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A Aug 16, 2018

I purchased a new Ford Figo for my Driving School in October 2017. I have been absolutely delighted with the performance of this vehicle and first hand references from my pupils have resulted in them purchasing Ford Figos' These can be reviewed on my web site -
In general I have been delighted with the performance of this vehicle with exception of having to return the vehicle on numerous occasions to have the handbrake attended to.
It would seem that the adjustment is essential because of the disk brakes and this has been the case on every occasion that I have taken the vehicle to a dealership.
There is no abuse of the handbrake mechanism as I am very strict with my pupils.
One of the mechanics has made the comment that, in his opinion, the handbrake disks are not large enough.
On the latest occasion that I took the vehicle to a Ford Agency the Service Supervisor wanted to levy a charge for the adjustment in spite of the fact that I have a full maintenance plan.
Kindly review and comment.
Andre Myhill
NW Drive

handbrake 2017 ford figo
handbrake 2017 ford figo

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