Ford Motor Companyford does not seem to care about customers anymore! they sold me a lemon

Hi, I paid almost 10 grand for a 2015 Ford Fiesta less than 2 years ago.
It has needed Transmission work done many times.

I have put less than 30k on it, and the glove compartment broke. The handle on the door broke, the transition broke many times, the electronics glitch and won't open the doors, when going up any hill, the inside of the car smells of transition fluid.

The Car has 50k miles and is a total piece of crap.

I went into FORD, asked to speak to the manager, he would not even talk to me. That is after a guy came back and asked me if I wanted to buy a new car. I said no.
The guy came back and said to call Customer Serice,
still refusing to even listen to me, see me, or even try to help me.
So, I said okay, then please write his name down on a piece of paper so I can tell FORD he refused to even talk to me.
I was told to go there today by my lawyer, and if they will not do anything, then we can start doing something.

After I asked the guy to write down the managers name at Ford, the manager finally came out.

He came out, was very rude, uncaring, refused to even look at the car. He refused to help in any way possible.

He was only willing to help is to buy my car for Wholesale price, And charge me a full retail price for a new car.

I told him, I will report this to Ford, what is your name?

He refused to give me his name and said he is not going to risk his job to try to help me.

This is in Chula Vista, California, at
Address: 560 Auto Park Dr, Chula Vista, CA 91911

The guy is a tall fat Mexican with a bad attitude.

So, I guess I will go get the lawyer to sue ford?

Thank you so much for the great customer support.

Why does Ford not care about customers anymore? I am a social media expert. I will tell the world about this!

  • Updated by john lerner, Oct 06, 2019

    Why does Ford not care about Customers anymore?

  • Updated by john lerner, Oct 06, 2019

    I feel like Ford ripped me off, and refuses to do anything to make it right!

Oct 06, 2019

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