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Ford review: A repossession almost 16 years ago in 2005

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My vehicle was repossessed over 16 years ago. At the time of the repossession I was 1 1/2 payments in arrears and had spoken to a representative about arrangements to bring my balance current. A couple of days after making arrangements I received a phone call from a representative again saying that it was evident that I could not afford my vehicle and she was going to have it picked up for repossession, but unknown to me that at the same time that I was on the phone with the Ford Credit Representative she already had Westland Towing at my home repossessing my vehicle. I called several times to attempt a resolution to get my vehicle back but was told that no information was available at that time and to call back in few days to give it time for my account to update. I called back 3 days after the repossession and was told that the vehicle had been auctioned and that I had no recourse for the action already taken. The representative that called to basically detain me or keep me from being aware of the action she had already taken to remove my vehicle was rude, just extremely curt. I had no opportunity to pay off the arrearage of only 1 1/2 payments. The arrearage occurred due to a mistake happening that caused a disruption to my income that was resolved within 2 weeks of my vehicle being repossessed. For 16 years I have had to deal with Ford Attorneys sending garnishments every year. I am disabled and became unable to work even part time due to becoming terminally ill and being injured. My name on the account - Sharmayne Moorer-Holt, vehicle 2003 Ford Taurus. Ford Motor Credit Co LLC Attorneys is Shermeta Law Group, PLLC. My email s.[protected]

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