Ford Motor Companyescape 2017

A Sep 06, 2018

I was haveing problems with the navigation screen almost from day one, about 4 weeks ago navigation went total black took it in to another ford dealership they seem to have taken care of navigation now it runs slow. When I
got home I had left my keys in the car when I went into the house, I notice I did not have my keys with me and my car did not honk which it had done in the past. Took it back to the dealership, first time said they didn't know so they would call ford to find
out what to do, dealership me called and said they were told it could be one of three modules I took it in today and they said it probably was the up date of sync so my question to you is if I paid for a car to do a desire function why would an update on a
navigation system change a lock security feature I have purchased for escapes from when they first came out and have been buying fords from 1990 this is the first time I've dissatisfied with a Ford car please help. Sent from myMail for iOS

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