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Hi, I am Senthil Kumaran from Malaysia, I have bought a Ford Ranger Raptor just a nonth before, as per Ford Malaysia its the flagship car/truck here.
Just in 200km plus my car started its very first problem, the engine started to stuck. When sent it to service centre, the service officer told that the injectors problem, need to be replaced and tested for long run before hand it over to us.

So, here i have some doubts,
- how come a brand new car started make trouble and need to change the injectors just in 200km
- if the there is long run test drive to make sure car running smoothly after repair, it will consume and effect my warranty by mileage.
- what are the compensation by Ford to us?

- what are the guarantee by Ford that this problem wont repeat again?

So after this the dealer has calm us and ask us to use the car and said the problem wont happen again and will give some compansation for us. But till there is no response at all from Ford Malaysia.

At last now my car broke down again for the same reason and more worse. Now i just need to knowwhat the answer will given to us. Just going tell us the same answer? Cheat us again, that this car won't make problem again and all the issue on this car solved?

-Please give me the reason what is the actual problem.
-What are the compensation going to give us?

Name: Senthil Kumaran
Country : Malaysia
State : Ipoh
Service centre : SNS Kembara Utama
Car registration number : SMS 582
Car model: Ranger Raptor

Oct 11, 2019

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