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We are a young couple living in a gated community for 7 years now. Out of no where our electric bill for the month of February 2011 was ridiculously high. I mean it trippled for no reason. We have had no change in lifestyle, appliances or use of. We called to let FPL know their was a conflict/ mistake on our bill. They had no managers available and stated if I had bill averageing this woul dnot happen - (think what they ment was -you would not catch us). Anyway FPL did send out a rep. The Rep ran test at our 3bedroom home, no gas for 2-3 hours. FPL Rep found nothing wrong according to the report she left us. But the next day, we noticed the outside meter had been changed. So i called FPL back - FPL still denies that anything was wrong and want us to pay the $500.00 + bill when this time last year (+ the previous 5 years we looked up on their records ) that it was only $180.00. WTF - not like we can leave them and go to a competitor. FPL is it. they make all the rules. they say that our bill is correct and we can not do anything to fight even when FPL can not supply a reason. that is bull! i am soooo angry with this company. I have never missed a payment, or even been late on a payment in 15 years. FPL does not even want to discuss it with me and come up with a reasonable solution. WHy>? change my meter if nothing was wrong?


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    Tyler Hanlon Jun 30, 2015

    Ive been living in a 55 older retirement community the average bill for my neighbors is around 120 a month and four the last 5 years my bill is 300 plus i called a fpl rep 4 times in 5 years they said they can find nothing wrong the managment is very rude and in florida if you dont have electric that means you have no ac and temps around 90 plus means that the inside temp can get as hot as a parked car 100 plus and the nailed me with another huge deposit this company is a monoply and should be stopped its not fair and not right ...

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