Ford Motor Companyservice at ford jamaica queens

K Aug 18, 2018

I brought my explorer to have the pillar panel fixed at queens ford service in jamaica. This is about the fifth time i brought my car there for something to be fixed where i had to go back again to have is fixed for the same thing. The mechanics are incompetent and the service is ridiculous i feel not only don't they know how to fix anything but they try to get you to do jobs the same as you had done a year ago and to be honest in the beginning i let them do it until i see they there is no way they ever do half the things they charge you for.
They broke off the wheel locks on my truck and made me buy another set. I was told to come back this morning to re fix the pillar panel on the windshield and guess what i have no car they said not until monday. I brought the car in 4 times for a leak on the passenger side and to no avail nothing was fixed if they don't know how to fix anything they should be fired. By the way i had the wasted extended warranty which i was a sucker for in buying.This is uncalled for and so glad my new car purchase where we were leaning to an escape turned out to be a volkswagen.

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