Ford Motor Companymap update caused radio failure in 2010 mercury milan

W Aug 05, 2018

Bottom line upfront - An attempt to install a FOMOCO recommended and FOMOCO provided map update into my wife's 2010 Mercury Milan, VIN: 3MEDM0L36AR610559, resulted in a radio failure. We are seeking remedy from FOMOCO in the form of replacing the radio.

Details: In 2016, I received a letter from your company recommending we purchase and install a navigation map update. We purchased the update, Version 9, in August of 2016.
We waited until May of 2018 to attempt to install the update. In doing so, I followed the instructions to install the system update disks first before installing the map update. Disc 1 of the system update disks was installed successfully and the nav screen read, "Please insert Disc 2." I inserted Disc 2 and it was ejected with a message which read, "Bad Disc or Unsupported Format." I cleaned the disk and re-inserted with the same result. I shut the car off and try again - same result. I then went to North Park Lincoln, San Antonio, TX (where we bought the car) and sought assistance in resetting the system. We disconnected the battery and let the car sit a while, and when the battery was reconnected, the navigation screen still read, "Please insert Disc 2."
So of course, that meant the we could not use any features of the nav screen (navigation, climate control, switching audio modes, etc.) and are now left with FM radio (we had a satellite radio subscripton).
Using the packing slip from Version 9 of the update, I found a contact number for HERE, LLC, the company that FOMOCO contracted to make the disks, and asked them to send me a new Version 9 Disc 2 of the System Update. They could not provide any Version 9 discs but did send me Version 10 of the Software Application and Map Update, insisting that Version 10 would solve the problem. It did not.
I have sought means of correction with North Park Lincoln, Northside Ford (SA, TX), the Regional Ford Rep, Amber Arthur, to no avail.
The last communication from Amber Arthur was that the radio needs to be replaced, that neither she nor North Park Lincoln nor Northside Ford were interested in replacing the radio at their cost and we would be stuck with the bill to replace the radio.
It is our contention that a FOMOCO product (system update disc) caused the failure of a FOMOCO product (radio) and left us with a nonfunctional nav and audio system.
Our requested remedy is replacement of the radio by FOMOCO at FOMOCO cost or, at the very least, cost split 50/50 between FOMOCO and us.
Contact information: Stewart Wyland, [protected], [protected] or [protected].

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