Ford Motor Company / key replacement and lug nut problem

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I went to 4 Ford dealerships today, attempting to get a key and remote for my 2016 F150. All the dealerships are located in the Minneapolis area. Two had no machine to cut the key and two had machines but they were broken. So after 4 hrs of driving around, I still have no key. I also just had to purchase 12 lug nuts because the original are defective but not under warranty. I need 12 more. Ford is aware of the problem but has done nothing for the customers who purchased their product in good faith. If this is what the Ford Brand is about, it will be my last Ford. This is my first Ford after driving GM for yearss

Jock Eusay

  • Updated by JockEusay, Apr 15, 2019

    Dealerships don't have working Key Machines
    And defective lug nuts

    After driving 4 hours and visiting 4 dealerships in the Minneapolis area, none of the Ford dealers could sell me a key and remote. Two didn't even have a key machine (how can you sell a product and not be prepared to service it?) and the other two had broken key machines.

    I just purchased 12 lug nuts for my F150 and they tell me I need 12 more. I can't believe Ford hasn't had a recall on these defective lug nuts and taken care of their customers

    This is my 1st Ford, after driving GM for years. If this is what the Ford Brand represents, it will be my last

    Jock Eusay

Apr 15, 2019

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