Ford Motor Company2011 ford fusion recall

C Sep 12, 2018

In January of this year I took my car into the auto serve of
Tilton, NH service center for a recall on the fuel system/gasoline storage auxiliary tank.
I wasn't having any trouble but felt I should have this service completed to be safe, however I am now having trouble with the vapor lock system and the engine light is on, diagnostic tells me it is vapor lock.. I called the Tilton service department yesterday afternoon and I was told that when my car was having the recall completed that all that was done was a check and reset the computer.. Now that I am experiencing an issue which I feel is the initial recall problem.. I am being told I need to pay 115.00 an hour for them to run a diagnostic test and then I will need to pay for any and all repairs... MY warranty is up on this vehicle, I only have approx., 81, 000 miles on it. I have owned mostly ford vehicles in my lifetime and I prefer to drive ford. This car has been my absolute favorite vehicle to date... I cannot afford this price for a diagnostic check.. I have left a message for the service manager who hasn't called me back the receptionist had said the results would be the same as she had already told me when I asked to speak to a manager. she put me through to his voicemail... early enough that I could have received a return phone call... I am writing you this complaint as I am hoping you are able to give me advice on this issue and how I can get this problem fixed .. since it was a recall and at the time of my having the service done they just checked it and never made any replacement or fix what was recalled... they chose instead to check it, it appeared fine at the time and they reset the computer which I believe had they fixed the possible problem then I wouldn't be having an issue today.
Thank you in advance for your help in this situation .
Carolyn Miller Franklin NH [protected]

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