Ford Motor Company2015 f 150

B Aug 04, 2018

My 2015 f150 has around 32000 miles, it has been in the shop covered under warranty waiting on a part for rearend for over 2 months 2 weeks ago I called complaints dept and told them I had no vehicle, which no one offered me when I asked about it and wife was carrying me to and from work, they finally gave me a rental, I've made the 3rd payment on the truck and had no vehicle, I ask if they could do anything at all more for me, considering I use my truck to make extra money to feed family, they said no, so I've missed out on vacation this year and money, because of this and if they don't want to assist in helping me out with my loss, I will never buy a ford again, or a new vehicle under warranty because that's what the warranty is for right? Extremely disappointed and 2 months later they give me a loaner vehicle, which guess what, it's a Chevrolet, wow, does this mean all the Ford are being worked on, maybe that was my mistake, should have got a Chevy?

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