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Ford Motor Companyterrible experience

As a US postal worker, I believed in the idea of "Buy American." Then I bought a Ford Focus. In under two years and less than 24, 000 miles the Focus died on a tollway going to Houston Airport. It took two hours to get someone to assist me, but I did get it to run, although badly. I took it to the closest Ford dealership, which was Lone Star Ford in North Houston. They told me I had a lower engine knock, and I should go to Tommy Vaughn Ford (since I had purchased the vehicle from them, ) and have it repaired by them. By the time I got there the oil cap was off and the interior of the engine compartment was covered in oil. Tommy Vaughn Ford told me the damage was Lone Star's fault because they must not have put the oil cap back properly. (this was excuse # 1) Believe it or not, they told me I should have it towed back to the other dealership. I refused. I insisted that they fix it under the warranty, and they said they would check with management. I rented a car from them to be able to go to work and got no help for the next two weeks and paid full price for the rental for those two weeks. They still told me this was Lone star Ford's problem, and I should take the car there. After picking up a few of my belongings from the car I left it there and called my lawyer. My lawyer wrote to them telling them the problem needed to be solved. They wrote a letter back saying my car had been damaged earlier, and that was the reason for the engine knock. (excuse # 2) I had dented the oil pan a year before when I hit a piece of concrete on the interstate. Tommy Vaughn Ford had my car examined by my insurance adjuster and then fixed it. They assured me that the work was of top-quality, and the warranty would still be in effect.

I did not know what else to do so I left the car there in the hopes that they would repair it. I was told that if I took possession of it I would have no way to prove how much damage had been done. At this time I bought a new car. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to learn it was a Honda. When next contacted Tommy Vaughn Ford said the reason they were not honoring the warranty was because I had missed an oil change. (excuse # 3) They had been doing all of the oil changes for free so the only one not by them was when I had to flee Hurricane Rita and I went to visit my brother in Arkansas. I had the oil changed there just to be on the safe side. I did not save the paperwork, because I did not think I would need it. Sometime later I was contacted by the bank I had financed the car from. They said Tommy Vaughn Ford told them I had abandoned the car and I owed $4000 in storage. My bank, Capital One said they had paid the $4000 and authorized a local auction company to sell my car. Throughout this period I had paid every note payment on time and kept insurance on the car for that same period of time.

I lost the belongings that I left in the car to the auto auction and they ran up a bill of $82 by using my state toll pass, which was attached to the windshield. Most recently, a bill collector for Capital One sent me a letter offering to discount the $6, 000 they said I owed Capital One down to $2500. They have since damaged my credit and I still refuse to pay.

The Honda Civic is running like a top. I have not missed a payment, but I also have not paid Capital One for their charges. Our American car companies wonder why taxpayers balk at paying them a bailout when they give service like this!


  • Fa
    Faith Woelkers Jun 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I was holding the tail gate of our F150 open for my husband to take out a tire. Our camper was hitched to the truck so the tailgate could not open fully. I had one hand on the tail-gate and one on the hitch so they wouldn't bump each other. The tailgate was open approx. 3/4th way. I moved it up slightly to about 1/2 when the bottom of the tailgate swung totally loose of the truck except for the cord and fell on my leg. This was the whole weight of the tailgate hitting my leg. Obviously I had to go to the drs office for x-rays. Nothing was broken but had a very large hematoma which took weeks to heal and still have a scar months later. We took the truck to a dealer and they said everything was fine, but that is very hard for me to believe.

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  • Ma
    Maureen Wills Jul 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have owned my second ford taurus wagon for the past 6 years. Prior to retirement, I had a job that required a great deal of travel. Additionally, my husband has been disabled and in need of a wheelchair for the past 10 years. One of the reasons I loved my tauruses (And my mercury sable wagon before these) was that it was easy for me to get the wheelchair in and out of the car. The height was good for me to manage and the amount of space in the rear of the wagon was perfect for being able to lay the chair down in the back.

    I have begun to look for a new car and have found out that you have discontinued the taurus wagon design. I have looked at the alternatives ford has to offer and have found nothing that can compare with my taurus wagon as far as ease in getting the wheelchair in and out. All of the newer vehicles are higher off the ground in the back so I must lift the chair higher in order to get it in and the back rear of the car is too "short" to be able to lay the chair down without folding down the back passenger seats.

    What a shame. After all of these years I will need to look elsewhere to try and find the car that I need in order to care for my husband and transport him to appointments and any other functions we must attend. All the dealers try to sell me other fords but they do not understand the importance of the dimensions of the taurus wagon to me. Even my mechanic has tried to find me a comparable vehicle but has been unable to do so.

    I would like to say that one of the things that ford and other automobile manufacturers have done is underestimate the need for station wagons in this world. We do not need so many vans and suv's or any other of the crappy, high off the ground, short bodied, gas guzzling vehicles that are being designed today.

    A sedan will not meet my needs because I am unable to lift the heavy wheelchair up to the opening of the trunk and then out of it. I have my own disabilities as well.

    I guess I will no longer be a customer of ford unless they go back to designing station wagons.

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  • Valerie Jul 17, 2008

    The rpm on the 2017 Ford E350 at idle is so low that the compressor is not turning fast enough to produce any type of cold air. This had to be done in order for Ford to pass the new Federal Emission Standards. Instead of Ford rebuilding the compressor (changing the gear ratio on the compressor so that it turns faster at a lower idle speed) they took the easy way of and said that was a characteristic of the vehicle. Ford Motor Company ***!!! When your vehicle is in park, gently press the gas to raise the idle speed and you will see an instantaneous improvement in the ac.

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  • Do
    Dolores Winkle Feb 05, 2009

    I bought a 2017 F-250. This is the poorest performance vehicle I have ever owned. I have taken it to 2 different ford dealerships about the fuel mileage which is only 13 miles to the gallon. I was told there was nothing they could do, that I ought to feel honored to get that much. That's bull____. I have never owned anything but a Ford, but I would never purchase another one or drive one if it was given to me. The Ford Dealer's tell me it's just the 6.4 engine, if that's the case, it must not can be perfected. I would never recommend anyone to purchase a Ford Vehicle. All you get is a bunch of run around and no help. I paid a fortune for this truck and can't even afford to take a trip in it.

    THANKS FOR NOTHING Dolores Winkle

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  • Bu
    Budro Feb 05, 2009

    Unfortunatly, 13MPG for a 6.4L V8 3/4 Ton truck is common.
    If you do not haul heavy loads, I would suggest trading it in on something more effeceint.
    My father has a V8 Toyota Tundra that gets 20mpg and still has loads of HP.
    On the other hand, my 3.8L V6 Jeep Wangler get the same MPG but way less HP.

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  • La
    laserphiltre Feb 06, 2009

    Should've gotten a Dodge. The Cummins produces equal torque at lower RPMs and uses less gas. I hear the last good Powerstroke engine was the 7.3, maybe you'd have been better off with that?

    The reason the Tundra gets such great mileage is because the frame is lighter--and twists easily.

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  • Jo
    John Darling Feb 10, 2009

    Ford is unable to Service what they Sell. Other than oil changes, Ford authorized Service locations (Dealers) in the Milwaukee metropolitan area are inept in locating and repairing vehicle problems. If you own a Ford, here's my question to you - How many times have you heard the service "Guy" say "could not duplicate"... alittle frustrating hey !

    I, after being smart enough to stay away from Fords for 30 years, b ought a top of the line F-150. At almost $50, 000 it has become what I feared - an undependable P.O.S. The old "Fix Or Repair Daily" still stands true after 30 years.

    Ford should be allowed to collapse as a company - Once a vehicle is sold ALL THAT MATTERS IS SERVICE. If you can't do this, get the hell out of the business. At a great loss (Fords depreciate horribly) I feel forced to trade this garbage in for a reliable vehicle with a competent service department - Who's vehicle that is I do not know but I suspect after research it will be a foreign make - Way to go America - why can't you be competetive.

    Bottom Line - Life is stressful enough - do yourself a hugh favor - avoid added hassles by avoiding the Ford Motor Company - if not you may wish you had... Buyer Beware !!!

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  • Ford Motor Company Feb 12, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about your issue. I'm not sure what happened in your situation. I would recommend that you call Ford Customer Relations Center at [protected]. Have your VIN, the repair order (if possible), the name of your dealership and the name of the person you spoke to at the dealership. The CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resolve your concern. Thanks.

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  • Ford Motor Company Feb 12, 2009

    Ms. Winkle,
    Sorry to hear of your concern regarding your 2017 F250. May I recommend that you call Ford Customer Relations Center at [protected]. Make sure you have your VIN, the name of the dealership and the person your spoke to at the dealership. The CRC representative would be in the best position to help you resolve your concern. Thanks.

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  • Aw
    A Wolf Jun 30, 2009

    We are having a problem with our 2017 6.4L F250 Super Duty...lack of tow power up a hill, shuttering into 2nd from a stop, engine brake slamming into lower gears etc. But, since those problems started that Ford can't fix...we are also getting 17.3 mpg on average. The engineers seem to think that is 'normal'. Just another Ford blow off!!!

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  • Ta
    Taking me to the bank!! Jul 27, 2009

    I also own a 2017 ford explorer. I bought it 2 1/2 years ago.With in two weeks of owning the explorer the rear end was replaced. A year and a half later I had to put a new transmission in the vehical$4000 dollars this also included brake service. Two months later I had brake problems again so there was another $500 dollars put out.Now my brakes are clicking again and I just had them fixed maybe three months ago, plus on top of this the rear end is going out again.Now what vehicals have to have transmissions and rear ends replaced about every two to three years.Unfortunately it is looking like Ford is waiting until a death or deaths accure and they are hit with a law suit before they do anything for their customers.Allot of the explorer owners are driving with children in their vehicals.Aren't we the ones who keep them in bussiness????I have always owned a ford but " NO MORE".

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  • Ve
    Vernbruce Nov 03, 2009

    Re: Daughter’s car broken into @ High School, key stolen, have one key left

    I must pay $200.00 to Ford for key to my vehicle yet any thief can get one. Our Ford Dealer closed in 20009 in So Tahoe. Last year our Ford Dealer made me a key for $12 and now all Ford Dealers in Nevada want $200.00 for a key. I called Ford in Dearborn Michigan and they deleted my key code from their computer since it is a 1999 and every ten years they delete them. This needs to be against the law. My brother would have made me a key for $5 but I have no code.
    Here's my thought. When an automobile is purchased the dealer MUST give the purchaser the code to their keys. Withholding this information violates implied warranty that the $30, 40, 50 thousand dollar item a consumer purchases can no longer be used, when there's only one key left. This information cannot be true otherwise I would have never gotten a key from the Ford Dealer in town for $12. Now, apparently, I need two keys to program one key and my other key was stolen. This complaint is also being posted online for 10, 000 other people to view it. Apparently there is a lawsuit right now being formed online against all car companies that do this.
    Please include my name and email in the lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission. This is in violation of any warranty a consumer should have when they purchase this rather expensive item to find out that there is a huge market preying upon innocent people just so they can continue to drive their car.
    I am a single mom working and struggling as my spouse is dying from lymphoma. I have a daughter in college and another one in High School. That’s who you’re preying on. I will never purchase a Ford again, even after 30 years of buying them.

    Veronica Bruce, RN
    3313 West River Park Drive
    South Lake Tahoe, CA [protected]

    cc: Ford Headquarters
    Executive Plaza Drive
    P.O. Box 6248
    Dearborn Michigan 48126

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  • Hi
    Hikker Mar 10, 2010

    2017 ford excursion electrical problems:

    On monday, june 8, 2017 I stopped by my local ford dealership to find a solution to yet another electrical problem. The front windshield wipers would not turn off, return to the rest position or stop, no intermittent functions available, and they would not turn off even when the ignition was turned off. The fuse had to be removed to stop the wiper motor operation. The dealership said that the wiper motor was bad and needed to be replaced.

    Upon leaving the dealership I noticed the left mirror turn signal, front left signal, and dash signal indicator were inoperative. While driving the vehicle the smell of wires burning was noticed with a small plume of smoke viewed coming up from the upper left side of the steering column shroud (Not the steering wheel). The battery was immediately disconnected.

    Upon inspection no fuses were blown. All fuses checked out good.

    Both front turn signal bulbs were replaced, yet the left turn signal (S) would not operate.

    Upon closer inspection of the steering column area no wires were found burned, damaged, or frayed. However, a turn signal wire harness was found unplugged. It was snapped back into place and the signals were operative again. All electrical components appear operative with the following exception.

    While in park, w/ignition key on, while checking light functions, the back-up sensor alarm went on (Beeping) momentarily (Twice). After several repeated attempts the incident did not re-occur.

    1). Alternator and battery replaced at 42, 769 miles, the drivers seat motor was found inoperative after servicing appointment at time of pick up and was replaced.

    2). Speed control deactivation switch replaced at 48, 584 miles, recall item.
    3). Driver’s door window switch replaced at 58, 504 miles.

    4). Keyless entry system replaced at 59, 952 miles, a module caught fire during servicing and was replaced.
    5). Front wiper motor replaced on 06/10/2017 by customers mechanic.

    6). Vehicles on its third battery.

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  • St
    Steve Mar 10, 2010

    Make sure your carrying full coverage and sale it! My 2017 F-150 had the crusie control recall fixed and my truck still burned to the ground while driving. Same burning plastic smell in the cab. Took Ford to small claims because you need to have a personal injury for any lawyer to consider. In small claims Ford said they never got the chance to look the truck over. They lied. They never bothered to come out and I had to send pics to them. And they sent a letter saying too much damage to investigate. Judge was too afraid to do the right thing. He said case dismissed lack of evidence. You can't fight a corportation.

    go to...

    You'll be shocked by the list of stories. Good luck.

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  • Br
    Bronkes Jun 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    2017 ford 6.4. Antifreeze loss found in crank case. Cover behind water pumps are discinigrating causing major repairs and guess work as to what is causing it. After a new egr cooler and several other costly trys and a bill of $6600 might have leak fixed. Cover could be looked right through. You know it was a another design flaw we all pay for.

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  • Kn
    K.Nogle Aug 14, 2010

    We leased a Ford Explorer in 2017. The car had Goodyear Fortera tires on it. Between 26, 000 and 37, 000 miles three out of the four tires developed cracked sensor valve stems. The first I had repaired within one half hour of the "low Pressure" light coming on. The second cracked valve stem caused a blow out before we could get it to a garage resulting in needing to buy a new tire. The third time it happened I parked the car and had it towed. When they repaired the third tire stem I had them replace the one on the fourth and only tire that the stem hadn't cracked on yet.

    At this point we are out almost $600.00 for labor, stem replacement, towing and a new tire. Ford Motor company isn't responsible and Goodyear isn't responding. So much for the, " customer is always right"! I will no longer buy a car with Goodyear tires on it nor will I recommend Goodyear tires and service to anyone. In fact I will go out of my way to tell anyone about defective Goodyear materials.

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  • Mr
    Mr Stein______ Feb 11, 2011

    This is why they don't need bail out money... Interest plain and simple.
    Well... 12 years later and another letter from a lawyer taking me to court... This is because ford motor credit will knowingly violate their own rules and provisions to satisfy it's hunger of money.

    In 1996, I went to a ford dealership (I needed to trade in my ford probe that I had for years and loved) for a car with 4 doors. I was a family now... Upon getting to the dealership (Ford of nashua in nashua nh) I was told I could get a cheaper payment and have better options with a red carpet lease. After an hour of deliberating this option with the salesman, I decided I had enough and said... Fine, wrap it up.

    I drove the 1996 ford taurus for just over 3 years when one day I got a phone call. "mr. Stein, this is ford motor companies credit department. We would like to extend you to purchase the vehicle. Just go back to the dealership and they will make the arrangements."

    The next day, I went to best ford (Used to be where ford of nashua was at the time in downtown nashua nh) and went in to make said arrangements. I was told by the finance manager he couldn't help me becuase the car was never in his inventory.

    I went home and called ford motor credit. The woman on the other end of the phone said. No problem sir. I will have a manager get back to you.

    A week later, I got a phone call "mr stein... This is jeff from ford motor company" you have one of my vehicles and you need to either make an arrangement at the dealership or we are taking it back!"

    I replied and mentioned my situation to him. He than stated"stop pulling my leg sir. Just get to the dealership in which you leased the vehicle and we will take care of it."I called best ford again and explained the situation... They said, ford of nashua is gone and dissolved, we have no idea how to deal with it. Call ford motor credit."

    This went on for about 6 weeks. Than one saturday morning. "mr stein... Jeff from ford motor company. You need to take the car back today" take it to your nearest ford dealership and turn over the keys.

    Well, since ford wasn't helping me. I went to best ford (Whom was closed) so I called jeff. After a myriad of menu's and transfers on a pay phone none the less. I got jeff. "mr stein. Where is the damn car?" so now I am so done with the situation... "it's at the damn best ford lot in nashua nh but no one is here."

    "leave the keys in the drop box with a note with your name and number. I will be in touch!" and he hung up.

    That monday, I got a car from ford motor credit. "mr stein?" I said yes? "this is kelly from ford motor credit. It seems you dropped off a car thsi weekend in nashua nh is that correct?"
    Yes, I replied... And I am glad your not jeff.

    She than tells me.. "we believe the car may still be in your possesion as it is not on the lot. Please return the car immediatly before we take legal action."

    "are you joking! I am going down there right now and I will point at it!" she hung up... So as I was firing off profanity in my kitchen putting my shoes on. I got a phone call. "mr stein. This is ford motor company." I would like to tell you we received the car and we have located on the lot in nashua nh."I fired back... I would like you name, your the first person I have talked to that seems to know whats happening." well mr stein. Due to the fact that you abandoned the car. We are filing it as a repossesion unless you can produce 1250 dollars for mileage."

    Now I am pissed. Are you kidding me!!! You demanded that I drop it off and in your contract and based on a phone call. I was supposed to have the option of purchasing the vehicle. That is all I want.
    "don't get hostile with me sir. I am doing what is outlined by ford motor company!"

    Here it is 12 years later. My family were proud ford owners for over 40 years starting with my grandfather. Up until this point, the first family car was always a ford... Fairlanes, mustangs, crown vics. Now... It has been a long time since a ford was purchased and now... The threats as they have every three years begin again. I have gone to court and had it thrown out 2 times. But ford motor company keeps putting it back in play. This time might stick... Who knows. As long as no one in my family. 45 drivers and counting don't buy a ford product. I will be happy. I even sent a letter to jacque nasser at one point and explained my case. Ford motor family didn't care to even lick a stamp with a pound sand letter. Just nothing...

    Remember, when you go to buy a ford and you see the red carpet lease brochure or the finance papers... Your just another number... You will not be heard and you will not be supported.

    I now own a toyota... And I am just fine with it. Thank you ford motor company for showing me that import is the true way to go. They seem to care more than our brothers in america.

    I would love to hear from someone at ford motor company that can explain why they would ever tie a car to a dealer and not themselves.

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  • Jr
    JROMM Apr 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a new 2017 Ford Super Duty with a 6.4 litre Diesel engine in june 2017 from koons ford of annapolis Maryland. The diesel engines in these trucks billow white smoke randomly 3 to 5 times a day and it lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 40 minutes being the longest i have experienced. The truck has been back to Koons ford 3 times now and every time they say its a normal function of the vehicle due to the emissions system. Well Koons Ford finally had a field service engineer look at my truck and they did a power control update that was a recall but this did not fix the problem, They also discovered that the oil level was 8 to 10 quarts overfull and diluted with diesel fuel and said this may cause white smoke issues. So Koons Ford changed the oil and told me to bring the truck back in 2 weeks so they could check the oil to make sure there wasn' t a problem, I took the truck back in 15 days and the oil was overfull again so Koons Ford said they wanted the truck for 5 to 7 days to diagnose this problem. Well Koons Ford did pressure testing on the fuel system and a die test to locate the leak but couldn't find a problem so they just put the truck back together and gave it back to me in the same condition. I even had a oil analyssis done on the 15 day old oil and the test came back at 6% fuel dilusion and the lab stated this was at problem level. So now Ford Motor Company and Koons Ford still says nothing is wrong with truck and if something happens to the engine this is what i have a warranty for. Are you kidding me you cant even fix the problem im living with. I even have other motorists behind me pulling up beside me flipping me off and I was even stopped at the bay bridge by the MTA Police for this problem. FYI Ford Motor Company has class action law suits against them for these engines and Ford Motor Company even has a law suit against International Navistar that makes the engine for them citing that these engines have unprecedented problems and seriously diminish the resale of the vehicle.

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  • X7
    x7a May 06, 2011

    I can't comment on the ford connection, but I have had that exact tire with TPMS on my 2017 Jeep Liberty for 3 years and 35k miles - I have been extremely pleased with their winter traction capabilities and plan to buy them again when the time comes. They were a signficant traction upgrade over the stock tires that came with the vehicle when new.

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