Ford Motor Company2012 ford focus

J Jan 26, 2020

i had a recall on my 2012 ford focus, took it to jayson jones ford in heber springs, arkansas. Shawn closed my safety recall and did not come out from behind the counter. i ave had to pay for this repair, fuel tank replaced, fuel pump replaced, canister purge valve replaced and diagnostic. i want my money back and ford owes it to me. i have been talking ti for the last 6 months. i want $1068.23 to be paid back to me now or i am going to hire an attorney and get more. Heartland ford now owns jayson jones ford in herber springs, ark, shaun works for them now, tell him he can pay the money back to me.He closed my recall so i guess ford payed him and he got the money for doing crooked business! Janet Cater, 1857 Moore road, red banks, mississippi, 38661

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