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Complaints & Reviews

casio g-shock dw-5600e recommendations/ suggestions

Dear Casio-San

I remember and still have my DW-5600C from 1988. I also have DW-5030C and DW-5030, with 3229 module anniversary models.

I am a regular contrubutor to G-Shock forums and enthusiast for over 30 years!

My recommendation is that you keep module 3229 the same but add a dual time feature to module 3229 as you did with the DW-5600C.

How would you benefit from this economically? 5600E for example is your biggest seller worldwide. Enthusiasts are crying out for the simple feature of adding dual time (with current time displayed in that mode like DW-5600c had). Sure the new 5000 has world time, but it is awkward to operate and not displayed in current time mode(s). You are doing yourslef a diservice by not adding a simple dual time tp module 3229. I request you do shortly. Thanks for considering his free advice. M. Vas, Australia. Email: [protected]@outlook.com

  • Updated by Weird Science · Sep 29, 2019

    I forgot to add I would like to see dual time added to module 3229 (or its next successor, designated eg 3230 for example) and this module be put in all your anniversary screwback base models.

    I add that wealthy travelling consultants and businessmen also seek a simple eelegant G-Shock screw-back case square watch with the simplicity & convenience of dual time in a minimalist modlelike the DW-5600C had. Yes, basically we are requesting you re-issue the 5600C module in 5600E and all screwback classic anniversary edition 'squares'. Thank you.

original casio repair pieces

Dear sir,

Kindly I wonder how come that I couldn't find a small piece for my casio watch since this is a piece needed everyday by your customers. This small piece is the small pin of my watch since its damaged more than one time and each time they give me fake one. Last time I repaired it with your dealer alsafa without any positive results and now its not connected as the pin they put is not original.

My question is how come that a company like casio couldn't offer original pins for their clients in the whole jordan??

My watch is similar to the attached one

My mobile phone n is: [protected]

original casio repair pieces
original casio repair pieces

Casio Electronic Manufacturing Company

gshock ga1000-1a watch & repair service

Stay far, far away! I've always loved the idea behind the so called ultra-durable GSHOCK watches! I requested a GA1000-1A for Christmas, about 2-3 years ago and was very happy when I received it. I have worn this watch almost every day of my life since then, only taking it off to shower. A few days ago, my heart broke. A few days ago, the first very cold day here in New York, I came in from the outside and noticed the INSIDE of my GSHOCK face was now totally covered with water condensation. THe face is almost unreadable becuase of the tiny dew like, water droplets inside of the face. What happened to your ultra-durable watches?! I don't deep sea dive, I don't fly planes at high altitude... The most rigorous activity that you watch has been through is a trip to the super market. I'm very disappointed in GSHOCK... I sent in my watch for repair, based on email text directions to handwrite a note of what was wrong. When it got to the service center in NJ it was initally "lost" by Casio for a few days. And now they're asking for $200+ to repair their "Rugged. Tough. Unbreakable." watch... Nowadays that same watch retails for under that. What a p.o. s. this company is and their "service" is even worse.

gshock ga1000-1a watch & repair service
gshock ga1000-1a watch & repair service

Casio Electronic Manufacturing Company

casio sport digital atomic watch

I bought this watch thru Walmart on 12/29/17. After using the watch in a normal fashion for six months the...

New Casio Watch- not functioning

bougt a new casio watch (model name: MTP1246-1AV) from a watch shop named “Watch Engine” in One Utama Shopping Mall, Selangor, Malaysia on 25.12.2014 as a Christmas present to my husband.
But, I felt very disappointed when I noticed that the watch is not functioning when I reach home. What type of watch is this, before use already not functions.
Immediately, I made a complaints call to Watch Engine and the sales personnel informed me that I need to send back the watch as they need to send it back to the casio service centre.I had actually requested them to exchange a new watch to me, but they had refused to do that.
I feel very bad because I am unable to give this present to my husband on the Christmas day and I had to incur additional travelling cost and time to send back this watch to that shop .
What if the parts is not covered under the warranty? Then I would need to incur additional repair cost and the warranty may become void.
Finally, I decided to keep the watch and lodge a complaints to CASIO to hope for a better conclusion.
Looking forward for your immediate reply.

New Casio Watch- not functioning
New Casio Watch- not functioning

Casio Watch MTP1246D-1AV

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Employee misbehavior

I have purchased a edific Casio watch .. In GIP noida 6 months Back . Now today I visited shopperstop Rajouri...

New Delhi Repair Services

Unable to remove links from watch band

Bought the watch at a local Sears. It is advertised as having an adjustable band. No instructions provided...

new casio watch broken

I bougt a new casio edifice watch from a jewweler in witbank after a month and a half I saw that the crown was pulled out and don't want to lock in place, I took it back and it was send to casio SA in Johannesburg after about two week they phoned me back and told me the crown was not covered by the warantee I don't no what to do!

no spares available

Never buy any CASIO product at least in India . Their service is pathetic . I have got bitter exoerience in the case of two watches including one their famous 'twincept' which I purchased in 2008 . It stopped working last year . I gave for repair few weeks ago, but got a call from their service centre informing that the watch is obsolete and they no longer keep spare parts of this .
How horrible, within 2 yrs of selling a product, it becomes so obsolete that they donot even stock spare parts.

Bottomline : buy CASIO products only if you want to use it for less than a year at the max !!!

  • St
    Stevefie Nov 02, 2011

    They had no parts for my 5 month old watch. They gave me a choice of 3 different watches. I picked one but didn't like it when I got it. I have written and emailed Casio but they do not respond.

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Stop working

I had purchased Casio Analog (HK-Y) in the month of Sept 2010, and in the month of december it stopped working, surorisingly watched like casio had this problem within our of 3 mths i had to give it to service centre i did get it done but my warranty period was not extended and now again in the month of Mar2011 it has stopped working. Fail to understand how can such a brand have issues, its very difficult to trust any brands and spend money behind them. Would much appreciate if i would get an acknowledgemnet and a solution for this, before i actually stop believing on casio. You can revert back to me on [protected]@gmail.com

  • Ra
    RahulDas2007 Jul 23, 2011

    never buy casio watches specially in india, their service is pathetic

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Warranty & Service

Casio does not stand behind their product and Service is awful. Story in a nutshell. G Shock falls from wrist, admit it. Six month old gift no abuse, looks new...NO LCD Display???#$#%. Send in. Get repair estimate.$57. Call Casio, escalate to manager Andrea H. who will talk to repair facility mgr. and call me back.Also says if I can not provide a receipt, I need a "notarized" letter stating it was a gift. Next day, no call from Andrea, so I call and Gus tells me the "notes" states the "manager" is out. Two weeks later I call Andrea H. again asking why she has not called, apologies and tells me no warranty even with a letter. She transfers me to Benson Smith (her boss) and leave a message. Bottom Line is this. I have been given the run around and lied to. It is reasonable to think a G Shock can fall 4 feet from a wrist and not break. This is not Abuse. Casio is being a very very bad company. This watch happens to be one of several Casio products in my household. It will probably be the last. As an American I vote with my $$$DOLLAR$$$. I am a small business person and would be out of business if I treated my customers the ROTTEN way CASIO is treating me...Sorry i am SHOUTING...I Am AngRy

  • Tr
    traxxasbeamer Dec 15, 2011

    I agree that there service is awful. I sent in a camera for an error message(covered under the warranty) and three weeks later I call for the status about the camera only to find out CASIO have lost my camera. I demanded an investigation and then they told me they'd get back with me. A week later I call again and they have found it. I go on to ask when they think I will get my $300 product back? They go on to tell me that the camera lens has been cracked, the housing dented and scratched up and wouldn't repair it. Pissed off knowing there wasn't even a little scratch on it I requested pictures. After seeing the pictures, I saw the damage and requested to talk to the manager. I told them I sent the camera off in physically great condition. They lost it for over a month, and find it in damaged condition! I asked them to please send me a new one because it was there fault they lost my package and damaged my product. They told me they wouldn't and I was pissed. Never again will I purchase from them again.

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  • Yo, Casio used to be the bomb back in the day. What happened, G?

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late/no delivery

I've ordered a Casio watch from a reliable jeweller about three weeks ago. I was present when he placed the order with other items from Casio. They said that they only deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Oudtshoorn Western Cape. The owner of the shop stood every time when I want to collect my watch with a red face. When he called the rep to know what’s going on he only received ### remarks. If that is the sales services, how will be the after services? Casio - you must do something with your reps in this area. And still I'm with no watch.

  • St
    steve felder Oct 22, 2011

    I just recently recieved two watches from you.One a 200 meter W.R. G- shock, shock resistence.That was only half my correct order.The other watch was a AWG 100-1A with a Module no.4765 manual with it! I spent two days looking to set the correct date under the asumption it was what I ordered, but alas this was not so.So You see my dilema, I'm really pissed off I got screwed because you wanted to make a sale! In closing Bite Me!! A very Unsatisified customer!! Stevie Felder

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repair service completely incompetent

sent casio privia px330 to nj repair facility - sent ups (so, they had all tracking info on label). placed repair order on casio website, printed out, placed in box w. piano. this was a new model, and sent for repair less than a year after piano first available on market. no sales receipt. it's been 2 months, and after "losing my information" TWICE, the "manager" still has not contacted me (after THIRD time giving them information) although they've had piano for TWO MONTHS, AND they are REFUSING to honor warranty!! (problem is clearly software defect and not anything I did).
THE WORST customer service/support/repair I have ever experienced. (and this was my fourth privia piano- never again).


I'm a customer of CASIO since last 25 years. I prefer to purchase only CASIO products.
3 years ago I bought a CASIO wrist watch, but the case of its dial has lost lusture and has turned from silver to yellow, as a result of which it looks bad. the serial no: of my watch is -----
1301 EFA-105 . The model is CASIO EDIFICE. My complete address is --------

B-32, Krishnapuram Colony, Vrindavan road, Mathura (281003)

Mobile No: [protected]
You Can Contact Me : kumud 11395 @gmail.com

Customer Service

I purchased a Casio PRO TREK Triple Sensor watch that monitors and records altitude, barometric pressure, temperature & has a compass built in. The altitude function is extremely inaccurate. I have talked with both Customer Service and Repair Service in NJ many times. Twice, they told me to send the watch in for repair. Twice, they have said that the watch meets specifications while testing in their laboratory and returned it to me. This testing was done at a fixed altitude since they do not have the facility to test under varying altitudes.

Since I was so dissatisfied with the only months old $300 watch, I purchased a TIMEX Expedition for $250. It is highly accurate and when set beside the CASIO in a fixed location, only had minor altitude changes due to varying barometric pressures while the CASIO varied by many hundreds of feet. Similar difference were experienced at different altitudes.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of CASIO and info'd the head of repair services in December. It is now the end of March and I have not heard from either of these persons.

While I have other CASIO products and have had others that I was and am satisfied with, I will never purchase another CASIO product and will advise others not to purchase CASIO products due to the lack of customer support and communication that CASIO doesn't provide.

  • Js
    Jsb043 Jan 23, 2015

    I too recently had a bad experience with a Casio watch. The "Solar powered" watch battery went dead after less than a year. Took it to Casio in Dover, NJ. They said no parts available to fix it, it's discontinued, but they will sell me a different watch of their choice for appx. 20% more than Amazon's price.
    Bottom line: don't buy a Casio for any more $ than you can afford to throw away after a year. I have a pair of 30+ year old Omega Swiss made mechanical-wind watches that work flawlessly. One I purchased for $600 and today retails for appx $5000. And, that's the bad part- I'm a little nervous wearing a valuable watch.

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Casio is playing games

My problems with Casio!!

Casio really sucks!! .. I am still waiting for Mandy or Gus to call me back about my refund ... I had a problem with my Exilim ~EX-S10 camera which I loved ... the camera was not even a year old. Since I lived close to the office I took it in myself and they said they fixed the problem, when I got the camera back it had the same problem, so I took it back again. They replaced it with a reconditioned camera !!! Guess what 3 weeks later there was no image... sent the camera back of course it was now out of warranty, according to them~ lucky me !! They said the camera must have been dropped, which did not happen at all ~~ They offered to fix it or I could do an upgrade~~~ ohhh but I have to pay for it!! ~~~ I said no. I feel I was given a defective camera. They insisted no. Ok I decided to pay for the replacement (UPGRADE!!) camera. Now they no longer have the EX-S10~~ WOW!!~~ what does that tell you ... problems with this camera ... HMMMMMMM, makes you wonder. I am a fair person so I went for the upgrade, ohhhhhhh what a night mare. I put out $298.53 ~~I got the camera December 23 2009, the EX fh 20 ~ utter crap the camera never worked it had problems .. Yes!! you guessed it, it was RECONDITIONED~~~ I drove to the office on December 30th 2009 TO EXCHANGE IT ... Now they said they could not do an exchange ... " Leave it for repair " I told them NO WAY ~I was very disappointed and I wanted a refund I did not want the camera I have just had it with Casio, I really wanted nothing more to do with them or their product, I had just had enough.
I have a lot of patience~ I sat in the lobby for about an hour .. Spoke to 2 people in management names mentioned above and was told the person who approves refunds was out of the office and I would get a call January 2nd 2010. Never got the call.. I called January 7th 2010 was told I would get my refund by January 12th 2010 … called again Jan 21st 2010, call again February 2nd 2010 still no refund ... I have no camera Casio has my money and they are not working with me. I am about to loose it and Casio will be sorry. They have no Idea. I was told Gus would call me Thursday 4th or Friday 5th of last week, of course I got no call. Something has to be done about how Casio treats their customers. I would not recommend Casio cameras to anyone. I want MY MONEY BACK.

Casio Lens Error

Casio camera suffers from a product defect that freezes the camera sometimes with the lens fully extended. The display Reads "LENS ERROR".

The company fixed it once, but refused to fix it again and wanted to charge us for repairs.

Do not buy this camera.

duplicate casio G shock

i have been in Sharjah, UAE for few months. I came here for an assignment. I wanted to buy a Casio G-shock. I went to many shops to buy one. But then to my surprise i saw casio watches in a small shop in sharjah. when i enquired, it was so cheap. i asked the shopkeeper whether it was original. he told it is and he told its Korean made.
But when i checked it properly i could make out it was not original because there was some problem with the switches.
i fought with that guy. but then they told if you want to buy you buy it otherwise to clear that area.

i felt it was really unethical. i wanted to do something legally towards them.

what can i do?

why the authorities allow such fake products to sell so openly?

why cant you stop them.

I knew the price of those watches so i was not faked. but i felt bad thinking about those guys who bought them unknowingly.

Please give a reply ASAP.

My email id is [protected]@yahoo.com.



  • Tb
    t-baby1 Dec 07, 2011

    listen i have a few complaints about the product g-shock watches. eveything about this product is cool but the only thing i have o say that bugs me is the fact of the annoying noise of the alarm system. the company should find a way to make one where you can turn it off after ou done to avoid the alarm sounds and save the battery.

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Faulty keyboard

I had purchased a keyboard (Casio) on16th June'09. I have hardly used it for 4 days faced some problem with the keyboard. Dealer has kept the keyboard with him for almost 2 weeks. There is no sign of getting the keyboard back. Whenever I call up the vendor they say it is with the Casio company.
Could you let us know why there is so much delay. If the instrument is faulty they should immediately replace it with a new one or get it fixed.






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