Ford Motor Companylug nuts on 2017 expedition

C Nov 03, 2019

The Lug Nuts on my vehicle are very obviously defective or designed to not be operational with very limited use. I have only had my tires rotated 2 times and now need to replace my tire at almost 50, 000 miles. The lug nut are not usable and needed to be replaced. This is completely unacceptable and dangerous. A person would be unable to change their tire/wheel due to this situation. Charge $60, 000+ for a vehicle and cannot provide a $50 working part that has been previously well designed for 50 years. Their reason for the redesign is appearance, but their lug nuts look horrible after one use and are replaced anyway. Ford knows these are a poor design and every company that works on a Ford knows that they are a poor design. Been a Ford owner all my life (age 60), I guess it is time to consider other brands as quality has very little interest at Ford.

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