Ford Motor Company / scammed and lied! waldorf ford in maryland.

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Ford has a 1st Responder incentive of $ 1000 to show how grateful they are for their service. This is how they treated us as a 1st Responder. Hypocrites!

We agreed to purchase a specific truck. Between several texts, phone calls and emails between, Eddie Bates, the sales manager, Steve Raley, the general manager and the salesman (who was new), we had come to an agreement along with us receiving a "Buyers Contract" from Eddie Bates. We drove over an hour to sign the papers. Spoke to the salesman one hour prior. We got there and they said "opps, the truck was sold last night, sorry". The salesman and Ed Bates the sales manager, "forgot" to tell us it was sold? We had spoken to the salesman twice that day and somehow still forgot to tell us the truck was sold.

They wanted to get us into the dealership hoping they could convince us to buy a different truck. Bad ethics and business practices!!

Deante the salesman didn't have a name tag on or anything identifying himself as working for Waldorf Ford. He's not listed on their website.

Jun 14, 2019
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  •   Jun 14, 2019

    Ford didn’t do anything wrong. The dealership did and they lost your sale. Go to another dealership and ask for the same deal. They most likely will be happy to do that for you.

    The salesman probably didn’t know that the truck was sold. Sounds like they aren’t paying attention to the other salesmen or sales. Go elsewhere and ask them to call you if the vehicle is no longer available.

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