Ford Motor Company2006 eddie bauer expedition spark plugs


Dear Mr. Hackett:
I have been a ford vehicle owner since 1983, owning several cars and SUV’s over the last 34 years. I now have a 2006 Eddie Bauer Expedition. I can’t believe that Ford, which engineered these SUV’s, is passing the cost of these broken spark plugs. I have gone to several mechanic shops, Meineke, Firestone, Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, Goodyear and about 4 private mechanic shops, for a tune up. I have several misfires accordioning to computer. These businesses are not willing to take on the tune up because they have stated that if they break a spark plug/plugs, the time and cost of repairing them it is not worth the cost of the 8 spark plugs or their cost of a tune-up. They DO NOT pass along the cost of breaking them. Ford; However, which these places all stated is really the only place to take my vehicle for a tune up, quotes anywhere from 400 to 1000 dollars for a tune up. Are you crazy?
I learned that a class action law suit in Ohio, was filed related to this problem. I am sure you are fully aware of this
Why should we be paying the cost if your mechanics breaking this defect in spark plugs. That should be on you. Hey, we did not design or build these trucks with this defect. It has been even mentioned that Ford should have a huge recall on this problem.
I am currently unemployed and I could not get my truck inspected in Pennsylvania because with these misfires and turning on the check engine light, it will not pass inspection. And as I stated I have had several mechanics hook up to the computer which is giving the misfire codes.
I recently was cited for not having my inspection up to date. As I stated, being g out of work and having to take my SUV to Ford to resolve problem which I cannot afford is the reason I am writing. I can just imagine the profit your company is making by passing this huge amount on to the customers. I’m sure you will be having many more class action cases in future in many other states.
I am currently researching many major news stations and major networks which I am going to forward this email to all of them across the nation.

Joseph Giallella.

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