Ford Motor Company2010 ford fusion

S Aug 03, 2018

My son drives a 2010 Ford Fusion. Or rather - he USED to drive this car before we were notified about its defective airbag. Now it cannot be driven until the airbag is replaced - and that is 6 months+ away. Ford offered to rent a car for my son, but rental car companies will not rent to 19 year olds in Florida. I would like to talk with Ford about a possible solution, but Ford leadership is apparently not willing to listen. To date, I've visited with the local ford dealership (Gary Smith Ford) 6 times, with no success. I have called Ford Customer Care 7 times, Ford Recall 2 times and Ford Finance / Credit 2 times. Everyone I've talked with understands the situation and agrees it is not fair, but no one can help. What I've askrd for is fairly simple: Take the money Ford Motir Comoany was going to pay a rental car company (6 months x $1, 000 per month) and use it to lower the purchase price of a used car from Gary Smith Ford. But this solution requires Ford Motor Company management to get involved, and they are (apparently) not interested in helping me.

Everything considered, I'm left with no option but to buy another car for my son and sell his 2010 Fusion whenever Ford gets around to fixing it. If this happens, Ford will lose a loyal Ford customer (28 years) for the rest of my life. Buying a car every five years for the next 40, that equates to a few dollars. So be it.

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