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Food4Less - courvoisier out of stock

I was at 44455 valley central way in Lancaster CA on Sunday I had been coming to the store since Friday trying to get courvoisier which was on sale but the store did not have it I ask for a rain...

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Jun 05, 2017

Food4Less - 4 anos tequila

I was in the liquor depart and saw a sign that read 4 anos tequila for 4.99. Took to Tina the cashier and it rang up a different price. I immediately told her the sign stated 4.99. She went and...

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Food4Less - Simply fine foods wholemeal wraps - two weeks past its best before date

Absolutely disgusting !!! Went into food for less at roselands today to purchase some last minute items for the week. For a company that prides themselves on being the "fresh food people" this i...

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Oct 18, 2016

Food4Less - Safety and security: contacting an attorney

I was in the store located at 20801 Bear Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA. There was a skeleton crew on duty, there was no security guard on duty and someone intentionally set off a fire extinguisher...

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Food4Less - Checkers talking on the phone during transactions

I was having a wonderful Sunday afternoon until I went through the line today at Food 4 Less on 5318 South Main Street. My cashier was talking on the phone discussing dropping off the car to a...

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Mar 12, 2012

Food4Less - Bad customer service and dirty

I went to food for less to return 3 items. I wasn't going to return the items so I tossed out the receipt. But for my own reasons I ended up not needing the items. I went up to the counter and asked if I could return these items and an employee there told me that one of the items they didn't carry. So I went to go and grab the item. I knew it was sold there because I had purchased it. I think this alone was very rude, after waiting in line cus I have to get outta line to go and select the product off the floor my return was denied due to it being medication although there unopened, un damaged they denied my return. Marco the manager was very rude as well so was the cashier Vicki M. I live close by so I always do my shopping there and I also for whatever reason sense a attitude with this indiviual and its becoming very frustrating! Another thing is that at the Indio location they sell deli meat and have a bakery there is never no soap to even wash ur hands and the restrooms alone are very unclean... no one seems to care! If the city of La Quinta was contacted health inspectors I don't think they"d find this sanitary at all!

Sep 11, 2010

Food4Less - Stops school fundraisers

On Fri 10 Sep 2010 I went to Food 4 Less to sell candy for a school fundraiser. The management told me that was not allowed. They contradicted themselves, and said they would have to allow everyone to fundraise if they allowed me. Next, they stated that they in fact did allow some fundraisers to operate, contradicting their previous statement. I told them that I see all the time people selling tamales in front of the store. I feel the store should allow fundraising. I have spent thousands of dollars at Food 4 Less for groceries, and now I will take my business elsewhere. The people over at Fresh and Easy seem really nice.

Sep 09, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Food4Less - fatty meats display

the meats displayed in front of the butcher section is full of fats.taking for a piece of lamb chops, the top is red with no meat but on the bottom ots just complete fat.even we cant select our own items.dey just server themselves.its so unfair.dey just rippin us off.

buyin one kg of chops and get 350grams of fats.

it was so gud in my country where dey we get grade C chops..but looks like here they sell grade D..please atke some action.

$125 for the deducted out of my account food 4 less charged me and with no purchase ..I want my money backI want my money that I want my money back I want my money back I want my money back I'm on my money back I want my money back

I called the store on 6/20/19 to speak with a manager and I got he is busy right now I told the person I am making a complaint on a product I bought that was burnt in taste it is the planters roasted peanuts she said well just bring your recipet Back staff should direct me to someone contacted planters tooth chip recall on your product badservice

Food for Less policy of refusal to let Wife's emotional support dog in store. Claim only certain types of support dogs are allowed. Claims allergies are the issue but makes no sense since other types of service dogs would cause same allergic reaction. Seems to me might be discriminating do to our dogs breed.

Apr 21, 2011

the products are expired and they rub out the expiry date and stamp a new expiry date on them and also the frozen goods been in the freezer over a year and they still selling it, and as for the meat it sure is full of fat and they say its free cutting when you get them to cut the meat for you they charge extra $2..thats just a day light robbery!!they should be closed down for thier poor service and fined!!they have a very bad reputation but people still go there because of thier false advertising..i think the public have the right to no all this before going and shopping there under the consumers act!! they should put up a poster and feedbacks aboat this store and put it on the front window of this shop..


Its so true . Its all faty meat.The shop advertise .Fresh but not even the veges look fresh

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