Fossil Groupvery disappointing unexpected experience

I bought Fossil watch worth Rs.12000 (special edition)at December 2017 And after just 8 months watch stop working because of battery problem then They send my watch to Bangalore service centre and take around 1months to complete repair(service order no:SVO214461). Then Again after 2 months from 1st repair watch again stopped working because of the same problem(service no:SVO221224) .Then again after 8months because of the same reasons repaired (service no: SVO261050) Then now again 4th Repair. Really fed up with this Watch. I will never recommend this brand for anyone.Even though it is One of the International brand, I beleived that it will show some standard and perfection in their products but Really very very disappointing experience .Either u replace the item or give back the total expense i spend for the watch.

Oct 04, 2019

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