep passing the buck from one department to another.I feel they have no regard for my time, the inconvenience, or damages there product caused. I have been going through this for 4 weeks now with no working frig and no real end in sight. They will not have a repeat customer in me. I will make a point in telling everyone I know that is in the market for a new appliance my experience.

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frigidaire affinity washers are pooorly built and they do not stand behind their products this also is true with the electrolux appliances

Fridgidaire and electrolux are both affialated appliance manufacturers who neither of the companies have quality appliances. You pay BIG money for pieces of crap appliances who the manufactures will not stand behind instead they say you should have bought a extended warranty for a appliance that is just out of warranty . I bought a whole electrolux kitchen for a new house and a new affinity washer and dryer this was in dec of 2008 we moved in the house this is sept of 2010 and so far they have had to replace my stove with a new one after having service man come and work onit the first 7 months also during the same time my dishwasher gave problems and at this point and time after fighting with electrolux I have not had a dishwasher for the past month waiting to see if they can fix it or if they will replace it . I also had problems with my washer from day one the door never closed right so instead of replacing the washer they kept sending out service man to adjust the door until finally the door broke off the stryker and the service man found the plate was broke to hold the door on the washer so I called them and they sent the PIECES AND PARTS for the service man so he can build the door back they refused to pay for the labor this is really wrong people spend alot of money of crap they throw together I would not recommend FRIDGIDAIRE or ELECTROLUX products for purchase to anyone unless the consumer wants to deal with a company who isnt interested in making sure you are happy and you have working equiptment .THIS IS THE WORSE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED SO PLEASE PASS THE WORD. I AM ALSO CONSIDERING TAKING A LOSS TO BE ABLE TO PAINT THE WASHER YELLOW AND WRITE LEMON ON IT AND PUT IT IN A VERY PUBLIC PLACE TO MAKE THE PUBLIC AWARE OF HOW LOUSY THESE COMPANIES TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND HOW BAD THESE APPLIANCES ACTUALLY ARE. It will be worth losing the 1300 dollars to make the public aware of this .

after sale service of product

Hi i am satish ihave purchased a washing machine on 09/04/2008 fromsymphony radio which is in sarojni nagar. there is some problem in my washing machine due to which i have approched to ur service centre the name is Royal refrigeration and is in east of kailash. ithink its ur authorized servicecentre in south delhi the concerned person name is manpreet bhatia he told me that my engineer will respond u on 09/09/2010 but than no one came to me than they told me that he will come on 10/09/2010 at 11 a.m i keep him trying his phone but he didnt respond me in the same manner Mr.manpreet also didnt respond me and was not picking my phone.they told me that i am supposed topay Rs250 as the warranty period is lapsed iam ready to pay that but than alsothey dont responded me is it the right way to deal with a customerand is it the way to give after sales service to the customer.i want an action against this what had happend to me.


In October of 2009 I purchased a Frigidaire washing machine and three year service agreement at Sears. The beginning of this summer I started having problems with the door not opening, leaving damp laundry in the washing machine. I had a lenghty phone conversation with a technician and after repeatedly unplugging and plugging in the machine it worked again. A few days later that same problem happened again and I made an appointment for a service technician to come and fix the washer, setting aside a 4 hour time block for the repair. On July 9 a technician came out to replace the washing machine door lock. A few days later the same problem happened and I made another appointment, waiting again a few days until another technician came on August 3. He told me that the control panel needed to be changed. That part had to be ordered. On August 17 the contral panel was replaced and the service technician assurred me that the problem was now fixed. He left and I tried to wash a load of laundry but... you guessed it, the door again did not open. I called Sears about one hour (or less) after the technician left and an appointment was made for another technician to come out the next day. On August 18 another technician came out and he told me that the technician from the previous day had not securely connected something. (The machine was working when that technician had tried it out.) The technician left and I tried to do the laundry but again the door would not open. I had been patient up until this point but now I wanted a new washer that would actually allow me to do laundry. I called Sears "4myhome" and talked to at least 6 people (some of them very friendly some not so much) but was told that the washing machine did not yet qualify for a replacement. I was told to make yet another appointment for a service technician to come out. That appointment is scheduled for August 24. In the meantime I have another damp load of laundry in my washing machine which I can not open even though I have unplugged it already several times.

  • SearsCare Aug 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear washing machine lemon,

    We are sorry to hear about the problems that you are experiencing with your washer. We can only imagine the frustration this has caused you. It is our goal to get your appliances to run properly when servicing and to exceed your expectations. This clearly has not been done for you and we would appreciate the opportunity to assist. My name is Scott and I work for the Sears Cares Escalations Team. At your convenience please contact my office via email at [email protected] so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the washer was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (washing machine lemon) in the email so we can reference to your case.

    Thank you,

    Scott J.
    Senior Case Manager
    Sears Cares

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till now I have not received any call from electrolux official or service agency

On 6th August 2009 i.e in less then 8 months its door latch is broken. It is to mention that in between we were out of station for about 4 months, that means the product could not work for mere 4 months.

We called the authorised service agency of Jamshedpur [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting on 6th August 09 and lodged the complaint. We followed up every day requesting to attend the complaint and give us the complaint no. for reference. On 14th August we called up the toll free no. of Electrolux and lodged the same complaint “microwave door latch broken”. On 17th August the local (Jamshedpur) service agency called us that complaint will be attended in a day or two. On request they give the complaint no. RN49814022 dated 14th August 09. We asked that the complaint has been lodged on 6th and everyday we have been speaking but the date of the complaint is 14th. The reply was that they dont have record of the complaint before 14th.

We followed up alternate day requesting to attend the complaint and in the last week of august one person came to inspect the microwave, enquired about date of purchase and went back assuring us that in a day or two it will be attended.

We have been calling alternate day as the standard reply was that the service engineer will reach today or tomorrow. On 25th September service engineer attended with some spare parts of the door, after one hour of effort he told that the door is not likely to be repaired as this model is not available. His personal opinion was that the microwave to be replaced as he is not in position to commit, he would communicate to the Electrolux.

We have been calling up service agency and 26th they advised us to directly contact Electrolux officials. On 27th October through service agency I could speak to the Electrolux official and he said that action has been taken to repair or replace the machine and in 10 days time it will happen. I arranged to get the name & mobile no of the Electrolux official Mr Ravi Chourasia [protected] and spoke to him on 6th November. He replied that he needs time to trace the details. On 9th November I called & he gave standard reply that in 10 days time machine should be replaced. On 18th November I again called up and the reply was that he will look in to the matter. I reminded him that the complaint is pending for more then 3 months and no visible commitment to resolve the matter, his reply is the matter has come to his notice recently and about the past he can't comment. I requested him to give me a call if he resolves the issue and as expected till now I have not received any call from Electrolux official or Service agency.

ice maker freezes

I purchased 5 electrolux appliances less than two years ago. The refrigerator has ice freezing on the ice maker and after it builds up the ice maker will not dispense ice. The microwave light bulb burned out over a year ago, and requires a service man to install the new bulb. Thus a new light bulb will cost no less than $75. I am a home economics teacher who has dealt with all brands of applicances in my 26 year career. I have always had to buy applicances that were in the mid range of cost, but thought these may be my last major appliance purchases so I want the best I can afford. I have now found that the old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly does not apply to electrolux appliances.

  • Sh
    Sheila frost Jan 30, 2012

    The teacher from Amarillo, Texas I feel your pain. I also bought Electrolux appliances 6 total and felt this would be my last purchase until I move into my retirement home. The way things are going Im thinking about what I will purchase after my extended warranty runs out.its so very sad when a company gets your money and won't help out with the ongoing problems that their product has. It's not like I'm making this up, from the first day I received my appliances I've had issues. Today marks the 38 repairman to come into my home. I could at this point write a book of all that I've had to have done with the short time I've had my Electrolux appliances.
    My question is, is there anything that I can do? I hope I've helped the next person out there from making the same mistake. I'm living proof that Electrolux sells junk!

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refrigerators are no good

I purchased the above refrigerator brand new on 4/11/2007 and it was not worth repairing on 7/27/2010. Model PLHT219TCB, Serial 4A71011121. I have never had problems with any refrigerator I have purchased, new or used, for over 30 years. My luck ran out as this was the first(and last) Frigidaire I have bought.

A Sears repair technician said it would cost over $400 to repair the damaged sealed system and suggested buying a new frige. He noticed how cheap this one was made when he was testing it out.

I was given hope when the Frigidaire customer service person in Georgia said that if the sealed system is broken then the 5 year warranty covers it except for labor and moving costs; all other parts are only covered for 1 year. I thought this was a great warranty and company!

They referred me to 3 authorized repair centers. I chose the first one based on YELP reviews and they said they would call Frigidaire to get an account number and validate the warranty. Sadly, the repair person told me that the sealed system is only covered for 5 years for purchases made before 2005 and that there was nothing else they could do. She went onto say that the customer service person I had spoken to (Lonnie) did not know what she was talking about.

Next, I called Frigidaire's customer service again to hear with my own ears and Rafael confirmed that I was SOL. I asked Rafael what he could do to stop me from bad mouthing Frigidaire and all he said was that I would have to pay for repairs on my own.

Judging from the other posts it's probably best that they have a crappy warranty so that you can move on faster and away from Fridigdaire.

  • Eb
    ebutler Oct 23, 2012

    i have the same problem and living in a rural environment it costs more for just a service call than the original price of the refrigerator. I will tell everyone I know never ever to purchase Frigidare products

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disaster side by side frigidaire ref

Sent: 07/23/10 06:14:24
Subject: Customer Service Issues
Posted on 7/23/2010 12:14:23 PM
Message Type = Contact Webmaster

Model Number = FRRC25V8DS9
Serial Number = LA53327606
Purchase Date = july 2006

Customer Information
Subject = i am an accountant. i have so many friends whom i can share my
desperation. i will report to the domestic trade and industry if at this time
you will not act on my report.

Message = we purchased the product last july 2006 if i'm not mistaken. since
then we were not able to use the product very well. the water dispenser was not
properly installed. then barely one year the product did not operate well.
according to the servicemen, because of power flactuation, then we were advised
to use a an Automatic Voltage Regulator. We did! but not so long after the unit
did not operate again. we call a servicemen who came to check the unit after six

months just to advise us that there was a trouble on a unit that regulates the
power. he asked us to report it in your makati, philippines office, which we
did. according to that office the particular unit will be ordered at the main.
that was already a year ago. since then we have not been using the unit. we are
very frustrated since the refrigerator is my dream one. a side-by-side
refrigerator which i did not expect to give me so much head ache and heart ache.

it is so expensive and yet so troublesome. please, please, please help us. your
servicemen are so irresponsible! even your branch is so irresponsible! they are
very much aware that we are having trouble and yet they did not act very
promptly. why do you keep on selling the unit when you cannot even repair or no
parts available to repair in case of trouble. HU Hu HU. i am so desperate.

First name = violeta
Last name = casaje
Email address = [protected]
Phone Number = +[protected]
Address 1 = palapat road
Address 2 = brgy palapat
City = hagonoy, bulacan, philippines

no frost freezer collecting frost on the roof n sides of the freezer compartment

my no frost fridge collects ice on the roof n sides of the freezer compartment. the fridge was taken for repairs but this is still happening.
The company says its normal! ?????????

very poor quality refrigerator

The refrigerator was seldom used and mostly kept switched off initially for nearly 1 year. After that I was transferred to Bangalore and I started using the refrigerator. However on 1st use it was not cooling. When I asked them to send a mechaninc in April it took them 2 weeks to send a mechanic after hundreds of calls. Then they said they have the gas but some other part is not available and it will take a week to get the same from their factory in North India. I waited with several reminders to them for nearly 3 weeks or more and finally after a lot of harrassment I called their H.O. and started complaints. They arranged for the same to be changed with a charge of more than Rs. 2000/-. Again after 2 weeks it was not working and they came and again charged me for the repair as service charges. Again after 1 or 2 weeks it was not cooling. This time they came and cahnged a fan in the refrigerator stating that it will be working now. They asked me to pay for the same which I did. Again after 1 week it was not working and I really kept on hounding them and imploring them to help me out. Still they kept on charging me every time they came. Finally on 3rd of september I started noting down the number of times Ihave been calling them and whom I have been speaking to. I am now noting all details and am ready that if they do not take immeidate action I will file a consumer case against them.

control panel malfunction

On the stand alone Frigidaire gas range, the vent for the oven is immediately below the touch control panel...

washer front load

I have a Sears/kenmore (Electolux/Frigidaire)Front Load Washer that just cratered July16/10 which I purchased in 2003. I had a repairman come same day. $75.00 service call for less than a minute evaluation. The tubspin drum support support let go and two out of three of the support arms broke. If you could just imagine the noise this made with a stainless steel drum spinning full speed out of control. The repairman told me he has changed many of these because they are a defective part. The part in Question has a 25yr warranty but the labour is $300.00. Plus it will probably cost more because when this part fails the bearings can fail and drum can cut into plastic housing which is your seal. It will take a month for part delivery so we are without a washer.
After numerous talks with Sears and continous research of same complaints I CANNOT believe this wasn't a recall. What company can just ignores something they knew about and allow all us customers to go through the same thing. Just sit back and wait for a part ot break so it can cause more damage. When I found a website that had over 700 complaints for the same thing, I contacted Electrolux/Frigidaire myself.
The lady I spoke with was very rude and on the defense right away. I asked her why this was not a recall. I got
the impression she just did not care. She said, I should be thankfull I got 6/7 yrs out of it. I responded if the machine did not have a defect I might have got 12/15 yrs out of it.
She told me that when Kenmore request to have an appliance manufacturered by Frigidaire that as soon as that unit leaves their shop it is Sears/Kenmores problem.
That's when I started getting choked. I said you made this product and it should be your responsiblity to take the appropriate steps to fix this crew up.
I usually go out of my way to buy the best of the best so I can get a product that will last. I thought Frigidaire had that Quality when I bought this washer & dryer, was I wrong.
Right now I am still without a washer and would like someone from Sears/Kenmore/Electrolux/Frigidaire
to restore my faith in customer care and get me into a washer that works.
Who ever is in charge for customer service & complaints better start reading & acknowledging these complaints otherwise you will be out of business sooner than you think.

  • Ja
    jamielc Jul 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well what brand is it those are 3 different brands 2 may be made at the same facility but is not held to the same standards as the other

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my frigidaire refrigerator inside door keeps cracking

My frigidaire refrigerator inside door keeps cracking! the inside door is useless. the rack holders have fallen off and the material (thin plastic) is now in eight peices!!! it is so ugly and so useless. So much for thinking I was buying a reputable refrigerator. Other than that it keeps food cold. Big Deal-it has become something to put all in amazement when we look at it everyday!I wish Fridgidaire woud fix it.

poor service

This letter is to complain about the quality of service (or lack there of) that we have been receiving from The Brick Warehouse (William Kitchen Road). This past February 2010 we purchased a Frigidaire Professional (FPHS287F) refrigerator at The Brick Warehouse on William Kitchen Road, Scarborough, Ontario Canada. The process to make the purchase was a relatively pleasant experience. The salesman and the store manager were professional and we were happy at the time with our decision to use The Brick.

However, this very quickly changed. About 2 weeks after we took delivery of the fridge we noticed that water was dripping on the floor. We called The Brick and we were informed that we have to call Trans Global. A service call was scheduled and the technician diagnosed the drip pan as the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, he did not have the part and another service call had to be scheduled. A few weeks later the pan was installed. This did not correct the issue. I spoke to the store manager asking about getting a replacement fridge as I did not think a brand new fridge should be leaking. He however, told me that I have to contact Trans Global and they will determine if the fridge has to be replaced. I called Trans Global and they said that it is up to The Brick to decide to replace the fridge. No one was taking any responsibility and I was stuck with a leaking $2, 000.00 fridge.

Another call was placed with Trans Global. This time the technician said it was the hose that leads to the drip pan "probably" had a hole. Of course, he did not have the part and another service call had to be scheduled. A few weeks later and another technician, this one actually seemed to know what he was doing. He diagnosed the problem as a factory defect with how the hose installed. The hose was not correctly installed and the water was dripping on the outside of the hose instead of on the inside. He said it needed major repairs and he could not do it by himself and another service call would have to be scheduled. We are not prepared to have a 3 month old fridge undergo major repairs and are tired of the service calls and the inconvenience. Each service call required a vacation day from work and I have to empty and repack the fridge.

We contacted the store manager at The Brick on May 21, 2010 informing him that the technician has indicated that the fridge has a factory defect and that we would like a replacement. He said that there are none in stock but he will place an order and we should have it in about a week. Needless the replacement was not delivered in the time it was promised nor did anyone from The Brick get back to us on the new delivery time.

The replacement fridge was finally delivered on June 19, 2010 by two very unprofessional delivery guys and they had hung the doors incorrectly. The left side door had a huge gap between the hinge and the hinge cover and the right side was lower than the left side. Unfortunately, we did not notice this until after they had left. Once we noticed the problem we contacted the delivery guy and his response was, "there is nothing I can do about it, contact the office. How is that for customer care? The following Monday after we hooked up the water line we found out the water valve on the brand spanking new fridge was faulty and was causing a very big leak when dispensing water.

So knowing the drill, we contacted Trans Global to schedule another service call for Tuesday June 22, 2010. This would now be the 5th service call and a 5th vacation day.. The technician confirmed that the water valve was broken and a new one has to be ordered and another service call would have to be scheduled. With regards to the doors, he fixed the gap between the hinge and the hinge cover on the left door and corrected the height by raising the height of the right door. However, the right door slips and makes a cracking sound when opened beyond 95 degrees.

On Wednesday June 23, 2010 we went into The Brick and spoke to the store manager informing him of the new issues and letting him know that this was not acceptable and wanted another replacement. However, the stock in the store is very limited based on our requirements on size, colour and features. The only comparable one (style, size, colour) was a Bosch. The store manager indicated that this is not an option because of the price difference and we would have to pay the difference. We figured that the price difference would compensate us for all of the frustration and inconvenience. The store manager however, said that this was not an option and we should find another one. He then left us and never came back. As we were leaving we saw him watching the FIFA World Cup. How is this for customer care?

The Operations Manager for the store was worse. He has been very arrogant and condescending during this entire episode. Since this saga began we have sent multiple emails to [protected] and to date we have yet to receive a response to any of them. How is this for customer care? We have spoken to the Operations Manager on a few occasions and he has been very unpleasant to deal with. At no time did he ever apologize for our inconvenience or show any empathy for our situation. His implications are that we are causing the issues ourselves and that we are blaming The Brick for the problems with the fridge. I told him that we are not blaming The Brick we are complaining about the lack of customer service. They are selling a product and they have a responsibility to provide service if/when the need arises. When told about the number of vacation days we had to take for the service calls he implied that is not his problem and that we should have scheduled the calls for the weekends. We tried but service calls on Saturdays are very difficult to get and we cannot wait for weeks to get the issue addressed. When told that we will take our complaint higher he laughed and said nothing will change as it will just come back to him anyway. How is this for customer care? When we asked about the Bosch fridge as a replacement he said that will never happen. He was not even willing to negotiate a price in good faith for all of the problems and inconvenience we experienced over the past 4 months. He has no business being in the sales and service industry as he has no concept of customer service and does a disservice to The Brick.

This was our first major purchase at The Brick and will certainly be the last one. We have decided to return the fridge and take our business elsewhere. I know that the loss of my business will not have any impact to The Brick but I will also share my experience with family and friends and anyone that will listen. The word will get out.

The Brick should consider changing their email address, [protected] as there is no evidence (as demonstrated by the store and operations managers at the William Kitchen store) that ‘customer care’ is a core business value of The Brick.

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