Forever 21customer service

K Oct 04, 2019 Review updated:

I was waiting in line waiting to pay when the cashier yelled out to the lady behind me that she had to pay the the item her daughter had in her hand. Then she yelled at the girl "no! No! Dont put it back, you ran it through your hair, ma'am you have to pay for it now". I'm not sure the girl understood what was going on, but as any child would have been, she was startled and began crying nervously.
I asked the lady why she had to pay for the item. She got snotty with me and said it was store policy. I asked for further explanation and justified that if I tried on pants and returned clothes I'd worn with no underwear on that would be way more unhygienic and they would still let people try on clothes, and return them. Yet she felt the need to publicly humiliate a paying customer and her child. She asked me to wait... for a long time and never answered my questions nor did she apologize to the lady behind for her horrible tact. I dont know her name, but the employee is easily identifiable, shes has no front teeth and a bad attitude.


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